60s Batman
60s Batman
Universe Batman
Debut 60s Batman TV series
Appears in Smash Bros Lawl Nova
Friends 60s Spider-Man
Enemies The Joker
Lawl Team Nova


To the Bat-Whatever!

Batman enters the battlefield with a specific vehicle depending on the stage layout. Stages with walfoffs use the Batmobile. Stages with water use the Bat-Boat. Every other stage uses the Batcopter.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Come on, Robin!

Batman's Boy Wonder appears alongside him and follows him around like Kronk. He also mimics Batman's standard attacks with some lag. And Robin is able to be KO'd, especially since he shares percentage with Batman (but hitting Robin doesn't harm Batman), which means you'll have to wait a few before you can summon Robin again. With Robin out, your neutral special is now the Bat-Charge Launcher, which fires a red explosive. Although you can only shoot these once per Robin, so use them well. Robin has no full set of specials, but he improves Batman's when he's out.

Side B - Shark-Repellent Bat-Spray

Batman uses the Bat-Spray to harm opponents. Use it for too long and the spray's stream will shrink. You are able to aim it vertically as well as at yourself, which gives you a temporary shield that damages opponents without knockback. Aim it down while in the air and Batman drops an explosive shark. But like the Bat-Charge Launcher, you can only do this once per stock. With Robin out, Batman uses the Character-Repellent Bat-Spray, which is buffed in range and lasting time while being harmful mostly to the player the color indicates (Batman never winds up with his own color). Sadly, you get no sharks.

Up B - Bat-Climb

Batman throws his grappling hook and climbs a rope. Up and down has you climb the rop ewhile left and right has you swing, knocking away opponents. The grappling hook will only damage opponents. With Robin, the hook's range is infinite and can even hook up to the sky, but the climbing process is slower. Stay on the rope long enough and you'll get a cameo appearing from a window who uses attacks (mostly projectiles) and then absconds. In the rarest of occurences, you'll even get an asst. trophy.

Down B - Bat-Gauge

Batman sets a gauge up that can explode by getting hit. Hold B and move around to set up a fuse that can be lit by fire and electric attacks in order to set off an explosion. The spark of the fuse also hurts. The longer the fuse, the stronger the blast. And when it's set, you use the Bat-Laser Gun, which is standard electric damage fair perfect for lighting the fuse. With Robin out, he stays where you placed the gauge, only able to mimic your standard attacks. While this does help for combos, there is a catch. The explosion can't harm Batman, but it can harm Robin.

Final Smash - Somedays, you just can't get rid of a bomb

Batman gets out a bomb, and now you have 15 seconds to throw it with B. You are able to run around and jump with it. If the bomb is hit, it'll explode, but Batman hides behind some pipes. Robin is harmed by it, sadly. If it goes off without you throwing it, you still hide under pipes from it.




Star KOSFX: "You criminal!"

Screen KOSFX: *POW*

Robin's KOSFX: "Holy (insert something he's said in the show)!"


Up: "Precisely."

Sd: "You fiendish devil!"

Dn: Robin: *says a Holy line*

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. "Our job is finished."

2. *does the Batdance*

3. *shakes hands with Robin*

Failure/Clap: Will the Batman and his Boy Wonder escape the victory? Tune in next week, same Bat time, same Bat channel!

Standard Attacks


Reddy Leo Media

Red: "Tell me, Leo. Do you bleed? You will...nosebleed, because after years of suggestions, Batman has finally joined Lawl!"

Leo: "Not Marvel vs. Capcom, Injustice, or Return of Shinobi. Lawl will be the first game to pit Spider-Man against Batman. Unless we count the endless Smash mods with Paper remakes."

Red: "And 60 years later! This one has replaced memes with onomatopoeias."

Leo: "He is Adam West, the original TV Batman, who predates the memes by years. And he has come along with Burt Ward."

Red: "Burt? Who the She-Hell is called Burt?"

Leo: "Blimey, Robin! Don't you know about the classic humorous Batman, founder of the Ball-Point Banana, who almost fought Godzilla after he tied King Kong?"

Red: "Nuh-uh. Please introduce him to the audience while I Bat-Deduce it with a Batman Gambit. I thought Batman was a Turkish city."

Leo: "60s Batman is the original Inspector Gadget, and has more inventiones than Q and Doofenshmirtz."

Red: "Is he weak against magic?"

Leo: "No, that's his anti-friend Superman. He is weak against his own stupidity if he misuses his Bat-Gadgets."

Red: "Luckily, Robin Williams is there. Holy unexpected Fire Emblem cameo!"

Leo: "He has lasers, bombs straight out of Looney Tunes, ropes that summon cameos like John's chair, and a shark-repellent spray that can create sharks."

Red: "It can create stuff out of thin air that explodes? So it's like my portals...but with shaaaks!"

Character Description


Classic Mode



Pawlette Swaps


Victory Theme

60s Batman Theme


60s Gotham - The Batcave


Shark Repellent Bat-Spray

Lawl Food





Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros. Lawl Nova Moveset 60's Batman-0


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