8-Bit Theater is a Lawl Orbit Fighter

"The Hell is This Nitty Gritty Crap?"


Black Mage Throws Fighter McWarrior Off The Stage

Idle Animation:

Black Mage Stares At The Screen, Then Goes Crosseyed

Notable Palette Swaps:

Red (Red Mage/More Evil-er form)

Orange (Fighter McWarrior)

Brown Robe With Blue Hat (Thief)

Walk Animation:

A Basic Walk Of A Robe Wearing Psychopath

Run Animation:

A Basic Run Of A Robe Wearing Psychopath

Dizzy Animation:

Black Mage's Eyes Move Sporadically

Edge Grab:

Basic Ledge Grab

Basic Attacks:

A,A,A: Slap, Slap, Punch

Forward+A: A Basic Magical Punch

Down+A: Black Mage Yells "INNA NERTS!" And Kicks Ahead

Up+A: Black Mage Stabs The Air With a Knife

Dash+A: Black Mage Falls Like a Fucking Idiot

Air+A: A Magic Circle Surrounds Black Mage

Air Forward+A: A Magic Claw Swipes In Front Of Black Mage

Air Back + A: A Basic Knife Swipe

Air Up+A: Black Mage Stabs The Air, In The Air This Time

Air Down+A: Black Mage Throws a Picture of Another Light Warrior and Stomps on it

Edge Attack: Black Mage Stabs Forward

Smash Moves:

Up: A Magic Blast Up

Side: A Magic Hand Bitch Slaps Forward

Down: Black Mage Narrowly Dodges a Hammer Striking at Him


Neutral: Basic Grab, Just With 200% More Murderous Intensions

Pummel: Stabbing, Like, A LOT of Stabbing

Forward Throw: Black Mage Does a Magic Punch

Down Throw: Black Mage Puts The Opponent On The Gound and A Meteo Hits Them

Back Throw: Black Mage Puts A Bomb Down, It Explodes Throwing The Foe Away


Special Moves:

B: Chargable: No Charge is Electric Death, Charged Is Bolt 3

B + Forwards: A Stone Version of Fighter McWarrior Is Sent Down In Front Of Evilwizardington

B + Up: A Basic Teleport

B + Down: Black Mage Uses Hypno Vision, Stunning The Motherfuckers That Got Hit

Final Smash:

Rewrite Reality To My Whims:

Black Mage Swaps Everyone's % Around To Make Them Bigger For Opponents And Smaller For Himself

(Ex. If Black Mage Has 50% and His Foe Has 25%, Black Mage Will Give Himself 20% And His Foe 55%)



1: Black Mage Sees The Evil and More Evil Angels
2: Black Mage Changes Into A Different Look Before Turning Back
3: Black Mage Yells "HADOUKEN!" Only To Have A Magic Poof (Deals 1%)


1: Black Mage Walks Away
2: Black Mage Punches A Fellow 
3: I Have No Idea How To Describe This...

Black Mage New HUD
The 8-Bit Theater Book 1 Cover

Victory Music: You Just Got PWND! F T W!

Kirby Hat: Black Mage's Hat and a Blue Robe

When Chosen: "I'm Gonna Kick Your Ass!"

Stage: The A-Hole

Related Music:

Throne Of Darkness (Remixed to Sound Dumber)

Black Mage's Theme

Credits Music:

Victory Fanfare

Role in Subspace Emissary

Black Mage Appears As an Antagonist, Turning 3 People into a Trophy


Geolyte: As Geolyte Was Celebrating After Destroying Black Mage's Trophy Gun, Black Mage Pulled A Second One Out and Turned Geolyte Into a Trophy

Super Mario Maker: Black Mage Hid in a Bush (Surrounded By Trophies Of Wildlife) For 12 Hours, Until He Sees SMM and Pink Slime, Trigger Happy Shoooting Ensues, Shooting SMM

Pink Slime: After Chasing Pink Slime For The Whole of Chapter 6, He Finally Caught up and Shot The Pink Slime... After It Already Got Into The Core Of Neo Bowser's Castle

Oh And By The Way

This Was Not Edited By Black Mage At All

~Not Black Mage

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