Abilities Kirby
Abilities kirby
Universe Nintendo
Debut Kirby's Adventure
Appears in SSF2 Expansions
Smash Bros. Lawl Galaxy
Friends Pac-Man (bro in Classic Mode W)
Waddle Doo
Bandana Dee
Toon Meta Knight
Toon Jigglypuff
Pinkie Pie
Enemies King Dedede & Escargoon
Toon Mario
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team Galaxy


Marx Collision

2 Marx's collide and Kirby appears

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Ice

Kirby turns icy blue with his cool hat and blows a gust of ice breath that freezes anyone in the same range it goes in the ariginal Kirby games. You can move around while doing this, which will make Kirby spin around like in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards when you only have a singular ice ability. If this attack is done in the air, you can still spin around.

Side B - Wheel

Kirby curls up into a wheel and rams into his opponents at full speed. Making turns is pretty difficult, but it's worth it for a wave dash straight out of Melee. It's also great for run-away tactics, and can speed over small gaps like the Mario Bros. as they run over small gaps. While in the air, you curl up and spin around, harming anyone who then touches you. To cancel, crash or press A/B.

Up B - Jet Rush

Kirby puts on his jet hat and starts his jet engines. If done on land, you do a simple kick. If done in the air, you go forward. Depending on which direction you press, you arc. This attack is also chargeable. You can pont Kirby in any direction with the analog stick at first and then steer him left or right with the analog stick in either direction in between (ex: if you go left, you can steer him by moving the analog stick up or down).

Down B - Needle

Kirby puts on his needle cap and looks sharp with needles bursting out of his hat like in the modern-day Kirby games and such. For surprises, this attack is si, bellisimo! However if you are hit during this, you revert back to your "normal" self. If you rapidly press A, you can shoot out the needles. If you use while in the air, he spikes himself up and then curls up into a ball that can move slowly back or forth.

Final Smash - Super Abilities

Kirby eats a MaximTomato that has a star on the back of it in a similar pace as the "M", which not only heals any and all damage he's taken during the fight, but also makes him use his 4 super abilities from Kirby's Return to Dreamalnd. For 20 seconds, Kirby can do said abilities, which include the following:

Neutral B - Ultra Sword

Kirby gets out his huge-ass sword and does a downward slash. Similar to the falcon punch, but with faster delivery, and Kirby can use many different swords, such as a bamboo sword, a butcher's cleaver straight out of the kitchen, or an Arabic cutlass

Side B - Snow Bowl

Kirby rolls up into a gargantuan snow boulder and can crash into his enemies. He can collect opponents and/or plow them into the ground as he rolls on by as an extra-large boulder. You can speed up with B and cancel with A. Any fire attacks that make direct contact with Kirby as he rolls around, he'll slowly melt and leave behind puddles of water in slip traps.

Up B - Flare Beam

Kirby summons a giant beam from his normal beam ability. Not really a recovery, but you can navigate the flare with the joystick, and can also pass through everything like a ghost or something. Overtime, it shrinks and deals less damage as well. If you want to regain control, you can press B again to make it decipate, which will also send out a massive shockwave that stuns everyone on screen.

Down B - Grand Hammer

Kirby gets out a giant hammer and slams it down. The impact of it is about 3x more than the Golden Hammer that was of course in the original Smash Bros. Brawl and possibly in Smash Bros. 4 for Wii U and 3DS. The more you charge it up, the more the impact and damage there is.


Up/Sd/Dn: Detonate - it creates an explosion as big as the Final Destination, but it ends the FS early.


KOSFX1: "Uwaaa!"

KOSFX2: "Eyaah!"

Star KOSFX: *screams*

Screen KOSFX: "Oof!"


Up: sleeps

Sd: gets out a stand that shows all the enemies from the Kirby franchise rapidly

Dn: turns into a statue and then back

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. becomes a statue that looks like a trophy

2. rides off on a warp star

3. eats a slice of cake

Failure/Clap: Sleeps

Standard Attacks

Jab: Sword swing, multisword attack, final swing (fires sword beam if at 0%)

Side tilt: cycle beam

Up tilt: upward plasma arrow

Down tilt:freeze

Dash attack: burn

Nair: spark

Fair: cutter

Bair: mini mike

Uair: U.F.O.

Dair: tornado

Side smash: hammer flip

Up smash: high jump

Down smash: mini crash

Grab: suplex

Pummel: bell

Forward throw: mirror cut

Back throw: ESP

Up throw: archer

Down throw: condor head

ledge attack: artist

floor attack: beetle

trip attack: whip

Snake Codec


Character Description

This version of Kirby came from the now dead SSF2 Expansions forums. Unlike the original Kirby, this one doesn't need to copy your moves because he has his own.

Classic Mode


Role in SSE





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