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Sblg abobo.png
Universe Technos
Debut Double Dragon
Appears in Abobo's Big Adventure
Smash Bros. Super Lawl
Smash Bros. Lawl Galaxy
Friends Aboboy (son)
Wreck-It Ralph
Scott Pilgrim
Shinya Arino
Kool-Aid Man
Enemies Little Mac
Captain N
Gideon Graves
Old Man
Urban Champ
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team Galaxy


Crash Landing

Abobo falls from the sky in a somersault, then crashes down onto the battlefield.

Special Attacks

Super Lawl

Neutral B - No Mercy

Holding B will cause Abobo charges up his fist. The longer you holde the button, the stronger it gets. If you leave the button, he will punch his opponent. Fully Charged fist will make a OHKO.

Move Origin

This move comes from Abobo's Big Adventure, during the final part of the third level, he smashes Urban Champ's head with only his fist. This move references Mortal Kombat.

Side B - Long Touge

Abobo uses his touge to swallow his enemy, similar that Yoshi did, if B is pressed he will spit up the enemy and does high damage. You cannot swallow bigger enemies such as Astaroth.

Move Origin

Abobo uses his touge to swallow enemies during the second level, then he spits up to attack the enemy.

Up B - Balloon Flight

Abobo tights up himself with Balloons and flies upwards, if B is pressed, you will float him, but if someone hits the balloon, it pops and increases the fall down slowly, so you have to be careful with that. This move is very similar to 9-Volt's Up B.

Move Origin

This moves originates form the same game, where Abobo's son, Aboboy gets kidnapped by The Amazon. Amazon flies away with his jetpack and mocks Abobo with the Middle Finger. This caused Abobo to get furious, so he inflates the balloons from Balloon Flight and chases Amazon to rescure his son.

Down B - Merbobo Shield

Abobo summons three Merbobos to protect himself from Projectiles. If someone attacks with a melee attack, one of Merbobos dissapears after it gets hit for 4-5 times, so you have to be careful for that.

Move Origin

This moves comes from the same game, if you mate Annie, three Merbobos where born and you can use them as a shield during the second level.

Final Smash 1 - Rocky Rage!

Abobo powers up, jumps into the sky, as boulders falls off, stunning the opponent, and finishes off with Abobo punches into the floor and KOs all enemies.

Move origin

This move comes from the same game, where he uses this Special Attack during the first level. And the name of the final smash is based on the Achivement.

Final Smash 2 - Typhoon Time

Abobo begins spinning around himself, and creates a giant typhoon in front of him and moves left and right, until it stops, anyone who's caught by that typhoon, it get KOed. It can be only used in Underwater stages.

Move origin

This move comes from the same game, where he uses this Special Attack during the second level in the underwater. And the name of the final smash is based on the Achivement.

Final Smash 3 - Power Glove

Abobo gets his power glove, and he runs and devilers an uppercut, sending the opponent into the sky.

Move origin

It based of the final part of the final level, where he gets his Power Glove and uppercuts Little Mac in the chin, sending his head miles away until it reaches to the flagpole from Super Mario Bros.

Lawl Galaxy

Neutral B - Yoshi Tongue

Abobo shoots his tongue forward similar to Yoshi. During the frames where he has the tongue out, you can zot projectiles (that are solid) and then spew them back out in any direction of you choosing upon holding B then pointing the analog stick in the direction you wish to spit the projectile out in with the direction indicated by where Abobo is looking. Otherwise, you can just press B to spit it back out. You usually stay in your dashing speed for the time you keep something in your cheeks (although you can move down to swallow the projectile you have). Yes, Abobo is also able to zot opponents. Although they can do the same thing anyone would do when he/she is all tied up, causing Abobo to vomit that opponent back out with damage dealt. Luckily, the leftover vomit becomes a slip trap. This move is also capable of having Abobo snag and swallow items and traps that aren't Abobo's vomit (swallow that, and you get a bit more damage; it's less, but still), although explosives inflict self-harm like any other explosive eaten in a neutral special unless you spew them directly back out. The tongue's also a useful tether for Abobo to use.

Side B - Pieforce

Abobo eats a sacred piece of the Triforce, then throws a punch. The longer you hold B, the higher its power will be given how much of the Triforce you've eaten, indicated over head. At standard consumption, he throws a basic punch that does more impact than his standard punch, and it stuns. You can at least use this to disable human traps, so there's a plus. At a bigger charge, Abobo shoots a flashing projectile that's more or less Guile's Sonic Boom if it could stun you. For standard punch affairs, it hits like a quicker but weaker version of the Falcon Punch. At an even high charge, Abobo is able to control the projectile's vertical position like Din's Fire, and it can even hit an opponent behind the opponent you first hit. Finally, at a full charge, you fire a flashing laser from your fist that really hurts like a bitch. Although this does lead to you having to wait 15 seconds before you can eat the Pieforce again.

Up B - Balloonobo

Abobo ties two frowny-faced balloons to his waist and flies upward with them. He's allowed 15 flaps given that he happens to be a fast faller. You can press A to have Abobo gyrate and fire lasers and shit. The lasers are much like the shots Captain N fires while photon-looking whatsits manage to be weaker. He has no limit to the firepower as long as he can spare some flaps, but he shoots in a random direction, so you'd be lucky to hit a guy. If he lands on someone while in flight, he gains a good boost. If he were to touch an opponent in front of him, he takes him/her and goes into freefall with the opponent to break his fall. The higher you fall from, the more damage is dealt when you hit the ground. If you're high enough, you'll plow the opponent into the ground. And if you fall from an even higher height, there will be an explosion, harming those in the surrounding crash zone. If the fall has no solid ground below, Abobo uses a stopwatch, allowing you to recover and leave the opponent you had behind. If Abobo's hit with an electric move during his flight, it gets instantly cancelled. You can cancel it yourself by moving down.

Down B - Extrabobo

Abobo inputs the Konami code, then crushes a free man in his fist, duplicating himself in the process with a different-colored Abobo. He works like Nana, doing the same attacks Abobo does and wandering around behind him. In terms of attacks, the different-colored Abobo hits the opponent with an effect that depends on his colors (and no, the colors summoned have no distinct order, so it's a hand of wild cards). Greenobo leeches health from the opponent and gives it to Abobo. Purpobo poisons the opponent, and the poison worsens depending on the power from your attacks. Finally, Blubobo freezes opponents as well as turn fire projectiles into throwable items. Upon reinput, Abobo can kill off the summoned Abobo by pressing start, then select like in Ikari Warriors. If Abobo is hit while he's inputting the Konami code, the process in cancelled. If he's hit while he has a 1-up, it becomes a standard 1-up item, usually giving you what it says on the tin, a free point if you're in a timed match, or $100 in a coinfest. You can only summon one extra life, so don't let the one you lost out of your sights.

Final Smash - Father-Son Time

Aboboy descends a little tied up, but then sees his father and is broken free of the ropes by an uppercut. Aboboy then gives his father a hug. At this point, Aboboy is now playable for a good 30 seconds. He's twice as fast as his old man, and the most he does is hug people, which can be done by pressing A. While hugging someone, you can hold A and move the analog stick up and down to shake the opponent rapidly, resulting in things flying out such as ammo-limited projectiles, held items, and health in the form of food. In coinfests, coins shaken out all go to Aboboy. If the opponent's shaken to 300% damage, Aboboy can now hold B to aim and throw the opponent in a desired location chosen by the analog stick (or even with the Wiimote/Wii U gamepad stylus). Aboboy's sadly vulnerable in the lower area, which can end the final smash early, though you can get back at opponents for that.


KOSFX1: *falling sfx*

KOSFX2: *Warp Pipe sfx*


Screen KOSFX: "Ha--!"


Super Lawl



Dn: Transforms into Megabobo

Lawl Galaxy

Up: "I want dat booty."

Sd: *eats some canned food*

Dn: *almost gets mad, but lacks the rage to do so*

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

Super Lawl

Victory 1:

Victory 2:

Victory 3: Hugs Aboboy


Lawl Galaxy

1. *signs a photo and presents it in front of the screen for the losers*

2. *says a random quote from the battle mode*

3. *wakes up for a bit, then goes back to sleep*

Failure/Clap: Give up? Retire?

Standard Attacks


Snake Codec


Character Description


Classic Mode