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In video gaming parlance, an achievement, also sometimes known as a trophy, badge, award, stamp, medal or challenge, is a meta-goal defined outside of a game's parameters. Unlike the systems of quests or levels that usually define the goals of a video game and have a direct effect on further gameplay, the management of achievements usually takes place outside the confines of the game environment and architecture.


List of Achievement's


Love, what's that.

-Defeat 15 female characters as Lance.

S51 Match

-Play a match with Travis and Juliet.

The Little Spearman

-Clear Classes Mode with Bandana Dee.

The Flaming Champion

-Clear Classes Mode with Blaziken.

The Frollo Show X Leet Fighters

-Face against Frollo and Gaston/Toon Guile and Toon Bison as Toon Guile and Toon Bison/Frollo and Gaston.

Devil May Die

-Face against Him, Starcy & Kneesock, Hades, and\or Jacker as Dante.

Mercy to Fighter

-Face against Rainbow Dash, Buttercups, and Akama as Blaziken.

True Puffy Fan-tard

-Face against Finn and Jake and/or Mordicai and Rigby as Benthelooney and Ami & Yumi.

Against Your Ally

-Defeat Zero, Photoman, and/or Tron Bonne as Bad Box Art Megaman.


-Defeat Benthelooney with Finn and Jake, Mordecai & Rigby, and/or Peter.


-Defeat Casshern Sins as a Robot Characters.


The world is saved!

Beat Ugo as John.

John Vs Frollo

Beat Frollo as John or beat John as Frollo.

Fantard wins

Beat Classic mode as Benthelooney on Normal mode.

The Biggest Italian Pizza ever

Use Totò Sapore's Final Smash.


My TV!

Make Annoying Orange yell at the TV 3 Times.

Pink Koala/LydiaPrower8

Love Hurts 2.0

Beat Lydia Prower as Sandvich33 or beat Sandvich33 as Lydia Prower.

Ultimate Memory Lane

Complete Boss Battles.

Project XP Zone X Project 7 Zone

Pit a match with a pair unit from PXPZ against a pair unit from P7Z.

iLL WiLL PrEss VS Blind Ferret

Beat Animated Ethan as Foamy the Squirrel or beat Foamy the Squirrel as Animated Ethan.

Kenneth1chase: Smash Bros. Lawl EX

I'm Gonna Lock You Out!

Beat a hockey player as Gary Bettman.

Girl Power

Unlock all female characters.

Heroes Unite

Unlock all hero characters.

90's Russian Kid's Nightmare

Unlock the BND Mask of Guo Xiang.

The World is Saved!

Clear the subspace emissary.

All Star

Unlock all characters.

Extened Time

Play for 5 hours.

Ultimate Screamer

Use BND's final smash.

Otaku Fanatic

Unlock all Anime characters.

The Main One of Broad Street

Win a match as Claude Giroux or beat Claude Giroux as someone else.

Sports Fanatic

Unlock all sports characters.


Play as The Mask 20 times.

Places, Places Everywhere!

Unlock all stages.

Let's Get This Party Started!

Play the game for the first time.

Nobody Enjoy's Losing

Play 5 matches in a row without losing.

Bob Saget!

Play 4 Tourettes Guy's in a match.

Greatest Freakout Ever

Use Stephen Quire's Final Smash.

King of Iron Fist

Play as a Tekken character.

Smack Cam!

Slap someone in the face or Summon Max Jr. from the Assist Trophy item.

The Greatest Villain Ever

Unlock all villain characters.

Cutie Pie

Unlock Multi HMX-12.

The Most Pissed Off Coach In History

Play a match as Jim Harbaugh or face Jim Harbaugh as someone else.

We Are The Game Grumps!

Play a match as JonTron and Egoraptor in team battle.

Street Fighter X Tekken Time!

Play a match as a Tekken or Street Fighter character against a Tekken or Street Fighter character.

Like A Boss!

Beat the first Boss in the Subspace Emissary.

Conquer Mishima Zaibatsu

Clear Classic mode as Jin Kazama.

Lords Stanley's Cup

Use Sidney Crosby's Final Smash.

I'm the Almighty Bunghole!

Play as Beavis & Butt-head 20 times.

Can you smell what The Rock is cooking!?

Unlock The Rock.

Sandy Hook Revenge

Beat the bonus stage.

Screw the rules, I have money!

Unlock Seto Kaiba.

Stupid Turds!

Summon Shelly Marsh from the Assist Trophy item.

Of Course!

Unlock Movie Bison.


Crashing the Party

Beat arcade as Crash.

All 6 CN All-Stars

Play as Finn & Jake, Mordecai & Rigby, Gumball, & Darwin.


Ko Ghandi.

Bad Piggie gone Crazy!

Use Bad Piggie's final smash.

Kickin it' Good!

Unlock Kick Buddy.

U.B. Funkeys forever

Play a battle with just 4 U.B.s.

Gannon's Favorite Girl

Play a team battle with Gannon & Ami. (Can't Switch) for playable (Gannon) & ally (Ami)

My Penguin!

Have Zigel and Babo66 fight.


Use WDC Team 18's normal B 30 times in 1 match.


Win a stamina match (You have any health while your opponent has 1%) by doing absolutely nothing.

Self Destruct!

Self Destruct 10 times, total.


Self Destruct 100 times, total.

Blaster Mania!

Play a team battle with 2 kings vs 2 any characters and use both King's final smash.

Battle of the Friends

Beat Darwin as Gumball or beat Gumball as Darwin.

James Who?

Buy 2 Alternate Costumes.

What time is it? Funky Time!

Play as U.B. and make him wear his Alternate Costume and fight Finn & Jake.

If Shut Up! Cartoons were real

Play as Smosh and fight Krogzilla, Oishi Kawaii, and President Black Cat.

Stick em' Up

Beat arcade as Stick Figure on Medium.

Is It Just Me?

Play as Sackboy in a normal battle.


Beat Multi Man Brawl as Brody.

Youtube's Allstar Battle

Play a team match with Gannon, Amy, & John in a single match.

CoolToon Network

Play as Gumball and fight Ami & Yumi, Wage, & U.B.

That's a Wrap!

Beat Story Mode.

Full House

Unlock All Characters.

Quick Change

Purchase all Alternate Costumes.


Unlock Everything.


Bonus Stage is shit

Skip the Bonus Stage.


Beat the Bonus Stage.

You Best Hercules

Beat Strong Hercules in Classic Mode on Hard Mode.


Play as Best Hercules to Think in 6 Times without getting Hit.

Cpend7's Ideas:

Best Pony's

Beat Discord in Hard Mode as Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy and Cpend7 (Only Pony Form).

Rage Against the Tourettes

Beat Nicolas Cage to Play as Tourettes Guy or Beat Tourettes Guy to Play as Nicolas Cage.

Cpend7's Fall in Love

Play as Cpend7 and Amy Rose to Beat Everyone.

NaruIchi97/AtomicRanger97: Battle Royale

Justice In Space Has Been Served!

Beat Classic Mode in Any Mode with Atomic Betty.

The Power Of Christ Compells You In Flames!

Beat any Boss in Classic Mode in Normal with Rin Okumura.

You're In So Much Trouble

Beat All-Star Mode with Nicole Watterson.

Destroyer of the Lawl Worlds

Beat All-Star Mode in Hard as Kamen Rider Decade..

AppleSpark Six Revolution

Beat Classic Mode with Twilight Sparkle/Spike, Applejack, Big Macintosh, Fluttershy, Cadance and Shining Armor in Normal.

Bubbyaustin's Ideas

User vs User

Beat Bubbyparker as Bubbyaustin or Beat Bubbyaustin as Bubbyparker.

Villains vs Saiyans

Beat Vegeta as Evil Bubbyaustin & Kneesocks (Can't Switch) or Beat Evil Bubbyaustin and Kneesocks as Vegeta.

Creator vs Robots

Beat Metal Sonic as Dr. Gero or Beat Dr. Gero as Metal Sonic.

Ginyu Force vs Users

Beat the Ginyu Force as Bubbyaustin and Bubbyparker or Beat the Users as the Ginyu Force.

Androids vs Demon Sisters

Beat Scanty & Kneesocks as Android 17 & Android 18 or Beat The Androids as Scanty & Kneesocks.

Frost Vs. Fire

Beat Iori Yagami Or Kyo Kusanagi as Mizore Shirayuki Or Beat Mizore Shirayuki as Iori Yagami Or Kyo Kusanagi.

Smash Bros. Lawl Revengeance


Clear Classic Mode with Garbage Guy.

The Hero of Hyrule

Clear Classic Mode with Cartoon Link.

Captain Hair

Clear Classic Mode with Colin Mochrie.


Clear Classic Mode with the Game Grumps.

Instant Rock Star

Clear Classic Mode with Blue Man.

Super Smash Bros. Kombat

Best Friends Forever

Play as Jack & Patricia & win 100 matches, together as a team.

True Blue Sonic

Defeat Vezok as Sonic (Archie) in Seaside Hill.

We are Hedgehog Family!

Play a match as Jack, Sonic (Archie) and Amy Rose (Archie) against Metal Jack.

Lien Da's Rule

Play as Lien-Da the Echidna in Arcade Mode, Hard Mode.

Sombra's Ultimate Power

Play as King Sombra in Arcade Mode, Intense Mode.

A Deadly Six Encounter

Play matches as Sonic against each members of the Deadly Six in New Mobotropolis.

Finally! Victories for Glass Joe

Win Matches as Glass Joe 25 times.

Feed...Me...More or Ryback Rules

Play matches as Ryback & win against every opponent in the game.

Erupting Eds strikes the WWE?!

Play matches as Ed, Edd & Eddy in their Erupting Eds costumes against WWE wrestlers, Ryback, Wade Barrett, Kane, The Undertaker, Mark Henry, Big Show & Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Nighty Nighty to Sandman

Win as Tree Rex in a match against Mr. Sandman in King K'Rool's Boxing Ring.

You're not Sonic!

Win as Amy Rose (Archie) in a match against Vezok in Seaside Hill.

I'm not Sonic, I am Vezok!

Win as Vezok in a match against Amy Rose (Archie) in Vezok's Deluge.

Disharmony & Chaos against Peace & Harmony

Win a match against Princess Celestia as Havik in Canterlot.

The Three Kingdoms Reunite!

Play as Liu Bei, Cao Cao and / or Sun Jian & win as one of them about 10 wins each.

We are Brothers...of Destruction!

Play as Kane & The Undertaker in tag team battles against 4 teams: "Guan Yu & Zhang Fei", "Sanford & Deimos", "Agamo & Magmo" & "Orbot & Cubot".

The Kings of the Monster Kong Mountain

Play as Congar to face opponents against Blizzard, Dread Kong, Karate Kong, Ninja Kong & Sumo Kong.

Twilight Unbound!

Clear Classic Mode as Werelight Shine.

The Power of Love!

Clear Classic Mode as Amy Rose (Archie).

XPloding Madness

Play as XPlode to defeat Sanford, Deimos & Tricky in Atomic Island.

The Barrage of the Jungle

Play as Wade Barrett against Zaktan in the Zaktan Jungle.

Urban Jungle Brawl

Play as Zaktan against Wade Barrett in the Urban Jungle.

Giants on the loose!

Win matches as either the Big Show, Tree Rex, King Hippo, Bear Hugger or Moloch.

Ninjas vs. Pirates

Win a tag team match as the team of Ninja Kong & Ermac against the team of Flapjack & Captain K'nuckles in Stormalong Habour / Boats.

The Bad Foxy Girl

Clear Classic Mode as Fiona Fox

Bad Girls Unite

Win a handicap match as the team of Layla the FoxSkunk, Lien-Da the Echidna & Fiona Fox in Chicago.

1, 2, 3, 4!

Win 10 matches in Chicago

King Uncrowned

Win a Boss Battle against King Pig

Leader of the Piraka

Win a Boss Battle against Vezon

Draconequus back in Stone

Win a Boss Battle against Discord

And the Robot is Down

Win a Boss Battle against NANCY-MI847J

Mystery Being of Sonic X

Win a Boss Battle against Nazo

Tiki Tak Tribe Defeated

Win a Boss Battle against Tiki Tong

Lawl with Garterbelt 2

Lawl God

Clear Classic Mode as all the Heroes

Lawl Devil

Clear Classic Mode as all the Villians

Lawl......just Lawl

Clear Classic Mode as SMB2 Toad and Segway Guy

Fly Away

Clear Classic Mode as all of the Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt characters

The Fastest Thing Alive

Clear Classic Mode as all of the Sonic characters

Saints Rule Even Here

Clear Classic Mode as all of the Saints Row characters

Kingdom of Ooo

Clear Classic Mode as Flame Princess and Lemongrab

Stop Monkeying Around

Clear Classic Mode as Yumi, Monkey Yellow, and Monkey Pink