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Akuma (Gouki)
"I am the master of the fist!"
"I am the master of the fist!"
Universe Capcom
Debut Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
Appears in Super Lawl
Friends Proto Tyrant
Shin Akuma
Enemies Ryu
Ken Master
Lu Bu
Cosmo The Seedrian
Steven Star
Evil Steven Star
Rugal Bernstein
Perfect Cell
Evil Ryu
Shang Tsung
Lawl Team Team Super Lawl


The Demon Awakens

Akuma enters the stage via Ashura Senkuu, while saying "I am Akuma! And I will teach you the meaning of pain!"

Special Attacks

Netrual B - Gohadoken

Akuma fires a purple fireball, this move travels faster (pretty slower than Evil Ryu), and much stronger than Ryu's. In the air, the Hadouken is fired down at an angle. The EX version uses his own Shakunetsu Hadouken that hits twice as powerful. If the EX version is used in the air, two separate Hadoukens are fired.

Side B - Tatsumaki Zankuu Kyaku

A whirlwind kick that sees Akuma float horizontally across the stage that deals multiple hits and has electric propeties. It hits 5 times for up to 12% damage. The EX version hits multiple times for up to 14% damage but does not move horizontally.

Up B - Goshoryuken

Akuma does a 3-hit rising uppercut that is useful for hitting airborne attackers and punishing close foes. The move has much power than Ryu's, but less vertical distance. The EX version has 4 hits, dealing up to 16%, gains him more vertical distance and has lots of invincibility during start-up.

Down B - Ashura Senkuu

Akuma widens his stance, glows red, then lifts one knee and "glides" along the ground to another location with his eyes aglow. He cannot be hit while gliding, essentially making the move a teleport, you can move forward or backward. This is the only attack that doesn't have the EX version.

Final Smash 1 - Shun Goku Satsu

Akuma glides towards the opponent with Ashura Senku and grabs them. Before anything else can be seen, the screen blacks out as the opponent is relentlessly beaten by brutal attacks, as showcased by a series of flashes. The move does 75% damage and leaves the opponent lied on the ground for a long period of time.

Final Smash 2 - Demon Amargeddon

Akuma yells, "Accept death!" and kicks the opponent in the air, if succes, he then follows them with an extremely powerful Hurricane Kick which envelops him in a whirlwind. As he hits his opponent, his 'Kanji' appears in the background; he then forcefully rushes past them, just as the Kanji shatters into pieces. This move deals 55% damage with powerful vertical knockback.


KOSFX1: "Ugh!"

KOSFX2: "Uoh!"

Star KOSFX: "Hmoough!"

Screen KOSFX: "Ugh!"


Up: Turns back, then says "Messatsu!"

Sd: Stomps on the ground and widens his stance.

Dn: Punches into the ground, while saying "My rage is at its peak!"

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

Victory 1: Widens his stance.

Victory 2: Turns back, and the kanji on his back grows.

Victory 3: Same as his second victory pose, but a flaming pillar covers him while saying "Return to nothingness...".

Lose/Clap: Lies on the ground, while his hair covers his face.

Classic Mode Win/Lose Pose

Congratulations/Game Over Pictures

Akuma (literally demon) is a cold and extremely powerful warrior whose sole purpose of existance is to hone his fighting skills by battling and destroying strong foes. He rarely displays any sign of emotions (aside from occasional bursts of anger) and almost never smiles. He takes his trainings very seriously (and deals brutally with those who dare interrupt him, as seen in his SF3: Third Strike ending) and likes to occasionally test himself against worthy rivals (Gen, Oro...). In combat, Akuma almost never resorts to his true strength since he is yet to find an opponent who is to withstand the full extent of his powers. Akuma detests his brother Gouken for not giving in to the dark side of their arts which is, according to Akuma, the way they were intended to be used. He also blames Gouken for sealing off the darkness within Ryu thus preventing Ryu from reaching his true potential. This forces Akuma to give up on his planned duel with Ryu as he believes that only a fellow practitioner of Satsui no Hado can one day hope to defeat him.

Akuma refers to himself as a 'denizen of hell' and 'evil incarnate' and is seen as such by many.

Other Attacks

Ground Attacks

Basic Attacks

  • Neutral attack - Akuma delivers two left quick punches, then strikes with his right palm.
  • Dash Attack - Akuma performs a powerful lunging kick move.


  • Side - Akuma performs a spinning kick.
  • Up - Akuma peforms an axe kick. This move is much stronger than Ryu, but slower and only hits once.
  • Down - Peforms a kick while crouching.


  • Side - Peforms a strong left punch. This move grants him Super Armor.
  • Up - Peforms a slow crouching uppercut.
  • Down - Akuma peforms a fast sweep kick.


  • N-Air: Akuma performs a flying side kick. Which gives him less range. It's more stronger but slower than Ryu and Evil Ryu's.
  • F-Air: Peforms a downwards punch that is able to spike opponents. Can be angled.
  • B-Air: Turns back and peforms a downward knee, much stronger, but cannot spike the opponent.
  • U-Air: An uppercut move that hits twice and is very similar to Ryu's Up Aerial. It's quite good for juggling but hits foes reliably only when they're above Akuma. It also may be canceled into a Special Move from the first hit. 11%.
  • D-Air: The "Tenmakujinkyaku" dive kick. It's a fast stall-then-fall move (stops Ryu midair then makes him fall quickly). Unlike most stall-then-fall moves, it is easily recovered from when used offstage.

Grab, Throws

  • Grab- Grabs with two hands.
  • Pummel- Pummels with his right arm.
  • Forward - Throws the opponent with one hand. 7%.
  • Backward - A backwards rolling throw that travels a fair distance along thr ground before throwing the enemy with moderately high power.
  • Up - Akuma uppercuts with his left arm.
  • Down - Akuma slams his foe into the ground behind him, bouncing his foe into the air a bit.


  • Ledge attack: Rolls and peforms a crouching jab.
  • 100% ledge attack: Rolls and peforms a right palm strike while crouching.
  • Front attack: ???
  • Back attack: ???
  • Trip attack: ???

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The Kanji Symbol

Victory Music


Kirby Hat

Akuma's red hair, and red eyes.

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