Game/Other Media Winx Club
Appearance Super Lawl
Size Large
Availability Starter


Alfea is an ancient school for Fairies, and apparently the only one dedicated to Fairy education only. The Alfea students are mostly in training ages 16-19 (unless they have been held back a grade like Stella, so in her case 20). All of the Winx girls met and resided here and have a close relationship with its headmistress, Ms. Faragonda. Fairies here learn how to control their power, fight evil, learn new spells as well as be guardians of their planets, or in many cases, learn how to be their realms' queens. In Season 4, it is here that the Winx, after graduating, taught for a short period of time. Roxy takes up the offer to be a student at the end of the fourth season. And in the first episode of Season 5, Roxy received a letter stating that she has been accepted in to Alfea. It will fight on blue roofs and on the floor.


  • Knut randomly appears on the floor and shoulder tackles the opponent, then dissapears, but becareful, he will take 35% of your damage.
  • Diaspro appears on the roof and creates a neon pink ring that can wrap the opponent. Very easy to dodge, cause is slow.
  • Codatorta appears on the floor and uses his Phantoblade to slash the opponent, which does darkness damage.
  • Icy appears and uses one of her three attacks.
    • Icicle Barrage: She shoots icicles to freeze the opponent's legs, which can't move, it can be freed by mashing the buttons.
    • Ice Spiral: She creates a series of glowing green icicles and throws it at the opponent.
    • Polar Rose: She creates ice shards that form a rose-shaped barrier. It has 35% of defense, so it can be broke with Special Attacks.



Kruel KO

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