Alice Pleasance Liddell
"You've used me and abused me, but you will NOT destroy me!"
"You've used me and abused me, but you will NOT destroy me!"
Universe EA
Debut American McGee's Alice
Appears in Elite Warrior Battle Royale
Smash Bros. Lawl Galaxy
Friends PewDiePie
Dr. Who
Pinkie Pie
Kagura (partner of her 1950s Disney counterpart in TKEAxTFS)
Steven Star
SpongeBob SquarePants
Sweetie Belle
Steven & Miki
Urotsuki (sista)
Aya Drevis
Klaus Baudelaire
Luigi (Luigi's Mansion)
Nightmare Moon
Freddy Krueger
Rick Taylor
Jules Verne
Enemies Madotsuki (rival)
Toon Dr. Mario
Toon Wily
Jaime Maussan
Haruhi Suzumiya
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team Elite
Team Galaxy


Slow Descent

Alice slowly descends and safely lands on the battlefield.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Playing Cards

Alice takes out a deck of playing cards and shoots some, slicing and dicing opponents upon impact. Like Fox's blaster, Alice is able to shoot cards in a rapid-fire manner. You are even able to angle the direction the cards go in like with R.O.B.'s eye beam or Pit's bow. They also manage to go by throwing items (that don't explode in a standard fashion) and weak projectiles shot. They can even aim at anyone nearby themselves, whether it'd be as they travel or as soon as they're fired. You can charge this move up for a burst attack, flinging several cards at the competition to cover a far wider area in a disorderly, scattered pattern. If you charge it up too much, Alice will drop all the cards, making you have to wait a bit before you can do this move again.

Side B - Croquet Mallet

Alice gets out her croquet mallet and launches an electrified croquet ball. They are able to bounce off multiple targets and are obviously stronger projectiles than her playing cards. You can charge up how fast the ball flies, which allows for longer stun time and larger damage, despite the weak knockback and only being able to knock down an opponent. You can argue that this is pretty similar to the Scout's Sandman, but for those of us who have played the game (or at least have seen it in action), the mallet itself can be like a billy club whenever you want it to be, dealing more damage than a standard croquet ball and more knockback as well as aftershock, which manages to not only harm the opponent who has it, but also those who make direct contact.

Up B - Blunderbuss

Alice gets out a blunderbuss and fires a powerful shot that can manage to knock her down as well as those who get hit by it. On land, she has to wait a while before she can reuse this move. If you shoot someone with this move up close while he/she is at high damage, it'll be a one-hit KO. In the air, you can aim where you are launched while shooting in the same manner as you would grounded, only you don't have to wait to reuse this when you land. Use this when footstooling someone, and he/she gets meteor-smashed!

Down B - Teapot Cannon

Alice gets out her not-so-little Teapot Cannon that isn't short and stout, holding by the handle and the spout (okay, I'll stop it now). When she's firmly grasping it, she moves like one would holding a Cracker Launcher, aiming included. You can press B to fire tea infuser balls that explode into steaming hot tea that burns like a motherfucker. They can scold an opponent for a few seconds, making physical attacks of his/hers burn him/her when they land. They are also good for healing teammates and creating slip traps. You can charge up a shot, and when it hits a full charge, it's able to break shields like a baseball to a window. However, that, and/or 5 standard shots in a row, can cause the teapot to overheat, so you have to wait for it to cool down. Press A to put away the teapot.

Final Smash - Hysteria Mode

Alice goes into mass hysteria, causing her skin to become a ghostly white, her eyes to become black and bleeding, and her hair to become shorter as well as everything around her becoming monochrome except for the blood as she lets out a blood-curdling scream that stuns those around her. Along with invincibility and more powerful standard attacks, she also gains a new moveset:

Neutral B - Jabberwock's Eye Staff

Alice charges up the Jabberwock's Eye Staff and fires a laser beam from it that she's able to aim. When B is released, the staff dispels a giant fireball that explodes upon hitting an opponent. If you hold A while Alice charges up the Eye Staff, she'll send rocket-like orbs to come crashing down in the direction the arrow above is aimed in via the analog stick, making more explosions occur in a beautiful hazy purple mist.

Side B - Pepper Grinder

Alice gets out the Pepper Grinder and unloads pepper corn upon the competition, obviously dealing intense burn damage. She's able to move during the rapid-fire bit. As an alternative, Alice can fire a large amount of pepper at the opponent, causing him/her to not only be burnt, but also sneeze so hard that he/she gets suicidally KO'd.

Up B - Knightmare

Alice gets out her Knightmare and swings it upward, travelling up along with it. If she's hit an opponent, she's able to do this nifty D-Air where she stabs him/her into the ground, healing her more as a bonus when it's in use.

Down B - Deadtime Watch

Alice activates the Deadtime Watch, stopping time for the rest of the time this final smash is active. Like Captain N's Pause (outside of the bonus item you get at the end), attacking opponents when the watch is active will do bugger all. However, when time's no longer frozen, everybody takes the damage Alice has dealt.

This whole process will last you 20 seconds, and the more damage you have, the higher your power will be in this FS.



KOSFX2. *groans*

Star KOSFX: *screams*

Screen KOSFX: "Unh!"


Up: "I did not come back looking for a fight."

Sd: *Cheshire Cat appears and says one of his riddle-esque tips*

Dn: "I'm not afraid to die. Times I've welcomed death."

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. Loituma Alice:

2. *smirks at the screen in a close-up*

3. "I think I've had fill of the theatre for a while."

Failure/Clap: Self-pity

Standard Attacks

Neutral Jabs - One, Two, One, Two (and through and through)

Dash Attack - Hobby Horse

Smash Attacks

  • Sd - Cleaver Throw
  • Up - Fire Whip
  • Dn - Jacks

Tilt Attacks

  • Sd - Ice Wand
  • Up - Aloft Stab
  • Dn - Hiccup

Aerial Attacks

  • N-Air - Lesser Demon
  • F-Air - Pick a Card!
  • B-Air - Coughing Up Blood
  • U-Air - Umbrella
  • D-Air - Jack Bomb


  • Grab - By the Shirt
  • Pummel - A tap in right spot
  • Forward - Clockwork Bomb
  • Back - Backstabs, then Kick
  • Up - Suddenly, Train
  • Down - You Don't Know Jacks


  • Ledge Attack - Vorpal Stab to the Skull
  • 100% Ledge Attack - Vorpal Cleaving
  • Ground Attack - Unseen Stab
  • Trip Attack - Dental Problems

Snake Codec

Snake: "Otacon, I'm fighting a British girl with a knife and other bizarre weapons."

Otacon: "That would be Alice Liddell."

Snake: " mean like Alice in Wonderland?"

Otacon: "Yeah. When she was young, her parents and sister burned in a housefire, and only she could escape from the inferno. It left her scarred for life, and now she's gone mad as well as a bit dangerous. She's been places and seen things that people like you and me can't even begin to imagine."

Snake: "Ahh, so this rose has thorns."

Otacon: "Yeah. She uses toys as weapons, and she's free of her physical and mental constraints, enabling her to take over people's minds."

Snake: "Doesn't sound that bad to me."

Otacon: "But...why?"

Snake: "Underneath that crazy exterior beats the heart of a woman."

Otacon: "But you and Alice cannot both survive, Snake. You're two parts of the same--" *cut off*

Snake: "Otacon, what's going on there? Otacon! OTACOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!"

Character Description

After a housefire scarred her for life, Alice Pleasance Liddell became a mental patient under the care of Dr. Heironymous Q. Wilson after a year of her burns being treated. She was faced with her own guilt and mistreatment from fellow patients and cruel caretakers alike. A decade of failed remedies, getting back her rabbit she left back at the infirmary, and attempting suicide with a spoon after gashing the cheek of one of the orderlies who were "feeding" porridge to her stuffed rabbit, she was called back to the now-corrupt Wonderland, where she had to fight through various perils in order to regain her sanity. She succeeded in this, and was released from Rutledge, mentally healthy as a horse, but later getting back hallucinations of Wonderland from Dr. Angus Bumby's treatment. She later found out that he caused the housefire from long ago, and shoved him in front of an oncoming train, where he was run over timely. Now free of mental and physical constraints, she wanders Londerland and is able to connect with and enter the mentalities and minds of other people, where she'd further witness the horrors of the human psyche.

Classic Mode


Exit Quote

rip in pandemonium alice

never start the infernal train


Colors & Costumes

  • Wonderland Casual (Default, Blue)
  • Checkmate (Red)
  • Misstitched (Yellow)
  • Siren (Green)
  • Late but Lucky
  • London Attire
  • Hattress
  • Fleshmaiden
  • "It's a Disney movie!" ~Inspector Gadget's Car (movie version)


Vale of Tears

Victory Theme

Alice in Wonderland - Beyond the Laughing Sky


Vorpal Knife


  • Her victory theme is a song originally intended for the 1950s Disney movie.
  • Her side taunt can be considered an homage to the hint key in the first game that is able to summon Cheshire so he can give you some advice on what to do.



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