Alisa Bosconovitch
Universe Namco
Debut Tekken 6
Appears in Super Lawl
Friends Dr. Bosconovitch(Sorta-Father)
Lars Alexandersson
Jin Kazama
Lee Chaolan
Heihachi Mishima
Alex Ovechkin (She has a crush on him)
Multi HMX-12
Enemies Bryan Fury
Juri Han
BND mask of guo xiang
Gary Bettman
Pissed Off Video Gamer
Irate Gamer (for his unpositive review in her debut "Tekken 6")
Lawl Team Super Lawl


B- Double Rocket Fist

Alisa shoots two rocket out of her fists.

B & Side- Boot

Alisa hovers fowards. You can cancelled by pressing B and Side Backwards also known as "Abort". Can also follow up.

Hard Reset

If you tap B button rapidly, Alisa will do 5 punches, finish off with a strong kick.

B & Up- Flight

Allows Alisa to fly for a short period of time.

B & Down- Destructive Form

Alisa brings her chainsaws, which gains her diffirent moveset, increases attack and decreases the speed:

B- Shredder

Alisa attack the opponent with her chainsaw.

Side B- Dual Boot

Alisa hovers fowards faster then her normal form with chainsaws activated. However it cannot be cancelled. Here's the follow ups:

Thruster Left

If you press Down B after Dual Boot, Alisa slides diagonally forwards and attacks with her chainsaw.

Thruster Right

If you press Up B after Dual Boot, Alisa flies upwards and attacks with her chainsaw.

Thruster Drill

If you press Side B after Dual Boot, Alisa drills forwards and attacks with her chainsaw.

Up B- Retro Rockets

Alisa flips backwards, this attack doesen't get higher, because of her speed is decreased

Down B- Normal Form

Change her back.

Final Smash- Alisa's Finishing Combo

Alisa does a combination of punches and kicks, sweep kicks, roundhouse kicks, grabs her opponent, (Compression) rides fowards in the back before throws it, (Trigger Shuffle) dashes two times and finishes off with a Spam Bomb.


K.O 1: ???

K.O 2: ???

Star K.O: ???

Screen K.O: ???


Down Taunt- ???

Side Taunt- ???

Up Taunt- ???

`Victory/Lose Pose

Victory 1: ???

Victory 2: ???

Victory 3: ???

Lose: ???

Character Description

Very little is known about Alisa, except from her name and creator. Like also said above, Alisa is created by Doctor Boskonovitch, according to her Tekken 6 prologue, nothing else is known about her past history. Aside from her creator, only a few people know about her being a robot: Ling Xiaoyu, Jin Kazama, Nina Williams, Anna Williams, Kazuya Mishima and her partner Lars Alexandersson.

Deep within a lush and thriving forest lies a heavily defended research facility. This facility was a research institute named after its director, Bosconovitch. This facility was very important, as it was here that the Mishima Financial Group's most sensitive military equipment was developed. Located at the core of the research center was a room that kept its most prized possession: a clear capsule, in which a young girl slept soundly. Her name: Alisa Bosconovitch. She was created by Doctor Bosconovitch and design to serve Jin Kazama.

Other Attacks

Ground Attacks

Basic Attacks

  • Neutral attack- ???
  • Dash Attack- ???
  • Side Tilt- ???
  • Up Tilt- ???
  • Down Tilt- ???


  • Side- ???
  • Up- ???
  • Down- ???


  • Ledge attack: ???
  • 100% ledge attack: ???
  • Ground attack: ???
  • Trip attack: ???

Grab, Throws

  • Grab- ???
  • Pummel- ???
  • Forward- ???
  • Backward- ???
  • Up- ???
  • Down- ???


  • Neutral- ???
  • Forward- ???
  • Backward- ???
  • Up- ???
  • Down- ???

Snake Codec


Role In The Subspace Emissary



  • TBA
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