All star seworthy
File:All star seaworthy
Universe cartoon network
Debut the snorks
Appears in the snorks episodes
Friends all of the snorks
Enemies big weed
Lawl Team Matrix

All star

all star seworthy snorks his way to lawl 

neutral B-clam throw 

all star will throw a clam at the opponent causing 9% damage

side B-oggie 

all star will throw his pet octopus oggie draining the opponents energy by 4% 

up B-snork blast

all star will blast bubbles from his snorkel on his head to the satge can also do damage to the opponent  on stage 

down B-cyclone 

all star wil summon a cyclone sending the opponent spinning 

final smash-bubble blast 

all star will take a deep breath and send a bunch of bubbles the oppponents way sending them flying 

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