250px-Darkstalkers Resurrection Anakaris
Universe Capcom
Debut Darkstalkers
Appears in Super Lawl
Friends TBA
Enemies Demitri
Lawl Team Team Super Lawl

Special Moves

B - Kotodama Gaeshi

Anakaris inhales the opponent's projectile from his mouth. If B is pressed , he will exhale the projectile and hits the opponent.

Air B - Royal Judgement

Anakaris spits a projectiles from his mouth and it diagonally goes down. If it hits the opponent, it turns into a animal, which lasts for 6 seconds.

Side B - Miira Drop

A command throw move. Anakaris separates his hands near him. If his opponent is caught in the hands, Anakaris ensnares the opponent in bandages and moves the helpless foe about around him. before slamming him/her into the ground.

Up B - Pyramid Dive

Anakaris jumps into the air and his botton half becomes like a pyramid then pierces down.

Down B - Sarcophagus Drop

Anakaris drops a sarcophagus from the sky near him. If it hits the opponent, it leaves him/her stuck in the ground for a few seconds.

EX Smash - Pharaoh Magic

Anakaris shoots a projectile at his opponent. If he connects, Anakaris first burns the opponent, electrocutes the opponent, freezes the opponent, then crushes him/her with a much larger sarcophagus.

Final Smash - Pharaoh Illusion

Anakaris vanishes and appears at the background of the screen at a gigantic size. Using his hands to attack, he can juggle the opponent if used correctly.


KO 1:

KO 2:

Star KO:

Screen KO:


Up Taunt:

Side Taunt:

Down Taunt:


Victory 1:

Victory 2: Anakaris stands on his toes and raises his hands.

Victory 3: Anakaris chants in Ancient Egyptian as he spreads his hands then claps his hands hard.


Character Description

The 12th Pharaoh of a great Egyptian empire. He became Pharaoh at the age of 12. Foreseeing his death and revival, he had a pyramid and a sanctum created for his return. Five thousand years later, he was brought back to life when Pyron invaded Earth. After the battle, he traveled five thousand years back in time to fight and defeat the invaders of his empire. Once his kingdom was saved, he heard a voice from the far future. He traveled to the present time and entered the Majigen (a dimension created by Jedah). While fighting there, he learned that the destruction of his kingdom was unavoidable. In order to protect it, he then returned to his kingdom and took his people to another dimension so that they may be free from the wars of Earth.

Kingdom's History

  • 2669 BC - the 11th Pharaoh, Uros is enthroned.
  • 2664 BC - The first heir of Uros, Anakaris is born.
  • 2662 BC - The second heir of Uros, Eratos is born and dies shortly after birth.
  • 2655 BC - The third heir of Uros, Heterosos is born.
  • 2652 BC - Uros dies at the age of 39. Anakaris is enthroned as the 12th Pharaoh.
  • 2650 BC - For preperations of Anakaris' future revival, work on a pyramid begins.
  • 2635 BC - Heterosos dies from an unamed illness.
  • 2634 BC - After 16 years Anakaris' pyramid is finished. 60,000,000 larborers worked to creat it with 3,133 having died.
  • 2633 BC - After an invasion of his Kingdom by a neigboring kingdom, Anakaris dies and his remains are placed in the "Chamber of Resurrection."
  • 2632 BC - The war the ended Anakaris' life continues.
  • 2630 BC - Pharoah Anakaris is revived and rescues his kingdom.
  • 2629 BC - Anakaris' kingdom grows. He vanishes saying "A voice from the future becons me."
  • 26XX BC - Anakari's entire country and it's people vanish.

Nine Commandments

  1. The Holy King is the one and only God.
  2. Each day's prayer must not be missed.
  3. Must not abuse the elderly. Must not assign labor to children.
  4. Death must not be feared. All life must be solemn before death.
  5. At dawn, your home and body must be cleansed with holy sand.
  6. Must not make any debts that are more than one days earning. Must not fail to pay your debts for 10 or more days.
  7. Pray for your health and family's health.
  8. Must not kill anyone without sin. Murderers must forfeit their life to the King.
  9. Do three good deeds a day: One for yourself. One for others. One for the King.

Classic Mode



Rival 1: ???




Rival 2: ???







(A sarcophagus comes down and Anakaris smashes it open revealing him)

Other Attacks

Ground Attacks

Basic Attacks

  • Neutral attack- ???
  • Dash Attack- ???
  • Side Tilt- ???
  • Up Tilt- ???
  • Down Tilt- ???


  • Side- Cobra Blow: Anakaris attacks with a much larger cobra formed from his hands.
  • Up- ???
  • Down- ???


  • Ledge attack: ???
  • 100% ledge attack: ???
  • Ground attack: Togame No Ana: If the opponent is too close to him. Anakaris splits his body in half and sucks up the opponent into the hole and him. Anakaris and his opponent will appeared in mid-air and crush both of them.
  • Trip attack: ???

Grabs, Throws

  • Grab- ???
  • Pummel- ???
  • Forward- ???
  • Backward- ???
  • Up- ???
  • Down- ???


  • Neutral- ???
  • Forward- Mid-Air Cobra Blow.
  • Backward- ???
  • Up- ???
  • Down- ???


Darkstalkers Title Icon.

Victory Music

TBA - Enter End of a Video

Kirby Hat

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