Universe Final Fantasy
Debut Final Fantasy X
Appears in  ???
Friends N/A
Enemies N/A
Lawl Team

Anima is an aeon in Final Fantasy X that deals an immense amount of damage with all attacks. Pain, her special attack, is an instant kill, which also deals colossal damage to the few enemies immune to death spells. It also ignores defense and is actually more effective than her Overdrive, Oblivion, versus some stronger enemies like Dark Bahamut.

Pain is a magical attack, however, due to the high power and ignoring defense, it is likely to hit for maximum damage against any enemy not fully immune to magic. Anima is arguably the strongest aeon in the game; as Oblivion deals nearly 99,999 damage upon receiving her, and in the PAL or International versions, can inflict nearly 1,600,000 damage altogether.
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