Sblg animation
Universe Flash Animation
Debut Animator vs. Animation
Appears in Smash Bros. Lawl Galaxy
Friends Crazy Jay
The Dark Lord
Purple Ninja
Enemies AIM
Text Fighter
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team Galaxy


Pop-Up Blocker

The Animator comes in and turns on the pop-up blocker which is the tamed Animation, who then frees himself.

Special Attacks

Symbol 1: victim

Neutral B - Pen Arrow

The Animation gets out an "A" from the text option of MS Paint and streches it into a bow. He also gets out a pen head and sticks it on a line, then prepares the shot in a fashion similar to Best Hercules with his best bow. You can hold the arrow for as long as you want. During this, you can aim the arrow with the analog stick. You can aim it up, diagonally up, down while in the air, or diagonally down at the edge of a cliff. The arrow has a 1/9 chance of releasing ink onto your opponent's face, reversing the controls for awhile.

Side B - Steel Eraser

The Animation gets out an eraser from the toolery of things from Flash Player. Any projectile that hits the arrow is either deflected or bounced off, then landing on the ground. It can erase items, traps, and character stock bonuses. Of course the eraser won't save you from grabs. It can also manage to bounce back attacks related to removing things. If you use this on teammates in tag-team mode, the eraser will slowly erase any damage they've taken.

Up B - Brush Tool

The Animation gets out a paintbrush and draws with it. When this move in done on land, it gives off 4-second lag allowing you to choose where to draw a curved line. It works as a shield for blocking attacks and when you use the steel eraser near a line, you can shoot the eraser like something used to be shot from a slingshot. The further back you move, the further the eraser flies upon being shot. When this move is done in the air, The Animation draws an overhead platform he climbs up on. It stays for 8 seconds.

Down B - The Chosen One

The Animation switches from the victim symbol to The_Chosen_One symbol.

Symbol 2: The_Chosen_One

Neutral B - Laser Vision

The Animation shoots laser beams from his eyes. While you shoot the stream, it can be steered using the analog stick. You can clash a different energy projectile that's at a full charge with the lasers. Upon rapidly tapping A, you can push the opposing beam or something back to the sender. Same goes for the sender. The stream lasts for 14 seconds. You then must wait for it to cool down like R.O.B.'s laser beam. By just tapping B, you can shoot a laser similar to R.O.B.'s.

Side B - Catlike Reflexes

The Animation gets in a stance of some cat-related martial art. Any projectile thrown at him while he's in this stance is thrown back. This also works as a counter-grab for people who melee you. However, he can only stay in this stance for the length of time you hold down B. If you release B, he'll go off guard and become vulnerable to any attacks.

Up B -  Fireball Flight

The Animation creates a pair of fireballs, one in each hand, and flies around with them. The controls are similar to most of every other character's flight controls, but you can do loop-de-loops. Pressing A throws one of the fireballs, decreasing stability. Pressing B fuses them both together, shooting one twice as powerful. That method, however, cancels out your recovery.

Down B - victim

The Animation switches from The_Chosen_One symbol to the victim symbol.

Final Smash - Cyclone Vacuum

The_Dark_Lord appears like MSN and they both swirl around, sucking up everything. Food and food-related projectiles will manage to heal Animation at the same rate it will heal others in a pretty normal fashion, nothing special about that. When all is empty, the vacuum cyclone explodes and sends everything flying in all directions. The battle will be continued on another stage after the final smash.


KOSFX1: *Windows Error 1*

KOSFX2: *Windows Error 2*

Star KOSFX: "There is no time left..."

Screen KOSFX: *Homer's scream*


Up: Message: You're going down!

Sd: Error Message: You're dead!

Dn: Message: Scram!

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. brofists The_Dark_Lord

2. MS Sam: *laughs*

3. shakes hands with antoher victim

Failure/Clap: The_Chosen_One (tamed)

Standard Attacks

F-Smash: Draws a curved line up and then a straight line, using this to slap the opponent.

Snake Codec


Character Description


Classic Mode


Role in SSE





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