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I want you dead!

Antonio walks to the battlefield angry and says "I want you dead! Your family, dead! Those damn ducks, dead! And that big pussy, dead!"

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Spaghetti and Pasta Salad

Antonio gets out a long strand of spaghetti and pasta. He then makes it look like a Italian ball. If no one is in the way, it flings some spaghetti sauce, pasta sauce, and Parmesan cheese alone with pizza sauce. That can be a slip trap. If this is used as a tether, it will slip off after a short period of time, so you had better hurry up and climb. You can charge up the whipping to make it go further and splat more spaghetti sauce to slip over or get into opponents' eyes and cause temporary reversal on the controls.  It can not only be on land/air movement, but bizarrely it can be on attack buttons, shield and grab buttons, vertical taunts, c and analog sticks, and other control schemes assigned to certain buttons. You can only get to do this one at a time and the effect lasts for 20 seconds.

Side B - Pizza Thrower

Antonio will have a pizza and he will say "Let's taste the pizza, shall we?" If you press A, he'll put a pizza down where it can restore health. If you press B, he'll throw a hot pizza at a opponent giving them 20% damage after he says "I'm gonna do what Chef Sebastiano Trevisan says."

Up B - Smell the roses

Antonio brings his red rose to the battlefield. He makes the opponents smell the roses, and when the opponents smell it, he punches them in the nose. Press the A button to punch them in the nose before they revive a 5% damage.

Down B - Italian Soprano

Antonio puts his opponent down and says "You like opera? How about giving me a costa million, Butthurtafini!" He hits his opponent's nuts. "No, that's not it..." he said. He hits his opponent's nuts again. "Almost there..." he said again. He hits opponent's nuts for the third time. "Now you're a soprano." said Antonio. Press the A button to hit someone's nuts.

Final Smash - What's a matter, you? version

Antonio punches his opponent out cold, causing a dream. Then, he calls out the Italian quote, "What's a matter, you?" The opponent will agreed to hand out his/her Gelati cart. Antonio will agreed to hand out his seat and umbrella. The both of them had mustaches, and they chat. After that, the whole arena turns into Italian, and the two characters will sit in the seat, along with the guy with the mustache. Antonio and his opponent say "What's a Matter you?" after they say "Kiss me! I'm Italian!" This scene holds 2, 4, 6, or 8 playable characters. The announcers are even saying "What's a matter you?" too. Even the fans are saying 'What's a matter you?" also. The song keeps going, and the scene keeps going. And after that, Antonio actually hits his opponent with his weapon. The other playable characters are hurt. The dream scene causes his opponents damage.


KOSFX1: "Hey!"


Star KOSFX: "MEDRAAAAA!!" in a Italian version

Screen KOSFX: "Incredibile!" in a Italian version


Up: Full spaghetti, full pasta. And don't even think about eating them, 'cause if you do, I will put you to the oven and burn you like a stove of pizza."

Sd: "I'm still in the zone! The Italian zone! And when I get my hands on you, I'll play with your own dirty hands, make you melt them, and then get yourself punched in your own face with your own fist!"

Dn: exercise by putting this two hands on the ground

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

  1. Antonio does Robert De Niro's victory scene from The Changing of the Guard from Celebrity Deathmatch.
  2. "I'll have to go back to Italy and make mine some spaghetti...and pasta...but, I would not let everyone go to my own path.
  3. "Sorry, but you see, I came in time for peace."
  4. "Now show some respect. I won."

Failure/Clap: "I cannot believe this. I lost. Unbelievable.

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