AoSTH Sonic
"That's no good."
"That's no good."
Universe SEGA
Debut The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Appears in Smash Bros. ARL (first seen in Engineer's moveset)
Friends Toon Tails
Amy Rose
Another Sonic
Classic Sonic
Bootleg Spongebob
Enemies Dr. Robotnik
Nostalgia Critic
Sonic SatAM
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team ARL


Wakey Wakey

Sonic's alarm clock goes off and he gets up to fight.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Chili Pipe

Sonic gets out a pipe and sprays a stream of chili from it. It acts as a wall of burning damage. It's useless when on the ground, but you can use it for a normal blast while airborne.

Side B - Triple Spin

Sonic curls up and dashes forth. Like Pikachu's Quick Attack, you can do up to 3 mini-dashes at once in any direction you please. It can be cancelled by a fast projectile if you have any.

Up B - Blue Tornado

Sonic creates a tornado, then jumps out of it. Be careful not to get sucked inside! If so, you'll spin around and then fall down.

Down B - Parasol Protection

Sonic gets out a parasol and uses it as a means for defense. Similar to Gadget's umbrella, it'll block projectiles and not attacks. Though it's more focused on blocking projectiles from above as shown by how he holds it. Also, Sonic can use it while airborne and float down completely safe (besides having it cancelled from damage).

Final Smash - Roadrage-On

Sonic jumps upward into the sky. He then contacts Klondike, telling him to press the red button. He does so and the truck turns into a...dragon. As the...truck dragon rather than Sonic, you can breathe fire upon doing any method of attacking or push of any button (including standard attacks, smash attacks, and so forth). You can't move, but you can fly freely around the stage upon moving the analog stick up and pressing B. In the air, you can move down and press B to change back into a truck and crash into the competition before going back into partial dragon form. KO-ing the dragon truck won't affect Sonic's stocks. After that (or 25 seconds), Sonic returns to where he used the final smash.


KOSFX1: "Du-ah!"

KOSFX2: "Aah!"

Star KOSFX: "I'll faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall!"

Screen KOSFX: *clang* "Hey!"


Up: "Is he serious?"

Sd: "I hate sitting around with nothing going on."

Dn: "For that he had to train?"

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. "See ya, slowmo!" *dashes off*

2. "Guys like you oughta know when to quit."

3. *laughs*

Failure/Clap: Despair

Standard Attacks


Snake Codec


Character Description


Classic Mode


Snake Codec


Role in SSE








Super Smash Bros ARL Character Moveset - AoSTH Sonic

"Even you can learn from a moveset."

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