Universe Hasbro
Debut My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Appears in Smash Bros. Lawl Galaxy
Lawl with Garterbelt 3 (asst. trophy)
Smash Bros Lawl Toon
Friends Big Macintosh (brother)
Apple Bloom (sister)
Twilight Sparkle & Spike
Shining Armor and Princess Cadance
Rainbow Dash
Pinkie Pie
Princess Luna
Braeburn (cousin)
Sandy Cheeks
Beth Tezuka
Marisa Kirisame
Enemies Discord
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team Galaxy
Team w/ Garterbelt 3
Team Toon


Ponyville Express

A train from the Ponyville Express goes by and drops AppleJack off on the battlefield.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Applebucking

AppleJack kicks some apples. The apples are fast and painful projectiles to kick. The force of the apples is so powerful that it stops other projectiles that are being shot at you. If it hits the ground, there's 1/3 of a chance it becomes edible. If you time the buck right, you can deflect projectiles. Sometimes, AJ will buck a zap-apple, which heals twice as much as a regular apple and it can stun people.

Side B - Apple Cider

AppleJack gets out a mug of cider and can throw it on the ground. The cider will become a slip trap if it ever hits the ground. If you hold down B, you'll drink up the cider. The more cider you drink, the more drunk you'll get (acing the G-Rated Drug trope). However, this does mean you'll have to wait awhile before you can have another round of cider.

Up B - Lasso

AppleJack gets out her lasso and starts twirling it. This can be used to rope up opponents, grab items, and latch onto ledges. You'll have to hold B to twirl the rope, though. As you twirl it while on the ground, you can move the analog stick down to do some tricks that deal minor knockback to the opponents up close. If the lasso grabs nothing, AppleJack does an akward chuckle and pulls back the rope.

Down B - Apple Eating

AppleJack gets out a bucket of apples and eats them up as if she were impersonating Pac-Man. Each apple Jack (XD) eats heals 1% damage. Pressing A not only cancels it, but throws the basket to the side. The longer you hold B, the more apples AJ eats. Don't eat too many apples in one sitting, though, or you'll get sick and throw up. You have to wait awhile before you can have another chance at eating ALL those apples in one go.

Final Smash - Summer Rambo

AppleJack walks back, then charges forth headfirst and does a multitude of hits to the opponent that she'll come into direct contact with, ending with a headbutt that sends any opponent in her path skyrocketing away. If this is done when you have 100% damage or more, you'll also perform the buster hoof. You'll need to watch where you run since she won't stop when reaches the edge of the stage

Assist Tropies (Lawl with Garterbelt 3)

Applejack will kick a Random Tree, Making Apple rain over the Stage. Applejack will kick the Apples at the Random Location. It will give damage to anyone the apple hit and Can sometime be a Throwable Weapon


KOSFX1: "Gah!"

KOSFX2: "Darnit!"


Screen KOSFX: "Whoa."


Up: *squee*

Sd: "Don't you use your fancy Mathematics to mutter the issue!"

Dn: "That's my line."

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. "F*ck you, I can't eat all these apples!"

2. "And you best hope, it's not pointed at you."

3. "If you take your time and do what needs to be done, your work will speak for you."


Standard Attacks

Neutral Jabs: punch, punch, kick

Dash Attack: Summer Rambo, less powerful

Smash Attacks

  • Sd: Buck
  • Up: Upperbuck
  • Dn: Applequake

Tilt Attacks

  • Sd: Bada-Swing!
  • Up: Apple Toss
  • Dn: Leg Sweep

Aerial Attacks

  • N-Air: Guitar Smash
  • F-Air: Airbuck
  • B-Air: Backbuck
  • U-Air: Katana Slash
  • D-Air: Pony's Elbow


  • Grab: Roundin' 'Em Up
  • Pummel: Headbutt
  • Forward: Applebloom's Loop-de-Hooping
  • Back: Backswing
  • Up: Applebloom's Heli-Hooping
  • Down: Pony's Elbow


  • Ledge Attack: Buck Up
  • 100% Ledge Attack: Buck-Fifty
  • Ground Attack: AppleJack's Worms
  • Trip Attack: Leg Sweep

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