The ASDF Guy
"I like trains"
"I like trains"
Universe YouTube
Debut ASDF Movie
Appears in Smash Bros. Lawl Nova
Smash Bros. Lawl stevediaz4567 edition
Friends Leonidas
Edd Gould
Enemies Marmite
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team Nova
Team Stevediaz4567


Working Time Machine

ASDF Man enters the battlefield via working time machine.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Here, hold this

ASDF Man asks the nearest opponent to hold a bomb for him. It'll stick to the opponent like the Gooey Bomb. Luckily, you can pass it around to others. Give it to ASDF Man, and he uses it as a throwable item, but the damaged is reduced as a result.

Side B - Puking

ASDF Man pukes out one of 4 things:

  • Cats - They knock away opponents
  • RAINBOWS - They leave behind slip traps/cover you up with rainbow paint, slowing down your attacks and leaving you in a no-team state in Team Lawls (this luckily lasts for a few seconds)
  • Another Guy - He has all your moves, except your special attacks, but he's an idiot
  • Skin Removal - This brings your damage counter down by 20%

Up B - Screw Gravity

ASDF Man gives gravity the middle finger for as long as you hold down B. However, you don't have any horizontal control during this process. Things around you are affected by this lack of Newton's discovered law. But be careful since you fall faster when you stop floating upward.

Down B - Pointless Button

ASDF Man pushes a pointless button, which causes one of 9 things to occur:

  • Tree Powers - A random character becomes a tree, stopping him/her for a few seconds
  • Kitten Fight - A random character (ASDF Man included) gets a kitten; get hit by it with at least 60% on you, and you'll be dead from adorableness
  • Don't Touch that Cactus - A cactus appears, attracting nearby opponents, resulting in pain and ASDF Man seeing them as dead; as he states this, he can't move.
  • Minefield - 3 invisible mines are placed on the stage, dangerous to opponents and yourself
  • Teach a llama to drive - A llama falls on the stage in a car
  • Do the Flop! - Mr. DTF makes other character on the same platform as you do the flop
  • Suddenly, Pineapples - All items are now pineapples (that or 3 pineapples fall onto the stage), and they can be eaten
  • Skate Cow - A cow pretending to be human rides a skateboard and rams into opponents
  • You Know Who's Gay? - Your horniness level reverses for 20 seconds
  • Snake Arms - Your attacks gain more range

You have to endure 10-second intervals before triggering this magical button again.

Final Smash - Who parked their car...on my sandwich?

ASDF Man tosses someone's sandwich to his car. Evade it, and you'll be off the hook. Don't evade, and you'll be accused of this felony. The sandwich owner explodes as a result of this, BTW, KO-ing anyone in the surrounding area, esp. opponents.


KOSFX1: *groans*

KOSFX2: "Oh, noooo!"

Star KOSFX: *screams*

Screen KOSFX: "Oh, okay."


Up: "Hello, parking meter." Parking Meter: "Hello!"

Sd: *baby voice*

Dn: *laughs* "I can't read."

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. *both scream at each other*

2. "You're dead to me."

3. Someone else: "Level up!"

Failure/Clap: R.I.P.

Standard Attacks


Reddy Leo Media

Reddy: "Look, Leo, it's Mecoboy!"

Leo: "No, Reddy, it's another famous monochromatic figure from the most random side of YouTube."

Reddy: " Dick Figures counterpart? I don't know, I haven't read about it ever sicne I started selling my autobiography"

Leo: "Yeah, your great story that we'll never discover. I'm sure it'll be complex and won't be based on Random Humor."

Red: "My humor isn't's not even humor! It's a strange perception due to the fact that there are many versions of me in many dimensions. Get it already, Leo."

Leo: "I get it, I get it. The classic Lemon Emon logic: What doesn't make sense in this world can be the base for another."

Reddy: "Exactly! I assure you that this character is the most normal guy in the Tomskaverse."

Leo: "He doesn't even have a name! He's called 'The asdfmovie guy'."

Reddy: "His simplicity goes even further. Look at your keyboard and you'll notice that the letters 'asdf' are together."

Leo: "Blimey! I didn't notice! Wasn't that an acronym?"

Reddy: "Ahore Sè Describir Figuras."

Augustin Burger Reviews (TBA In "Augustin Burger's Codecs on Lawl Team")

Augustin: A naked man withou- Wait! Why is he wearing pants?!

Larry: I'm gonna say this. But, you're dead to me!

Augustin: What do you mean?

Larry: He's known for causing corpses in front of him, like a cow pretending to be a man. Or even a mine turtle.

Augustin: That's creepy!

Larry: Yes, i know. Also, his name is "ASDF Guy". He's named after the "ASDF" keys.


Character Description


Classic Mode



Pawlette Swaps


Victory Theme





Pointless Button

Lawl Food






Super Smash Bros. Lawl Nova Moveset asdfguy

ASDFGuy - Does the Lawl!

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