Universe asdfmovie
Debut asdfmovie (2oo8)
Appears in asdfmovie 1-7, asdfmite, Super Smash Bros Lawl
Friends Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Lawl Team Team Web

Special Moves

Neutral B: Throw the Cheese!

asdfman lifts a wedge of cheese over his head and recites the famous quote as he hurls it at his opponent. The cheese travels in a light arc and has moderate knockback to it. Once it's thrown, it has a 1/5 chance of being a food item, which you or your opponent can use to restore 15 health.

Sometimes, when using the move, the cheese wedge is replaced with muffins. The quote said is changed to "I work at the muffin factory", and the move goes from being a single projectile to a steady flow of them (muffins), which go forward randomly and do little damage.

Side B: Mine Turtle

asdfman throws a mine turtle a short distance in front of him. If the mine turtle hits anyone before it hits the ground it explodes on contact. If it doesn't, the mine turtle becomes a trap on the stage and stands where it is. If it gets stepped on or attacked it will explode, damaging the opponent with high knockback. Only 3 mine turtles can be on a stage at a time, if there are 3 out then the move is disabled until one explodes.

Up B: Screw Gravity

asdfman has a suprise power few have seen coming: gravity nullification. asdfman has the ability to avoid gravity and float gently wherever he wants. While this move doesn't deliver any damage or knochback, is has it's tactical applications as it allows asdfman to pass through projectiles unscathed. But watch out for melee attacks, they cancel out your float and send you plummeting back to Earth.

Down B: Pianos!

asdfman's throwing his science show, and this week our topic is pianos! asdfman somehow summons a grand piano to fall from the top of the stage onto his opponent's head. This move does a large amount of damage, if the edge of the piano hits an opponent high knockback is delivered to them, while opponents directly under the piano get pinned by the rubble.

Final Smash: I Like Trains

Similar to Captain Falcon's. asdfman summons a railroad to shoot straight across the screen; any opponents hit by it are placed onto train tracks, and then hit by the I Like Trains kid and his train, causing an instant K.O.

Character Description

asdfman is based off of web animator TomSka's hit animated YouTube series asdfmovie. The series revolves around nonsensical things happening to seemingly nondescript everyday characters, e.g. fending off an alien invasion via throwing cheese wedges, or a cake screaming in agony upon being cut. asdfman is based off these lookalike nondescript characters, and his moves draw from the more memorable skits of the series.


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