Dr. Stuart Clive Ashen
Universe ThatGuywiththeGlasses
Blistered Thumbs
Real Life
Debut The Truth About Open Source
Appears in Smash Bros. Lawl Galaxy
Friends 10th Doctor
Chef Excellence (generations 1-3)
Sad Onion
Nostalgia Critic(possibly)
Tom Bishop
Guru Larry
Scooby Doo and Shaggy
England (bro in Team SV33 X Team Prower)
Terry Bogard
Ezio Auditore
Ishamie Tarker
Sayaka Miki
Those at Funtastic
Those at Hunger Breaks
Those at Signalex
Edd Gould
Steven Star
Churchill Frollo
Pom (her laptop helps him use his hoover to suck up his enemies' faces)
Enemies Wenlock
Silver Skull
POP Station manufacturers
Michael Bay
Wonder Momo (see the NEC Turbo Express review)
Carlos Trejo
Angry Birds (rant of it's heard in his WoPad Review)
Rick (Splatterhouse)
Cool Eye King
Emo Peter
Aggressive Pizza (see the Poundland Food Special: Pizza Snack)
Tom Wiggle
Thomas the Tank Engine
Peter Pop-Off
Chintendo Vii (even though he has the KenSingTon Vii)
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team Galaxy



|*beep beep, beep beep, beep beep* "Hello!"

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Shock Pro Game 2 Pnrtable

Ashens sets on the ground what resembles a PSP, but is smaller. Anyone who touches it will be stunned it since it's a prank item. Be careful, it can also stun Ashens. If he sets it down on any liquid-related traps, the liquid is electrofied. If he sets it down on an explosive and someone touches it, the explosion sends off 2 split-sided lightning bolts. There can only be 1 tiny little PSP thing on screen, so if you try setting down another, the one already out will disappear.

Side B - Blowtorch

Ashens gets out his blowtorch that he uses on things crap enough to burn. This is similar to the Pyro's blowtorch, but if you burn an opponent long enough, it causes afterburn. The blowtorch can run out of fuel, so you should let it cool off every now and then. You can also collect items such as Fire Flowers to increase your fire power, or items like curry to refuel your blowtorch early.

Up B - POP Station Watch

Ashens sees a POP Station going around him and it somehow makes him fly. Anyone who touches the POP Station will be knocked away by it, dealing minor damage and knockback. If the recovery is cancelled (by pressing A), the POP Station becomes a swirling projectile. The POP Station is still able to be easily broken by things such as pure energy-related projectiles or smash attacks with battering items.

Down B - Reality-Altering Helmet

Ashens puts on his reality-altering helmet and opponents will be slowly pushed back as Ashens blabs about the quickest video game death or something. Pressing B again aggressively shoves anyone around Ashens away. The same is said for any items in range around Ashens. The distance of the altered reality field is the same distance as the mandrake Aya Drevis pulls out.

Final Smash - Facebank

Ashens will enter a door that suddenly appears where he is and everyone is transported to his couch. Ashens puts that creepy facebank on the couch which stuns anyone on the ground. He whimpers as he takes a random opponent and puts him/her in the facebank's mouth. He activates the facebank and it starts to eat the opponent. Every chomp does 50% damage. The opponent won't be instantly KO'd if he/she falls into the bank. Ashens then gets very horrified, smacks away the facebank, and THEN KOs the opponent inside.


KOSFX1: "Bloody Hell!"

KOSFX2: "Dissapointment."

Star KOSFX: *Halloween Mike's scream*

Screen KOSFX1: "Ohrgh!"

Screen KOSFX2: "Daiy!"

Screen KOSFX3: "Dee-ooh!"

Screen KOSFX4: "Guragh!"

Screen KOSFX5: "Nyurgh!"

Screen KOSFX6: *trills*


Up: "Thumbs up to Dingoo!"

Sd: "141,000 subscribers and counting!"

Dn: *laughs*

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. Chef Excellence: An excellent victory

2. "I have scored 100 and now declare myself champion of the universe."

3. Smash Bros. Lawl is on the shelf of interesting items

4. (vs. Angry Birds) "It was 50 times better than anything Angry Birds ever produced!"

5. (vs. a male and female in a team in tag-team mode) "Now you're just shipping. Aren't you? See, I'm not into that."

6. (vs. anyone who looks stupid) walks away as he laughs quite merrily

7. (vs. He-Man) "I just want use this face on everything, including my tombstone." he slowly puts the troll action figure up against the screen

Failure/Clap: Conclusion of the Game.Com's other games

Standard Attacks

Neutral Jabs: Interview Lightsaber

Dash Attack: Shoo!

Smash Attacks

  • Sd: Westward Ho
  • Up: FAIL Spring
  • Dn: 2 Hammers

Tilt Attacks

  • Sd: Kick Away
  • Up: Akward Thought
  • Dn: Play Beenz

Aerial Attacks

  • N-Air: Randomly Unknown Face Flash
  • F-Air: Diamond Sword
  • B-Air: Gauss Master
  • U-Air: Puke
  • D-Air: Game Child


  • Grab: Metal Prongs
  • Pummel: Head Bobbing
  • Forward: The Goose
  • Back: Purnell's Concise Encyclopedia of Science
  • Up: iPhone5G Antenna
  • Down: This is For Whatever


  • Ledge Attack: Snapper
  • 100% Ledge Attack: All Snappers at Once!
  • Ground Attack: Sorcerer's Sword
  • Trip Attack: Sad Onion

Snake Codec

Snake: "Mei Ling, who's this British guy in a suit?"

Mei Ling: "That's Ashens. He grew up in the United Kin--"

(*the transmission is interrupted by a scene from Ashens: Draw My Life*

Snake: "The fuck?"

Character Description


Classic Mode


Role in SSE

Ashens tags along with Alice in Chapter 3 to face off against Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv.


Colors & Costumes

  • Black Suit & Red Tie (Normal, Red)
  • Black Suit & Blue Tie (Blue)
  • Black Suit & Yellow Tie (Yellow)
  • Black Suit & Green Tie (Green)
  • Black Suit & Black Tie + White Hair & Beard (similar appearance as Slenderman)
  • White Suit & Black Tie
  • Black Suit (- The Coat) & Red Tie
  • Jacket from Ashens and the Quset for the Game Child
  • Black Suit (- The Coat) & Black Tie + Blond Hair (similar appearance as Simon Pegg)

Victory Theme

Shelf of Interesting Items theme




Sadonion/The Proxy


  • Ashens would happen to be a psychiatrist.
  • Chef Excellence originated from a review on Stay Fresh Bags (which were known as Debbie Myers' Bags in America).
  • He can be found on and YouTube.
  • It is somewhat excellent moveset.
  • He is one of the first characters to have multiple Screen KOSFX.
  • He looks a lot like Simon Pegg, explaining why some people say they might've seen him in Shaun of the Dead.
  • His picture of him as a minimalist sillhouette shares somewhat of a resemblance to Slenderman.
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