Chara? Is That You?

Asriel is a Lawl Orbit Fighter

(Spoilers Dead Ahead)


Returned Prince

Asriel Comes Down From A Beam of Light


Neutral B - Fire Magic

Asriel Sends Fire Magic, Dealing Fire Damage

Side B - Asriel's Lucky Star

Asriel Sends A Small But Powerful Star

Up B - Flying Through Memories

Asriel Flies up, Creating a Vision of Adult Asriel

Down B - Chaos Saber

Asriel Has To Prepare CHAOS SABER Before Using it, It Deals Very High Damage To Anyhing Hit

Final Smash - SAVE

Asriel Uses SAVE on an Opponent, If He Hits Someone, He Will SAVE Them And They Become a Team. If Everyone is on Asriel's Team, Everyone Wins


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