BRVR made this world to please you.
Universe Nintendo
Debut Pokémon Dead Channel
Appears in Smash Bros. Lawl Galaxy
Friends Mt. Silver Pikachu
Fluttershy (caretaker)
Dat Squirtle
Pinkie Pie
Lonliness (girlfriend)
Steven & Miki
Castle Cat
Mickey Mouse
Nova Storm
Masky (see Creeps for further details)
Ben Drowned
Enemies Red
Toon Pikachu
Toon Jigglypuff
Dead Bart
Tails Doll
Pinkamena Diane Pie
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team Galaxy


Under the Bed

BRVR crawls out from under a bed and stands up to fight.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Melody

Pikachu Doll Z's appear around BRVR and play a blood-chillingly beautiful tune with the bells. The maximum range the bells work their magic is the same as Trejo's campo electromagnetico. The closer the opponent is, the more damage the bells' melody does. It also sends the opponent into a trance which also has a timer that depends on how close the opponent is to BRVR. The trance causes BRVR to select 1 of the 4 special attacks the opponent has, almost like the original Pokémon games. If BRVR gets hit, the tune ends. Yo can hold down B to make it play for up to 60 seconds.

Side B - Skitty Corpse

BRVR throws one of the many Skitty carcasses he has in his own sadistic world that made his master feel guilty for not being around with him and living a social life. When the corpse hits an opponent (or anything else), it shatters to bits and pieces. Said bits and pieces can be picked up and thrown around like Samus' leftover armor parts after firing the Zero Laser. If you throw another Poké-carcass, the leftover pieces disappear, making this strategic in case someone throws a roadkill Skitty at the abandoned electric mouse Pokémon.

Up B - Fishing Pole

BRVR gets out a fishing pole. The fishing pole isn't the same as the one with the Pokéball on it like in G3, so it has a hook on the end of it. That or it could have brains, which will splatter brain fluids all over what they hit, making slip traps or reversing the controls. This of course works as a variable tether like Ivysaur's Vine Whip, except it instantly zips up. Anyone in the way of BRVR's back swing will be nabbed unless there's bait, making BRVR enter a stance where he'll swing the opponent in the direction the analog stick is pointed by you.

Down B - Dark Harvest

BRVR gets out the dying body of a dry Magikarp and starts to feast on its scaly flesh, healing any leftover damage he's taken during the fight and making him less likely to have a strength depletion. This is similar to Sonic.exe's carnivorous feeding, but while you eat up a Magikarp, blood spills and becomes a slip trap that can dry up over time. Anyone who dares to hit/touch BRVR will be bitten. After that moment of eating it, BRVR can salvage the skeleton, which when thrown does half as much damage as a Skitty corpse due to being all bone and no meat any longer.

Final Smash - Neglected Suffering

A SpongeBob title card saying "So much later that the old narrator got tired of waiting and they had to hire a new one," flashes on screen, which will also change the currently selected narrator to the one next to that narrator. The entire stage turns red and everyone has an expression of fear. BRVR turns into a sillouhette with glowing white eyes and a fanged smile with bloody teeth. A textbox appears saying "BRVR wants you to suffer the same way he did," and the nearest opponent gets a Pikachu Doll Z. The doll will then strike the opponent with 300% damage. Any extras such as asst. trophy characters or human traps will be corpses, which can be thrown around after the end of the final smash. Any of said corpses close to BRVR will be feasted on.


KOSFX1. "Pika!"



Screen KOSFX: *GBC growl*


Up: *creepily smiles at the screen*

Sd: *charges up some black lightning*

Dn: "Pikaaaa..."

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. Textbox: "Do you like what BRVR has done to this place?"

2. *smiles in front of a pile of Pikachu Doll Zs*

3. Victory rave

Failure/Clap: Hug, pwease? ♥

Standard Attacks

Neutral Jabs: Headbutt, Crunch, Magikarp

Dash Attack: Quick Attack

Smash Attacks

  • Sd: Eye in your Eye!
  • Up: Black Thundercloud
  • Dn: Razor Tail

Tilt Attacks

  • Sd: Bite
  • Up: Tail Whip
  • Dn: Headbutt

Aerial Attacks

  • N-Air: Thundershock
  • F-Air: Magikarp
  • B-Air: Backflip Tail Whip
  • U-Air: Blood Spew
  • D-Air: Dive Bomb


  • Grab: Tail Snag
  • Pummel: Nibble
  • Forward: Throw the TV Z
  • Back: Here's A Question!
  • Up: Buy A Pikachu Doll Z!
  • Down: Censored Slaughter


  • Ledge Attack: Tail Whip
  • 100% Ledge Attack: Iron Tail
  • Ground Attack: Break Dance
  • Trip Attack: Nerve Snapped

Snake Codec


Character Description

BRVR is from the game "Pokémon Channel". It is unknown whether BRVR is sentient or just being controlled by an unknown entity. When the pikachu's master was there, the world was alive, fun, he had company, a friend. But when his master abandoned him to pursue the real life, he was completely alone in a virtual world, unable to die or get hurt. It would just never end, he was stuck alone in this world for an eternity. He tore the world to shreds, and made it to simulate the hell he was experiencing. When his mistress came back, he was excited to show her how he suffered. He always wanted to see his mistress happy, and when he thought the mistress had hated him, showing her the ultimate hell that was his life was his way of making her happy. He was disappointed and angry when even this wouldn't please her, and showed her around this terrible world. He showed her the final temple, where he wrote his darkest thoughts in blood. Finally, he joined his mistress's world, to show that he would never be abandoned again. It is unknown what the full extent of his powers are.

Classic Mode


Role in SSE

BRVR is found crying in Slender Woods by Fluttershy and is taken care of by her, making him a good guy.


Colors & Costumes

  • Vicious Pikachu (Default, Yellow)
  • Bloody Plusle (Red)
  • Savage Marill/Pikablu (Blue)
  • Amelia (Green)
  • Shiny BRVR
  • Snow on Mt. Silver
  • Raichu AKA Future BRVR
  • Mr. Widemouth

Victory Theme

SSBB - Pokémon Victory Theme


Pikachu Doll Z


Dead Channel


  • The idea of this character now formulates the debate to add Lonliness from the creepypasta, Pokemon: Abandon Lonliness.
  • One of his alternate costumes is the Pikachu from the Poképasta known as Easter Egg: Snow on Mt. Silver.
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