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Note: This is a WIP

Baby Mario and Baby Luigi are a Duo Character In Lawl Orbit.


Just In Time!

The Babies Jump Out of a Time Portal. The Portal Proceeds to Disappear

Special attacks

Neutral B - Hammer

Baby Mario Hits Infront of Himself With A Hammer While Baby Luigi Hits The Other Side

Side B - Pocket Chomp

Baby Mario Rides a Pocket Chomp Forwards While Baby Luigi Rides a Platform Holding His Hammer.

Up B - Cannonballers

The babies Jump Into a Cannon and Shoot Up.

Down B - Smash Egg/1-Up

Has Two Varients

  • If Both Bros are Fighting: Smash Eggs: Baby Mario Throws a Smash Egg In the Air and If a Bro Hits it it  will Bounce up. If Bounced Enough A 1-Up Pops Out giving Another 1-Up To The Babies. Ends Randomly. 
  • If a Bro is KO'd: 1-Up: The Baby Uses a 1-Up On The KO'd Bro. 2 Per Match.

Final Smash - Mix Flower

The Babies Use a Mix Flower and A Giant Fireball Hits the Middle Of The Stage Dealing Heavy Damage


Baby Mario

KOSFX 1: "Mama Mia!"

KOSFX 2: Wah!"

Star KO: "Waaaah!"

Screen KO: "Ow!"

Baby Luigi

KOSFX 1: "Mama!"

KOSFX 2: "Wah!"

Star KO: "*Crying*"

Screen KO: "Oof!"


Baby Mario

Up: "Yay!"

Side: "Oh Yeah!"

Down: "Number 1!"

Victory Options

1: Baby Mario and Baby Luigi Make The Pose They Make Upon Leveling Up

2: The Babies Eat A Pile of Yoshi Cookies 

3: Baby Mario and Baby Luigi Use a Copy Flower and Are Thrown In The Air By The Clones

Baby Mario Only: Baby Mario Does His Level up Pose

Baby Luigi Only: Baby Luigi does His Level Up Pose

Failure Pose

The Babies Start Crying

Standard Attacks


Codec Call/Palutena's Guidance

Codec Call

Snake: Babies?

Otacon: Seems So.

Snake: Babies Shouldn't Be In Battle

Otacon: Normally Not but these Babies are Very Strong With the Toys and Items They hold.

Snake: I See They Have Hammers.

Otacon: Watch Out For Them Getting Close.

Snake: Ok Then.

  • End Of Call*

Palutena's Guidance

Pit: ... Is That... Mario and Luigi as Babies

Palutena: Seems So.

Viridi: These Guys Came All the Way From The Past To Fight You! Show Them Atleast Some Respect!

Pit: Wait What?!

Palutena: Yes They Are from The Past they Like Using Hammers To Knock You Away.

Pit: So Use My Oribitars To Block them?

Palutena: Not Quite. They can Still Knock You Away With A Pocket Chomp.

Viridi: Do You even Want To Lose To Them? They'll Cry!

Pit: I uh... I'll Give Them Some Candy?

Palutena: Try Yoshi cookies. They Love Them.

Viridi: Especially Baby Luigi! He Loves them!

Pit: Is This Help or Cookie Tips?

  • End Of Guidance*

Classic Mode


Extra Stuff

Alternate Costumes

(Left Side is Baby Mario. Right Side is Baby Luigi.)

Yellow and Purple: Wario and Waluigi

Green and Red: It Swaps the Colors

Blue and Orange: Sonic and Tails

Victory Theme



Hollijolli Village


Badges: Raise a Random Stat By a Random Amount for a Random Time


Boss Battle


This is The First Character Made By TheAmazingMetalMario

This is also The First Lawl Orbit Character

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