Batsu Ichimonji
Universe Capcom
Debut Rival School
Appears in Smash Brothers Elite
Friends Kyosuke Kagami
Hinata Wakaba
Kyosuke Ichimonji (future son)
Roy Bromwell
Hayato Kanzaki
Steven Star
Megaman Volnutt
Enemies Kyoko Sakura
Hyo Imawano
Bonanza Brothers
Cole MacGrath
Lawl Team Team Elite


Neutral B - Guts Bullet (Kiai Dan)

Batsu created a small projectile and shoot it from the opponents in front of him. The projectile maybe slow, but it can cause knockout and probably stun the opponent. When it is used on midair, the projectile will shoot horizontally down.

Side B - Crescent Kick (Mikadzuki Kick)

Batsu winds his leg up a bit and then brings them down for an overhead hit at the opponent. The come faster and, but travels the least amount of distance and cause low knockout as well.

Up B - Guts Upper (Shoryuken, Dragon Punch)

Batsu dose a uppercut where has upper-body invincibility during its use. It provides decent vertical recovery and horizontal recovery, and also to edgeguard an opponent. As to attack, when a opponents is got by this, they get repeats damage and probably get afterburn effect.

Down B - Tardy Counter

Batsu will strike a pose for a counter attack. For about a second, any attack other than a grab or projectile, which the character using Counter is struck by will turn them invincible to stun and projectiles.

Final Smash - United By Fate

Batsu uppercut a opponent and perform a tag-team super attack to finish it. Depending on who even come in to help Batsu(Unless it a team battle where you team up with someone). a different animation will materialize and how strong the FS is. There are three possiblities;

  • Double Guts Bullet - Batsu and the teammate will created a powerful projectile and shoot it from the opponents in front of him.
  • Double Guts Upper - Batsu and the teammate perform a powerful uppercut.
  • Double Shooting Star Kick - Batsu and the teammate perform a backflip, jump into a air and launch down a kick into the opponent.

Depending on one of the attack and the opponents damage meter, it can:

  • Launch the opponent in whatever you facing during the FS(Double Guts Bullet upper 70%)
  • Launch the opponent upwards(Double Guts Upper upper 80%)
  • Launch the opponents downwards(Double Shooting Star Kick upper 90%)
  • Instant KO'ed(Over 70%-90)

Now here is a list the different animation when Batsu dose his final smash with a random and select partner, in the order of strongest or weakest







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