Best Magneto
Magneto (Fantastic Four 1978 series)
Universe Marvel
Debut Fantastic Four: The Menace of Magneto
Appears in Lawl of the Dead
Friends Toriel
Enemies MC Dinero
Raoul Silva
Sir Pokon
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team of the Dead


Asking for Directions

Magneto enters the battlefield in his wheel-less vahicle powered by his MAGNETISM. If he touches another character, he asks him/her how to arrive and he/she says how. The length of the conversation depends on the character, so don't expect to fight until the talking is done. But those not part of the dialogue can disrupt.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Best MAGNETISM

Magneto manipulates a metallic object, no matter the size or the weight. He even manipulates metallic parts of other players. The MAGNETISM is controlled like Coballita's robotic arm. Now, this seems less joke-standard than usual, but if he uses these powers on anything not metal, he LOT. Thus, you may only use this when there is on-screen metal.

Side B - The Coin is Aggressive

Magneto has a coin float very slowly in a line. While absurdly slow, it deals uber damage to someone with the coin in their head until it's out the other ear. If you're over 300% and at your final stock, instant KO. This allows you to turn coins into lethal weapons.

Up B - Magnetomobile

Magneto rides his vehicle WITHOUT MONOLOGUING. The control's like anything MAGNETIZED. Stop flying to throw the vehicle with Magneto inside, although this hurts himself in the process. You can't leave until you or someone else destroys the car. Like the firdge, it can be picked up and thrown around by others. Just taunt and he monologues again.

Down B - Iron Balls

Magneto, in one hand, orbits 3 iron balls. Like the 4 Dozen Eggs, you avoid up-front strikes, both walking and jumping. Move in a drection and press A to attack with the balls. Press to make a floating platform with one sphere while the other two become a shield. The levitation ends when the orbiting balls are physically stopped or Magneto is done monologuing.

Final Smash - FOX Cinematic Universe

Magneto shows off a collection of the live-action X-Men movies. Each movie where Magneto is the bad guy involves a final smash. Choose the wrong one due to poor research, and zippity-doo-dah occurs. Pick one before you get attacked.

  • Conversion Machine (X-Men 1) - Every human player becomes a mutant unless they are non-human. This needs 10 seconds and draining plenty of Magneto's life to work, so you have a chance to destroy it. The seat is protected by an invisible bubble that is deadly to the touch when attacked. Mutations give off positives and negatives, so it's a total gamble as to what the outcome is.
  • Dark Cerebro (X-Men 2: X-Men Unite) - Upon being activated, Dark Cerebro causes increasing pain. Again, only humans get affected by this. To start this off is a long monologue.
  • Golden Gate Bridge (X-Men 3: The Last Stand) - The bridge is just tossed onto the stage.
  • Missile Crisis (X-Men: First Class) - Missiles bomb the stage. They also hurt Magneto, but his powers can redirect these things.
  • Sentinels (X-Men: Days of Future Past) - A random number of these guys appear and attack everybody including Magneto (but he has his MAGNETISM to cover his back, so don't worry).


KOSFX1: "I am...lost!"

KOSFX2: "Impossible!"

Star KOSFX: "I surrender!"

Screen KOSFX: "Dowwwwwn!"


Up: "What Magneto is, Magneto does." *dramatic sting*

Sd: "Whatever Magneto finds offensive..." *auto-activates MAGNETISM* "...must always be...DESTROYED!"

Dn: "Nobody is too busy to see Magneto!"

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. "Tremble before the menace of Magneto."

2. "I am Magneto. I answer to none."

3. "The victory is mine. Therefore, the Fantastic Four is mine. Magneto is your new leader."

4. (vs. those joke or best) *joke character runs screaming* Random Lady: "Wh-what's wrong?" Magneto: "He simply learned a little lesson and is eager to home and study it!" *laughs*

Failure/Clap: A wooden...gun!?

Standard Attacks


Nostalgia Skapokon Discussion

Wai: "Hello, everybody. I'm Wai the Nutty."

Sir Pokon: "Excuse me, Wai."

Wai: "Uh? Hi, Sir Pokon."

Sir Pokon: "Good afternoon, gentlemen. My name is Sir Pokon de Joy, and this is my opponent: the supervillain Magneto. But not a common Magneto. He is the best of all Magnetos. Like his name obviously indicates, his main power is controlling MAGNETISM, which could be dangerous for me."

Wai: "You're right, Sir Pokon. Being robots, he can push and pull us."

Sir Pokon: "Don't be a tool, Wai! Controlling us through MAGNETISM? Do you think we are made of metal? I was talking about money."

Wai: "Money?"

MC Dinero: "Money, money, money."

Sir Pokon: "Yes, money. Magneto can manipulate my fortune using MAGNETISM. He can turn coins against me more aggressive than Jimmy Nuttrin's pizzas! And WUN. Or even worse...he could keep me money! No matter what he does, I will not let him get near my wealth."

Wai: "I have an idea! We could tell Magneto that his powers don't work. Maybe he believes it and he'll stop using them."

Sir Pokon: "Bah, foolishness."

Character Description


Classic Mode



Pawlette Swaps


Victory Theme

90's X-men theme


School of Mutants - Plastic Prison Cell



Cipher Nightmare



  • Originally, Rick, a fellow reviewer of Aitor, Sans, and Lemongrab were all teased.


Best Magneto Moveset - Lawl of the Dead

Best Magneto Moveset - Lawl of the Dead

"I believe I have proved my moveset."

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