Bill Cipher
"Hi, I'm Bill Cipher."
Universe Disney XD
Debut Gravity Falls
Appears in Lawl of the Dead
Friends Dimentio
Freddy Krueger
Demonic Wilford Brimley
Enemies Dipper Pines
Mabel Pines
Stanford Pines
Gideon Gleeful (former friend)
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team of the Dead



Bill gets invoked to the battlefield.

Cipher Wheel

Bill's damage display includes a Cipher Wheel. Most of his specials need a section used while others recover them.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Ciphone

Bill projects the image of a fighter not in the round, activating a non-physical special attack involving a projectile, trap, or effect. Anything from those who are jokes or best result in backfire. This costs one lit section of the Cipher Wheel.

Side B - Nightmare Fuel

Bill fires a simplistic laser for most characters. Anyone dreamy gets a hole in him/her, revoking food usage until they're KO'd/cured. Cute characters turn ugly, leading to negative effects. Those fat, joke, or best get harassed by old British dogs, and they can't do shit to stop it. Others can easily defeat the dog. This costs you one section.

Up B - Journal Wheel

Bill uses the Cipher Wheel too levitate, lasting 1 second per lit section. After hitting the ground, the sections all light back up. The Cipher Wheel is also a shield for Bill with similar capabilities.

Down B - Fiery Deal

Bill recovers energy, as shown in his Cipher Wheel. Anything physical activates 1 section, usually if there is one big object or 5 small ones like coins or teeth. Opponents in front recieve it as a mini-Falcon Punch. In team battles, you can change members with the deal. Distant characters lose some teeth, able to be dropped and stacked. Without teeth, talking in taunts and attacks is disabled. For those toothless, this works like telekinesis. When all teeth are use, the Cipher Wheel is full, making Bill red and angry in a mini-FS where he's bigger, stronger, capable of infinite Nightmare Fuel, and able to levitate until the Cipher Wheel is emptied.

Final Smash - Inceptus Nolanus Overratus

Bill becomes a shadow with infinite levitation and intangibility. He turns back to his original form after 5 seconds, so you should touch a guy to enter his/her mind. If there's more than one opponent, you're taken to the dream world, only the rock's the shape of the possessed player. The fight continues, though. Bill's back to his red, angry form with the same capabilities as before. Others fight you in their super forms (if they have such things), otherwise they have infinite attacks. The dream ends when someone's beaten, but Bill's stocks aren't affected here. After the FS, Bill's Cipher Wheel loses all its light. In a 1v1, you possess the other guy, and you control him/her for 10 seconds, inflicting pain on him/herself without Bill getting hurt.


KOSFX1: "What!?"

KOSFX2: *screams*

Star KOSFX: "Whoawhoawhoawhoawhoa, HEY!"

Screen KOSFX: *laughs* "Pain is hilarious."


Up: "Name's Bill Cipher."

Sd: "You convinced me. I'm sold!"

Dn: "Tick tock, kid."

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. "Oh, I know lots of things." *slowed down as he flashes random pictures* "Lots of things."

2. *laughs* "It's funny how dumb you are."

3. "Remember: Reality's an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold. Bye!"

Failure/Clap: Shadow form

Standard Attacks



N. Skapokon: "Hi, I'm Skapokon, and this is Retropokon, your gaming time machine. Here we have Bill Cipher, the most powerful and mysterious creature from Gravity Falls. He has to obey those who invoke him with the journal, but seems to enjoy more being a villain from his own...or maybe it's not what it seems. Luckily, I made a moveset for Dipper, so I'm prepared for this. Bill is capable fo warping reality through dreams. He can become giant, possess bodies, and even recreate your worst nightmares in front of you. Being ugly, scolded by a British bulldog, having a hole in the body, he can materialize any type of fear. But I can't be scared...wait a minute...Bill Cipher's the 8th character made...he has 5 special attacks...8-5=3...a triangle has 3 angles...BILL CIPHER HAS THREE ANGLES!" *gasps* "BILL IS A TRIANGLE CONFIRMED!"

Classic Mode



Pawlette Swaps


Victory Theme

Gravity Falls - Made Me Realise


Gravity Falls - Distorted Reality


Top Hat & Bowtie




Bill Cipher Moveset (Gravity Falls) - Lawl of the Dead

Bill Cipher Moveset (Gravity Falls) - Lawl of the Dead

"Lawler monster, snappy dresser. Hi, I'm Bill Cipher."

Bill Cipher's Classic Mode- Lawl of the Dead

Bill Cipher's Classic Mode- Lawl of the Dead

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