World of Smash Bros Lawl Wiki

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Universe Newgrounds
Debut BlockHead
Appears in ???
Friends Bootleg Spongebob
Enemies ???
Lawl Team ???/HTFfan321

Lawl Red Diamond & Blue Pearl (Formerly: Lawl Stravaganza Red & Blue)




Entrance: The Power!

Blockhead crashes a car onstage and gets out, like in the tenth episode

Neutral B: Stupid Idea

Blockhead will think for 2 seconds then doing a random stupid activity! The activities include:

  • Blockhead will take a bite out of a toaster then throws it. If anyone is hit, they will be stunned.
  • Blockhead jumps on a bed causing damaging feathers flying out. If you get under blockhead during the attack you'l get stuck in the ground and take high damage!
  • Blockhead shakes a plant saying "you calling me a liar, huh?"  If an opponent lands in the middle of Blockhead and the tree they will be knocked back and forth and finally straight up!
  • Blockhead picks up a rifle and fires in in upward!

However there is a 1/5 chance of failure where Blockheads conscience appears and pulls a rope, shocking Blockhead and causing him damage!

Inspiration clips:

Blockhead the game has blockhead thinking for a second then interacting with an object! The activities are based on stupid things Blockhead does in the game, exept for the first one, in wich it's based off episode 2!

the backfire is based on episode 5, where Blockheads conscience tries shocking blockhead into getting a tumor!

Side B: Raptor Ride

Blockhead gets on a raptor, and runs forward! The more you'r on, the faster the speed! The attack ends if you fall of a ledge, get attacked, or pressing down b!

Inspiration clips:

This is from a short scene from time squad, where Blockhead is seen riding a raptor.

Up B: Wall Climb

A wall appears out of nowhere and blockhead jumps on grabbing on to the wall. then jumping from that into the air! The wall remains for a few seconds.

Inspiration clips:

This scene comes from episode 8 during the song, where Blockhead jumps up and grabs onto the wall of a house!

Down B: Weevil

The Weevil appears behind blcokhead! Then Weavle will run around, eat any peice of food that appears, and swings at opponents! It can be K.O.ed and you only get 2 per stock!

Inspiration clip:

In episode 10, Blockhead intoduces us to the Weevil, a dirty hobo that will eat anything!

Final Smash: GHOSTMAS!

Blockheads go "looks like someone dosn't know the spirit of ghostmas" and put on his number one guy shirt! This will give him invincibility and attacks for 1 minute!

  • B will cause blockhead to shoot out spraypaint, the more you spray, the slower you get! If you spray for 5 seconds, they will get stuck and will remain unable to move on their own untill the smash is over!
  • side B will have Blockhead throwing a pumkin, shouting "ghostmas pumkin" this will cause seeds to fall on the ground causing a slip trap!
  • up B will have blockhead shoot out his tounge, instantly grabbing the nearest ledge or opponent!
  • Down B will cause Blockhead to start singing, this will stun opponents, and if their in the air they will fall straight down!

K.O. sounds

KO: Woah!

KO2: OW 


screen KO: eeh


side taunt: *holds out book* Can you learn me a story please?

up taunt: TOOT TOOT!

down taunt:WEEEEEEE!

Victories/loss animations!

Victory 1:*Blockhead's conscience shoots himself in the head offscreen causing a hole in blockhead's forehead" Huh! That's weird!

Victory 2:*Blockhead causes total destruction to random objects around him shouting senseless stuff!

Victory 3:*Blockhead hugs a pair of tongs*

Fail: *sits on couch and looks down at weavle*

Snakes Codec

Snake: What the.. who are you?

Conscience: I'm BlockHead's conscience, i'm the only thing standing between him and the Earths total destruction!

Snake: So you're livin' in his head?

Conscience: Yes! I have been living with that little monster for more years than i can remember! He can Take someones eye out with his stupidity!

Snake: He weaponized his own stupidity?!

Conscience: YES! He also somehow found a way to get a camel, a wall, and a Dirty hobo!

Snake: UGH!

Conscience: And, snake, kill him for me!

Snake: ...sure!