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R2312521 R2312521 3 June

Smash Bros. Lawl Shine (My own Lawl)

Smash Bros. Lawl Shine is a lawl made by me. Heres the list of the characters that will appear:

Paper Peach (Paper Mario)

Hans (Spongebob Squarepants)

Modern Mario (Mario)

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JRTMG JRTMG 1 December 2020

New Fighter: Cat Villagers from Animal Crossing


I'm new here, and wanna bring the cat villagers to the world of Smash Bros Lawl

I need your help with that, and I mean all your help

The cat villagers we want in-game are

Raymond, Rosie, Ankha, Bob, Punchy, Tangy, Merry, Mitzi

The Moveset Ideas I can think of are

NEUTRAL - X-Slash: Cat Villagers use two claws to dice up opponents nearby. Remember: the longer you hold the B Button, the more ratio they'll have

FORWARD - Naruto Strike: Cat Villagers zoom through and run over any opponents in their path. Remember: the longer you hold down the B Button and the control stick right or left, the farther Cat Villager will zoom

UP - Laser Catch: Cat Villagers use ray pointers to catch the red dot to the direction it aims, and any opponents caught with t…

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Epichaxboi Epichaxboi 15 August 2020

Super Squish Bros Roster

This is a reference for me. These movesets will be made in this order.

  1. Annoying Athletic Kid (Real Life) (Celebrity)
  2. Delinquint (Arsenal) (Cult)
  3. John Cena (WWE) (Celebrity)
  4. Four (Battle for Dream Island) (Youtubepoop)
  5. Pablo Escobar (Real Life) (Celebrity)
  6. Speedrunner Mario (Terminal Montage) (Youtubepoop)
  7. Auto Rap Battler (Auto Rap Battles) (Cult)
  8. Dan (Dan the Man) (Cult)

More coming soon.

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Epichaxboi Epichaxboi 15 August 2020

Super Squish Bros Moveset 1: The Annoying Athletic Kid

All of my blogs are open to criticism!

This blog is a W.I.P.

This is the Annoying Athletic Kid! That one kid who takes gym class way too seriously!

Category: Celebrity (Let's face it, every school has at least one of these guys.)

A grey minivan stops by the arena. The Annoying Athletic Kid hops out, waving goodbye to his mom. The minivan then drives away.

Jab: Punches the opponent. No knockback is dealt.

Dash: Deals a football-style tackle.

Side Tilt: Karate chop.

Up Tilt: Back flip, dealing damage to opponents above him.

Down Tilt: Somersault, dealing damage to opponents below him.

Side Smash: Throws a football at his opponent. It does minor damage. However, if they attack the football, they "catch" it. This make them vulnerable until they drop it.

Up …

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Luigi The Thunder Master Luigi The Thunder Master 20 November 2019


Pay No Mind To This Blog

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Apaul2790 Apaul2790 19 January 2019

A "lawl" I'm working on :P

I'm petty much a fan of Smash Bros Lawl. I want to make a lawl of my own, and the lawl I'm working on is, Smash Bros Lawl Forever, and here's the first "5" characters that I want to add:

  1. Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde (Zootopia)
  2. Morgana (Persona 5)
  3. Goro Akechi (Persona 5)
  4. Sento Kiryu (Kamen Rider Build)
  5. Armor Hero Dragon Man (Armor Hero: Legend of Light and Shadow)

But I need your help. Because I need some images, and I'm going to use Pivot Animator to create my lawl.

Every other lawls are awesome, and this lawl was inspired by them. Here's the examples that my lawl was inspired by other great lawls:

  1. Beatdown
  2. Nova (This is the reason why I'm using Pivot Animator)
  3. Lawl X
  4. L-Neo
  5. D Kess (Maybe)
  6. What If
  7. The Original

...and every other lawl, all of them except all …

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Glitch56 Glitch56 28 November 2018

7 Grand Dad

Need To Create A Fortran Page Because IDK

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Glitch56 Glitch56 3 November 2018

Yo! Hi

Im Ready To Fight With Anyone! To FIRIN MAH LAZOR!

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Jamie261LaserLegend Jamie261LaserLegend 25 August 2018

Any ideas for Roadkill?

From my recent edits, I am making a Lawl game by the name of Super Smash Bros Lawl: Roadkill.

I need to think of 28 characters. 6 have already been decided, so I need 22 more. Any ideas?

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GameTaco64 GameTaco64 6 May 2018

My Text Lawl Movesets

Go to this website:

Id:1100/ X (Battle For Dream Island) finds out his value!

Ids:1103 & 1104/ Cuphead/Mugman chips the competion!

Id:1106/ Donald Trump makes lawl great again!

Id:1112/ Toon Villager (Element Animation) is holding a sign!

Id:1113/ Doodlebob (Spongebob Squarepants) Draws up the fight!

Id:1114/  Magician (In General) makes the competition disappear! 

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GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo 17 April 2018

Smash Bros Mighty Lawl Soundtrack

  • Pre-Launch Trailer

  • Opening Song
  • Main Menu
  • Subspace Emissary

  • Norman and Danelda vs. Hoppus
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El Mr. Boo El Mr. Boo 27 March 2018

New characters for SSBR

Hi Everyone!, today I decided to vote for new characters for SSBR and let's go!

  1. The 3 characters with the most votes will become playable characters
  2. The characters of the second and third place may be Assist Trophies or have a stage
  3. Vote in the comments

  • Miguel Rivera (Coco)
  • Pinkie Pie
  • Jimin (BTS)
  • Teletubbies
  • Toon DK
  • CDi Mario
  • CDi Link
  • Weegee
  • Sanic
  • Hitler
  • Kiko (El Chavo del Ocho)
  • Pewdiepie
  • Donald Trump
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Kingsley's Customerpalooza Kingsley's Customerpalooza 30 December 2017

Voting for new characters in Ultimate Smash

I will be adding a list of characters you can vote for. Comment a character for voting.

You can vote as many times as you want but only once per pair of characters.

  • Marty or Rita
  • Mitch or Alberto
  • Prudence or Trishna
  • Cooper or Hank
  • Timm or Cecilia or Quinn
  • Janana or Cherisa
  • Peggy or Allan
  • Taylor or Franco
  • Wally or Cletus
  • Matt or Tony
  • Rico or Rhonda
  • Greg or Sasha or Olivia
  • Robby or Captain Cory
  • Xandra or Xolo
  • Rudy or Scarlet
  • Hacky Zak or Ember
  • Emmlete or Mayor Mallow
  • Ripley or Cameo
  • Sarge Fan or Radlyn or LePete
  • Nevada or Skyler
  • Sienna or Ivy
  • Gremmie or Akari
  • Edna or Chester
  • Tohru or Utah
  • Little Edoardo or Gino Romano
  • Bruna Romano or Carlo Romano
  • Scooter or Wylan B
  • Hope or Yui
  • Steven or Elle
  • Kahuna or Deano
  • Iggy or Hugo
  • Shannon or Duke Gotcha
  • Pinch Hitwell or Kenji
  • Vicky or M…

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Rosa Anarchy Rosa Anarchy 26 December 2013

The Wedding of Rosa Anarchy and Thomas Francis

  • Hades (Hated by: Rosa)
  • Brute Amy Rose (Hated by: Thomas)
  • Anyone who is a Ronin (Hated by: Both)
  • The Masked Pope (Rosa a bit scared of him ever since He not himself anymore.)

  • Bride - Me
  • Groom - Thomas Francis
  • Best Man - Squall Leonhart
  • Parent of Rosa - Steven Star(Father) and Stocking(Mother)
  • Parent of Thomas - Joseph de Francis(Father) and ???(Mother)
  • Flower Girls - Rimururu, Panini and Pan
  • Ring Bearer - Amy Rose
  • Maid of Honor - Yumi
  • Bridemaids - Lala Satalin Deviluke, Patricia the Skunk, Yummy, Labrys
  • Minster - Bruce BlazeStar
  • Singers - Jimmy & Flame Princess (Song: )

Just Like the Way My Mother was Married to Steven, Me and Thomas Gonna have 2 New Members. :D I Love A Happy Marriage

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ItsOzzyObbler ItsOzzyObbler 13 August 2013

Message to Jimmy

Uh, you know what Jimmy, I think you should probably change your name to DIMMY! Because that's what your are....Dimmy! Anyways, Mr. Wiki told me that he loved my love song and that it could attract others, so...*cries* just shut up...

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ItsOzzyObbler ItsOzzyObbler 13 August 2013

Apology love song

Hey everybody, it's your favorite Obblerino, the Obbler. I noticed there's a hate group against me and most of them are sexy ladies out there ;_; so I decided to sing a quick love song for all the ladies in the group cause I know you females usually love romantic type......things. This is a love song I made, took me 15 hours to write. *Clears throat*

Hey girl I saw you cross the street yesterdaaaay

I saw you and you were lookin good hey hey heeeey

I just wanna feel your body on my baybaaaaaay


Anyways, if you have a crush on me thanks to the song please please PLEASE email me at


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ItsOzzyObbler ItsOzzyObbler 9 August 2013

Hello fellow Lawlers!

Hey everybody it's me Oswald Obbler (or as my parents call me "og") here, just poppin in to give a quick hello to you human-like creatures, (love my jokes) anyways I'll be posting movesets in this wiki but first I would like to announce that every one is welcome to my basement for a animated movie night (mostly cartoons from japan, because half of our people get red and drip and squee if u know what i mean) (Also, please no sausage fests) anyways a few lucky people who show up gets a surprise from urs truly !

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Spingebill squirepants Spingebill squirepants 12 August 2017

does anyone here know what lawl liquid crystal is?

i know what it is. does anyone else know what it is?

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ChaoticHedgehog3Sawl ChaoticHedgehog3Sawl 24 February 2017

So I'm back on this account. yey

I noticed I'm still a mod and all that. I have no problem with that tbh. Since I don't exactly have good editing skills I may have to practice. While I was gone I made this stuff I have friends in a lot of places now hue. So I could suggest movesets since I can't edit for shit atm, would that be fine with you guys?

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SgtYael SgtYael 3 February 2017


Sup it's me. Chaotic the Hedgehog. I hope you remember me. I made Sawl also.

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HcFortan HcFortan 14 July 2016

Throw Some Leaks At 'Em - New TV Show???

This will most likely get a preview video once i'm done with Bluster moveset. It's something to go alongside the movesets possibly. I feel like this is better than just making a video about it.

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Timing and Crashing for Smash Bros Lawl Engage Trickster

So, in case that glitch does work, I'm making timing and crashing for Smash Bros Lawl Engage Trickster!

Timing: You can only fight a player because you have time like SSB, SBBM, SSBB, and SSB:R. You can be able to change time as well! Self explanitory!

Crashing: Playing as a dark character or the boss character will cause the game to crash.

Yeah, that's all for this announcement! Stay tuned for Update Video 1 of Lawl Engage Trickster coming in 2024! ;)

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Smash Bros Lawl Engage Trickster Update Blog

== Smash Bros Lawl Engage Trickster Update Blog == So, as you can see, I'm announcing this game (Changes my voice into Melee Announcer voice) SUPER SMASH BROS LAWL ENGAGE TRICKSTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!(Changes voice back) The characters on the Engage Trickster roster will be: Solid Snake (I asked Nintendo to use a promotion of Solid Snake for Lawl) Snake's Relic: Pink Badge Slender (Slender: The Arrival) Slender's Relic: Eight Pages Little Lizard (Minecraft) Little Lizard's Relic: Another One Little Kelly (Minecraft) Little Kelly's Relic: Sign Little Carly (Minecraft) Little Carly's Relic: Badge And I will be making more characters! Stay tuned! Goodbye! ;)

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About My Lawl Account

Exiting and leaving Lawl is the worst. But now my new backup account is here! Including my new records! Melee Announcer: A new record! Crowd: (cheers) As you can see, my new Wikia account has arrived! I don't have a Steam and Twitter. I have a DeviantArt account! Check out my first social media here! I also make arts! Don't forget to subscribe to go for a sandwich! This should be a happy place! ;)

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Moltern Kirby Moltern Kirby 28 June 2016

Tomorrow is my birthday


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Steven Star Steven Star 4 November 2014

Fire Emblem: Awakening Roleplay Blog

Planned by MegaToon1234 and Me.

  • Chrom = Steven Star
  • Avatar/Robin = MegaToon1234
  • Lissa = Fluttershy
  • Frederick = Big Macintosh
  • Sully = ???
  • Virion = ???
  • Stahl = Megaman Volnutt
  • Vaike = Danny Vasquez
  • Miriel = Merveille Million
  • Sumia = Nakoruru
  • Kellam = Stepney Harris
  • Donnel = Bandana Dee
  • Lon'qu = Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Ricken = Wirt
  • Maribelle = Cassandra
  • Panne = Lydia Prower
  • Gaius = Nutty
  • Cordelia = Imca
  • Gregor = Kamina
  • Nowi = Cosmo the Seedrian
  • Libra = Rayman
  • Tharja = Raven
  • Anna = Iris
  • Olivia = Plum
  • Cherche = Filia
  • Henry = Sandvich33
  • Say'ri = ???
  • Tiki = ???
  • Basilio = Jack the Hedgehog
  • Flavia = Patricia the Skunk

  • Lucina = Rosaruru
  • Owain = Armin Shy
  • Inigo = Tyler Vasquez
  • Brady = Bryan Alexander
  • Kjelle = ???
  • Cynthia = Yukiruru
  • Severa = Reila
  • Gerome = Fazzio
  • Morgan (female) = Sam Eubank
  • Yarne = Charles L. Mitchell
  • Laurent

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Servbot Rambo Servbot Rambo 28 April 2016

So... ILAR's Angry Joe moveset was featured in a SilvaGunner video.

Sad to know this will be the biggest thing Lawl's known for.

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Moltern Kirby Moltern Kirby 24 April 2016

My Age

I am 11 turning 12 in June so you don't have to give me a 5 year block on Universe Of Smash Bros Lawl Wikia even though these wikias are dead

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Moltern Kirby Moltern Kirby 15 March 2016


My birthday is no where near (June 28th) So Lawl Heat is delayed once again

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Moltern Kirby Moltern Kirby 1 March 2016

Happy Leap Day, Today is February 29nth

idk just wanted to say that

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Lydia Prower Lydia Prower 23 February 2016

Guess who got a year badge?

I did. B)

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Moltern Kirby Moltern Kirby 13 February 2016

I just realized the next badge i may earn the Illuminati Confirmed badge.

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Moltern Kirby Moltern Kirby 18 January 2016

TheSkylanderBoyAndGirl Debate

Should I make Mike and Lexi separate characters or add them as a team?

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Wikiboy10 Wikiboy10 5 January 2016

Is YTPGuy17 not making anymore vids?

I don't know, he hasn't made in like 2 years now. Kind of shocks me actually. Shy Lawler did the same thing. I'm starting to think that YTPguy17 isn't making anymore videos, anymore. Can someone discuss about it?

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Moltern Kirby Moltern Kirby 28 December 2015

Smash Bros Lawl Heat Delayed

Didn't get a computer so unfortunately Smash Bros Lawl Heat is Delayed

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Pookasora Pookasora 23 December 2015

Super Smash Bros Lawl Eternity

Hey guys, i'm making a lawl, it's called (well, it's the title of the frickin' blog entry) here's the roster so far, i'll give hints about the shadowy figures below the first five characters.


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Moltern Kirby Moltern Kirby 7 November 2015



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Moltern Kirby Moltern Kirby 6 November 2015

ALMOST THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Moltern Kirby Moltern Kirby 5 November 2015



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Moltern Kirby Moltern Kirby 1 November 2015



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Moltern Kirby Moltern Kirby 1 November 2015

Smash Bros Lawl Heat

This is my blog.

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Richard100 Richard100 21 October 2015

Possible SSE For Lawl United/Why i dont have the effects yet for my attacks yet/The Videos are coming/the replacement of Lord Business

Hello Its Me Richard 100, anyway I was going to have an SSE type mode for my Lawl Spinoff and I was wondering what you all thought of it, basically It starts in Elwood city and then it goes from there, Having New Moriarty, The Hacker, Miss Power, Light Yagami, The V of doom, Caillou, Victoria Best and a few others as enemies in my story mode as well as others in my line up and I was wondering what you all thought, Another thing is the reason I don't have attack effects for any of my characters is that I really want to do the videos first before that happens and I really don't know when that will be, also Lord Business is leaving the roster, mostly because he seemed like a good idea at the time, and then he didn't, so yeah.

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JMitch25 JMitch25 19 October 2015

To anyone who's left here

I'm doing "X is better than Five Nights at Freddy's" stamp requests. Just say what game you want me to say is better than the accursed Five Nights at Flabbergasted's franchise and I'll get around to doing it and posting it on DeviantArt.

Viva la campaign!

Please bare in mind that I won't be doing requests for FNaF fangames/clones. That's like ERB doing Holmes vs. House. Just...nah, man.

  • Undertale (Gillian Backhouse)
  • Pacman by Berick Cook
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King the Mimiga King the Mimiga 14 September 2015

What 1vs1 do you want to happen?

So what 1vs1 do you want to happen in the original Lawl?

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John Micheal Mitchell John Micheal Mitchell 13 January 2014

To Bring Back Order

I've read that Steven's left us and now it'll cause the wiki to fall out of balance. However, I blame the fact that this asshole caused us to go to Earth 2 and accidentally have Stocking Rose muck up the plot. So, I think we should delete the events involving the potential Anti-Christ should be wiped away and to never dark in our door again. But I don't think we can just do that ASAP. I think we should place our signatures here in order to bring back an old friend.

Note: Saying that you're with the program will count as a signature.

  • John.mitchell.9210256
  • Bubbyaustin
  • EzioAuditore894
  • Cpend7
  • Collaterale1
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KCslicer17 KCslicer17 31 July 2013

Kenneth1chass Rant- Sayaka Miki's Death

Note: this rant will not have Caps lock text this time

Hello again and welcome to my second rant but it will not be on Jerry Sandusky this time... It will be on something that made me VERY Sad...

Sayaka Miki's death on Madoka Magica.

She was my beloved Magical Girl in any Magical Girl Anime. But when I first saw her death... I cried ;(... How can they kill off my beloved magical girl! It is even worser then Edd Gould's death.

I was crying when I was sleeping (No joke) It was so fucking sad ;(!

Bring out the Best cry ever guy people

This is Kenneth1chase see ya next time

Next Rant: Jerry Sandusky (Again)

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John Micheal Mitchell John Micheal Mitchell 26 December 2013

All Your Thoughts On This

You may remember the picture I made last night and posted as part of a commentary on Ib's page. Well, I thought "Why not exceed the question from chat and blog it for everyone to answer?" So, if you have anything good or bad to say about the picture, I won't stop you with extreme prejudice.

Thoughts in General:

  • Likes: 4
  • Dislikes: 4
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KCslicer17 KCslicer17 11 October 2013

Updates as of 10/11/13

Hi and welcome to this times update

But here's the 5 characters that I need to forgive from hating

  • 5 - Charlie Sheen
  • 4 - Gary Oak
  • 3 - Kyoko Sakura
  • 2 - Chris Griffin
  • 1 - Eric Cartman

But here's the 5 character that I NOW HATE

  • 5 - Mami Tomoe (Madoka Magica)

This bitch is such an asswipe to Sayaka and Madoka

  • 4 - Pablo Torre (Real Life)


  • 3 - Duster (Mother 3)

3 words... FUCKING YAOI COUPLE!!!!

  • 2 - Kuybey (Madoka Magica)


  • 1 - Batiatus (Spartacus)


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John Micheal Mitchell John Micheal Mitchell 25 August 2013

A New Reason to Double Team

This may be a bit odd, but what if I were turned into Weegee and Lydia Prower, my current lawl girlfriend, was the next coming of the Tails Doll? Time's up! Here's the answer:

Note: Sorry to Ms. Prower if this would happen to offend you in any specific manner possible. I just felt like making a "what if?".

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John Micheal Mitchell John Micheal Mitchell 16 August 2013

A New Meme

Behold! The new "She did WHAT!?" meme I have forged! Credit for the art goes to mordecairigbylover on DeviantART.

How it works:

1. Find a certain lawler Twilight might have a love interest in (ex: Mordecai, Dr. Whooves, etc.).

2. Find a related pic of him w/ some other dame.

3. Post it in the thought cloud w/ acknowledgements to the artist.

Have fun!

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