• Luigi The Thunder Master


    November 20, 2019 by Luigi The Thunder Master

    Pay No Mind To This Blog

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  • Apaul2790

    I'm petty much a fan of Smash Bros Lawl. I want to make a lawl of my own, and the lawl I'm working on is, Smash Bros Lawl Forever, and here's the first "5" characters that I want to add:

    1. Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde (Zootopia)
    2. Morgana (Persona 5)
    3. Goro Akechi (Persona 5)
    4. Sento Kiryu (Kamen Rider Build)
    5. Armor Hero Dragon Man (Armor Hero: Legend of Light and Shadow)

    But I need your help. Because I need some images, and I'm going to use Pivot Animator to create my lawl.

    Every other lawls are awesome, and this lawl was inspired by them. Here's the examples that my lawl was inspired by other great lawls:

    1. Beatdown
    2. Nova (This is the reason why I'm using Pivot Animator)
    3. Lawl X
    4. L-Neo
    5. D Kess (Maybe)
    6. What If
    7. The Original

    ...and every other lawl, all of them except all …

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  • Glitch56

    7 Grand Dad

    November 28, 2018 by Glitch56

    Need To Create A Fortran Page Because IDK

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  • Glitch56

    Yo! Hi

    November 3, 2018 by Glitch56

    Im Ready To Fight With Anyone! To FIRIN MAH LAZOR!

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  • Jamie261LaserLegend

    From my recent edits, I am making a Lawl game by the name of Super Smash Bros Lawl: Roadkill.

    I need to think of 28 characters. 6 have already been decided, so I need 22 more. Any ideas?

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  • GameTaco64

    Go to this website:

    Id:1100/ X (Battle For Dream Island) finds out his value!

    Ids:1103 & 1104/ Cuphead/Mugman chips the competion!

    Id:1106/ Donald Trump makes lawl great again!

    Id:1112/ Toon Villager (Element Animation) is holding a sign!

    Id:1113/ Doodlebob (Spongebob Squarepants) Draws up the fight!

    Id:1114/  Magician (In General) makes the competition disappear! 

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  • GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo

    • Pre-Launch Trailer

    • Opening Song
    • Main Menu
    • Subspace Emissary

    • Norman and Danelda vs. Hoppus
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  • El Mr. Boo

    Hi Everyone!, today I decided to vote for new characters for SSBR and let's go!

    1. The 3 characters with the most votes will become playable characters
    2. The characters of the second and third place may be Assist Trophies or have a stage
    3. Vote in the comments

    • Miguel Rivera (Coco)
    • Pinkie Pie
    • Jimin (BTS)
    • Teletubbies
    • Toon DK
    • CDi Mario
    • CDi Link
    • Weegee
    • Sanic
    • Hitler
    • Kiko (El Chavo del Ocho)
    • Pewdiepie
    • Donald Trump
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  • Kingsley's Customerpalooza

    I will be adding a list of characters you can vote for. Comment a character for voting.

    You can vote as many times as you want but only once per pair of characters.

    • Marty or Rita
    • Mitch or Alberto
    • Prudence or Trishna
    • Cooper or Hank
    • Timm or Cecilia or Quinn
    • Janana or Cherisa
    • Peggy or Allan
    • Taylor or Franco
    • Wally or Cletus
    • Matt or Tony
    • Rico or Rhonda
    • Greg or Sasha or Olivia
    • Robby or Captain Cory
    • Xandra or Xolo
    • Rudy or Scarlet
    • Hacky Zak or Ember
    • Emmlete or Mayor Mallow
    • Ripley or Cameo
    • Sarge Fan or Radlyn or LePete
    • Nevada or Skyler
    • Sienna or Ivy
    • Gremmie or Akari
    • Edna or Chester
    • Tohru or Utah
    • Little Edoardo or Gino Romano
    • Bruna Romano or Carlo Romano
    • Scooter or Wylan B
    • Hope or Yui
    • Steven or Elle
    • Kahuna or Deano
    • Iggy or Hugo
    • Shannon or Duke Gotcha
    • Pinch Hitwell or Kenji
    • Vicky or M…

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  • Spingebill squirepants

    i know what it is. does anyone else know what it is?

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  • ChaoticHedgehog3Sawl

    I noticed I'm still a mod and all that. I have no problem with that tbh. Since I don't exactly have good editing skills I may have to practice. While I was gone I made this stuff I have friends in a lot of places now hue. So I could suggest movesets since I can't edit for shit atm, would that be fine with you guys?

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  • SgtYael


    February 3, 2017 by SgtYael

    Sup it's me. Chaotic the Hedgehog. I hope you remember me. I made Sawl also.

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  • HcFortan

    This will most likely get a preview video once i'm done with Bluster moveset. It's something to go alongside the movesets possibly. I feel like this is better than just making a video about it.

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  • LittleCarlyYes AlvinHungNo

    So, in case that glitch does work, I'm making timing and crashing for Smash Bros Lawl Engage Trickster!

    Timing: You can only fight a player because you have time like SSB, SBBM, SSBB, and SSB:R. You can be able to change time as well! Self explanitory!

    Crashing: Playing as a dark character or the boss character will cause the game to crash.

    Yeah, that's all for this announcement! Stay tuned for Update Video 1 of Lawl Engage Trickster coming in 2024! ;)

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  • LittleCarlyYes AlvinHungNo

    == Smash Bros Lawl Engage Trickster Update Blog == So, as you can see, I'm announcing this game (Changes my voice into Melee Announcer voice) SUPER SMASH BROS LAWL ENGAGE TRICKSTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!(Changes voice back) The characters on the Engage Trickster roster will be: Solid Snake (I asked Nintendo to use a promotion of Solid Snake for Lawl) Snake's Relic: Pink Badge Slender (Slender: The Arrival) Slender's Relic: Eight Pages Little Lizard (Minecraft) Little Lizard's Relic: Another One Little Kelly (Minecraft) Little Kelly's Relic: Sign Little Carly (Minecraft) Little Carly's Relic: Badge And I will be making more characters! Stay tuned! Goodbye! ;)

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  • LittleCarlyYes AlvinHungNo

    Exiting and leaving Lawl is the worst. But now my new backup account is here! Including my new records! Melee Announcer: A new record! Crowd: (cheers) As you can see, my new Wikia account has arrived! I don't have a Steam and Twitter. I have a DeviantArt account! Check out my first social media here! I also make arts! Don't forget to subscribe to go for a sandwich! This should be a happy place! ;)

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  • Moltern Kirby


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  • Servbot Rambo

    Sad to know this will be the biggest thing Lawl's known for.

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  • Moltern Kirby

    My Age

    April 24, 2016 by Moltern Kirby

    I am 11 turning 12 in June so you don't have to give me a 5 year block on Universe Of Smash Bros Lawl Wikia even though these wikias are dead

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  • Moltern Kirby


    March 15, 2016 by Moltern Kirby

    My birthday is no where near (June 28th) So Lawl Heat is delayed once again

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  • Moltern Kirby

    idk just wanted to say that

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  • Lydia Prower

    I did. B)

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  • Moltern Kirby

    February 13, 2016 by Moltern Kirby

    I just realized the next badge i may earn the Illuminati Confirmed badge.

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  • Moltern Kirby

    Should I make Mike and Lexi separate characters or add them as a team?

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  • Wikiboy10

    I don't know, he hasn't made in like 2 years now. Kind of shocks me actually. Shy Lawler did the same thing. I'm starting to think that YTPguy17 isn't making anymore videos, anymore. Can someone discuss about it?

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  • Moltern Kirby

    Didn't get a computer so unfortunately Smash Bros Lawl Heat is Delayed

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  • Pookasora

    Hey guys, i'm making a lawl, it's called (well, it's the title of the frickin' blog entry) here's the roster so far, i'll give hints about the shadowy figures below the first five characters.


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  • Moltern Kirby


    November 7, 2015 by Moltern Kirby


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  • Moltern Kirby


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  • Moltern Kirby


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  • Moltern Kirby


    November 1, 2015 by Moltern Kirby


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  • Moltern Kirby

    Smash Bros Lawl Heat

    November 1, 2015 by Moltern Kirby

    This is my blog.

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  • Richard100

    Hello Its Me Richard 100, anyway I was going to have an SSE type mode for my Lawl Spinoff and I was wondering what you all thought of it, basically It starts in Elwood city and then it goes from there, Having New Moriarty, The Hacker, Miss Power, Light Yagami, The V of doom, Caillou, Victoria Best and a few others as enemies in my story mode as well as others in my line up and I was wondering what you all thought, Another thing is the reason I don't have attack effects for any of my characters is that I really want to do the videos first before that happens and I really don't know when that will be, also Lord Business is leaving the roster, mostly because he seemed like a good idea at the time, and then he didn't, so yeah.

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  • JMitch25

    To anyone who's left here

    October 19, 2015 by JMitch25

    I'm doing "X is better than Five Nights at Freddy's" stamp requests. Just say what game you want me to say is better than the accursed Five Nights at Flabbergasted's franchise and I'll get around to doing it and posting it on DeviantArt.

    Viva la campaign!

    Please bare in mind that I won't be doing requests for FNaF fangames/clones. That's like ERB doing Holmes vs. House. Just...nah, man.

    • Undertale (Gillian Backhouse)
    • Pacman by Berick Cook
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  • King the Mimiga

    So what 1vs1 do you want to happen in the original Lawl?

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  • King the Mimiga

    I made one edit of a page but I need help. can someone else edit these wiki? I think it's abandoned.

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  • Exotix7

    Here, I made Captain Underpants' Moveset:

    (I know it's GoAnimate, but sadly, that's all I've got.)

    Anyway, this is a blog post open to votes for if you want Maxwell, Horrid Henry or Papa Louie next.

    Maxwell: 1

    Horrid Henry: 1

    Papa Louie: 2

    You can suggest characters to if you like this video.

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  • Kaik Yuuki

    Lawler Posting Blogs

    July 19, 2015 by Kaik Yuuki

    School's Out! Cut School! Dinner is Ruined! Keep beating Melissa!

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  • Lydia Prower

    Before I forget

    July 9, 2015 by Lydia Prower

    Tomorrow I'll be in Scarborough and won't be back until Monday. There's a chance I'll still be here if the hotel's Wi-Fi works for my laptop. (I know it'll work on my New 3DS.)

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  • Blipeddeeblah


    June 10, 2015 by Blipeddeeblah

    I'm thinking of joining this Wiki. Can I make a page for the Cat Sith from Final Fantasy VII?

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  • Lydia Prower

    My house is going to be fitted for a new boiler, so I'll be out for a while. I'll still be able to access the internet via my New 3DS (which is better than the internet from my old 3DSes.) but I'll be on Wikia only because the password for DeviantArt won't work for the New 3DS.

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  • Servbot Rambo

    Hey guys, Servbot here. You know, the guy who's making you wait 3 years for a Lawl spinoff? Well I've got an update that isn't suprising?

    Everyone in the world: "Revengeance is dead again?"

    Well, yes and no.

    I tried creating the video for Plumber Mario in Vegas, but it's really hard to use when you don't know what you're doing. So I had to give up and try something else.

    But then this video came around:

    Then I realized; I can create my characters still, but in the fangame! And on the plus side, people can actually PLAY WITH THEM!

    So now, Smash Bros Lawl Revengeance will be a part of the Smash Bros Lawl fangame (nonoffically). Since it'll be a long time since the game is actually released, I want to get started early on my first character, Plumbe…

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  • Coolautiz

    New to the Wiki...

    May 18, 2015 by Coolautiz

    Hey, what's up?

    So how does everything go on this wiki? Can you just add new characters and come up with a skill set or no?

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  • LenMaster88

    Good god...

    May 14, 2015 by LenMaster88

    Haven't been here in a while..

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  • Servbot Rambo

    So, you know the Lawl fan game that DemicStudios is working on? Well, after Codec Snake's moveset was released, I asked DemicStudios if he could show Codec Snake next. He said he thought about it, but he was currently working on a grand new mode that was based on the Lawl slogan. 3 seconds later, I asked if it was an easy, MUGEN-like character creation system for people with little experience in coding.


    What characters are you gonna make first when the full version comes out? I'm gonna make Ricky Caldwell, but good this time lol.

    (BTW, he also confirmed a mode to add your own custom music. half of the OST is gonna be YTPMVs for me.)

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  • 360LAWLscope


    March 23, 2015 by 360LAWLscope

    I have a new wiki!

    Edit as much as you want, because I'm a n00b. Just find Omega in My Favorite wikis, and click on it!

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  • Joshuakrasinski


    March 22, 2015 by Joshuakrasinski

    hey guys after all the times i have been on here i think it's time i left this wikia so yeah see ya if we ever meet again

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  • WWEfan45

    This Wiki is Dead

    March 16, 2015 by WWEfan45
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  • WWEfan45

    Am upset

    March 12, 2015 by WWEfan45

    Sapphire Airship is saying that am DarkTruthUnkown which am not, i never hack people account, Hell, i don't know how to hack, and now Airship is saying, am DarkTruthUnkown, and am Sad and Upset, for Real Life, why would he say that to me :'-(

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  • LenMaster88

    Exactly what's on the tin. Lawl 64 is getting renewed to Super Smash Everything, which means I will have a combined roster of everyone from all Smash Bros. games and what Lawl 64 had.

    There will be some new additions, though.

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