Bolbi Stroganovsky
"Slap slap slap clap clap clap"
Universe Nickelodeon
Debut Jimmy Neutron
Appears in Smash Bros Lawl Equinox
Super WageGannon6 Bros Brawl
Friends Bolbi Bass
Jimmy Neutron
Enemies Bow
Lawl Team Team Equinox
Team WageGannon6

Victory Pose

Bolbi Stroganosky uses his clap and says "Slap slap slap clap clap clap!"


Fatality One: Bolbi puts his secret teeth right to his mouth. His teeth was now sliver metal. After his teeth grows up big, his teeth has now become a weapon. His teeth is made of head grilled sliver razor sharp cutting metal teeth. His opponent tries to get away. Bolbi chases his opponent. The opponent tries to go fast. But, Bolbi chases faster with his weapon teeth. The opponent was not surviving, and Bolbi cuts his opponent's whole body hard. The opponent was splatted against Bolbi Stroganovsky's teeth.

Fatality Two: Bolbi forces his opponent to dress like a giant tinkle. Now his opponent really is a giant tinkle. But, Bolbi Stroganovsky thinks it's delicious. He eats his opponent inside of a tinkle. The opponent can't feel his/her legs, and he/she is not surviving. Bolbi Stroganovsky swallowed his whole tinkle opponent whole, and it give the opponent the big hurt. Now the opponent is really today's snack food.
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