Bow SSBL Profile
Universe Inanimate Insanity
Debut Inanimate Insanity
Appears in Inanimate Smackdown
Friends Patrick Star
Ib(their movesets are similar)
Pinkie Pie
Enemies The Darkness
Lawl Team Team Inanimate Smackdown

Charracter Description

Bow is unbelievably stupid and moronic, as she mostly has no clue about anything and is very enthusiastic and irrelevant at most times. However, Bow has shown to be very persistent about being on the show, as she doesn't leave in Double Digit Desert. Bow appears to have the power to call upon chairs at random times, and uses them with shockingly experienced levels. However, chairs can also be seen as her weakness, as shown in The Great Escape, causing her to lose the MePhone Says challenge.


After being concealed in a tiny box for many months, Bow becomes mentally insane, and become brutal and monster-like. The only cure for this insanity is giving her a chair. Even after being cured, being in the small box for a few moments can return her to her demented state. Bow also appears in regulardude45's Inanimate Smackdown.


Neutral B: CHAIRS!

Side B: Desire

Up B: Chaireal Attack

Down B: Chair Block

Final Smash: Demented Pink Headgears

Final Smash (alt): Bow-ession

Bow passes out and becomes a ghost. She will choose a random oppenent to possess. It works like Stinkmeaner's final smash.


Taunt Down: *Weird face*

Taunt Side: *Angry face*

Taunt Up: Bonga!


Option 1: OMG! I win!

Option 2: Oh... hes dead, lets poke him!

Option 3: A dessert? Sure! I'll take a chocolate cake, with whipped cream!


Inanimate Smackdown Character Moveset - Bow-0

Inanimate Smackdown Character Moveset - Bow-0

Bow's Moveset


  • She was originally going to be on Team Superior, until LydiaPrower8 discovered regulardude45's videos.
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