Browncoat is a Fighter in Lawl Orbit.

I'm Gonna Eat Your Brains!


A Zombie On Your Lawn

The Zombie Raises From a Grave

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Dance For The Music

A Boombox Will Be Placed Giving One of 3 Songs, Each With Their Own Effect

Option 1 - Rock On, Zombie!

Rock Music Makes Browncoat Feel Alive! He Does More Damage In This State.

Option 2 - Let's Get Funky!

Hip Hop Music Makes Browncoat Want To Move Around and Stretch Those Limbs! You Move Faster In This State.

Option 3 -  Bling and Brainz!

Rap Music Makes Browncoat Want To Dance! The Zombie Has a Hitbox On His Body While Standing Still.

Inspiration: Neon Mixtape Tour

Side B - Tombstone

This Has Two Functions:

Option 1 - Hidden Zombie

Browncoat Hides Behind it and Is Immune To 25% Of Damage and Super Armor At The Cost of Being Unable To Move Behind it

Option 2 - Help From The Grave

One of 5 Things Spawn

A Bucket: Gives 5% More Shield

An Imp: Gives Browncoat a Tether Grab

Ladder: Gives 10% Less Damage To Any Attack That Hits The Ladder (Immune To Effects As Well)

Doom Shroom Gun: Deals an Amazing 50% Upon Hitting, However Has A Lot of Start up Lag

Turquoise Skull: Fires a Laser That Stuns Opponents And Deals 5%


Bucket: Bucket Head Zombie

Imp: Gargantuar and Imp

Ladder: Ladder Zombie

Doom Shroom Gun: The Art of Plants vs Zombies

Turquoise Skull: Turquoise Skull Zombie

Up B - Zombie Freedom

Has 3 Varients

Option 1 - Rope

Browncoat Uses A Rope and Climbs up

Option 2 - Final Mission

Browncoat Rides a Rocket up Exploding if It Hits Anyone, Can Be Cancelled By Pressing B

Option 3 - Teleportation Station

Browncoat Teleports up, Giving Him a 3% Speed Boost For The Whole Match

Down B - Time Rift

Browncoat Uses A Time Rift, Summoning Another Browncoat

Types of Browncoats

Normal: A Stupider Version of Browncoat

Wild West: Likes Using Grabs (Has The Imp Tether Grab)

Far Future: A Smarter Version of The Summonable Browncoat


Normal: PVZ 1

Wild West: PVZ 2

Far Future" PVZ 2

Final Smash - Power of Zombot 1000

The Zombot 1000 Comes Down And Sends Multiple Fireballs, Followed By a Gargantuar And Finally The Zombot Plank Walker Rushes The Stage 3 Times Dealing Massive Damage

Inspiration: PVZ Heroes


KOSFX: "Nooooo...."

Star KO: "Raaaah"

Screen KO: "Urr..."


Up: The Zombie Flips A Lurch For Lunch Card

Side: The Zombie Wears Sunglasses and Puts Them Back

Down: The Zombie Gains A Moustache and Puts it Away

Victory Options

Failure Pose

Zombie Trophy

The Zombie's Trophy

Standard Attacks

Basic Punches, Kicks and The Like

Codec Call

Browncoat Actually Has His Own Codec With Dr, Zomboss

Classic Mode

Rival 1: Kirby

Rival 2: Yoshi

Boss: Galleom

Extra Stuff


Alternate Zombies

Victory Theme

Game Over




Z-1 Assault Blaster: Deals 1% But Fires Very Fast (No Flinching Damage)



Playztyle Originz

The Originz of Browncoat Come From The Hidden Unpredictibility Of Plantz vs Zombiez. Az Zuch He Zeems Zimple At Firzt, However Zhowz Hiz True Colorz When He Decidez To Zhow Zaid Powerz.


  • This is the 12th Lawl Orbit Character
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