Bulborb face

Bulborb is a Lawl Orbit Fighter


Tasty Pik-Pik Carrots!

The Bulborb Runs On Stage To Eat a Pik-Pik Carrot


Neutral B - Chomp 'N Romp

The Bulborb Chomps, Dealing Medium Damage

Side B - Blowhog Buddies

A Blowhog Will Appear, If Red it Deals Fire Damage, If Blue It Acts Like F.L.U.D.D.

Up B - Supporting Snitchbug

A Snitchbug Carries The Bulborb up, Swiping at Those Above While The Bulborb Kicks and Bites Those Below

Down B - Bulbmin

3 Bulbmin Will Follow The Bulborb, Working as a Back Shield That Counters Foes, They Aren't Great But They Still Help

Final Smash - Long Nights

Multiple Bulborbs Enter The Stage, Running After Opponents, Biting All That Get Close, Lasts 15 Seconds


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