Cactus Jack
Cactus Jack
"Bang! Bang!"
Universe Wrestling
Debut World Wrestling Federation
Appears in Smash Bros. Lawl Attitude
Friends Dude Love
Enemies Triple H
Lawl Team Team Attitude


The world's most dangerous wrestler

Before entering the fight, Cactus Jack does his signature "gun fingers" and brings a trash can with him. Cactus Jack then discards the trash can and gets ready for battle.

Special Attack

Neutral B - Aluminum Can of Pain

Cactus Jack pulls an aluminum trash can and slams the opponents head with it. The move deals high damage and knock back but, has a relatively slow start up. In the air, the move is similar to its grounded counterpart. The can deals a whopping 24% damage.

Side B - Fire Extinguisher

This move works similar to Mario's Down B. Simply, Cactus Jack pulls out a fire extinguisher and the water pushes back the opponent. The move deals no damage.

Up B - Barb Wire

Cactus Jack pulls out a line of barb wire and whips it up in the air. The move can be used to grab on ledges and if held down long enough, the player can use the analog stick to move around Jack's arm which, moves the barb wire.

Down B - Exposed Floor

This highly unorthodox move allows Cactus Jack to remove pieces of the stage. The exposed bits are treated as hazards and any character besides Cactus Jack will be damaged will be damaged with 2%.

Final Smash - Whole Lotta Grove

In this intense final smash, Cactus Jack pulls out a table that he promptly sets on fire. Cactus Jack then grabs one opponent and Double Arm DDTs them in the inferno. The table then explodes into fiery debris, can be used as throw-able items and deal 15%. The final smash deals 84%.


KOSFX 1:"Aaah!"

KOSFX 2: "Crap!"

Star KOSFX:"God Dammit!" *echoes*

Screen KOSFX: The sound of crushed aluminum plays if Jack hits the screen


Up: Bang, Bang!

Side: Jack quickly examines his bat wrapped in barb wire.

Down: Jack pulls on some barb wire.

Victory Options+Failure Clap

1. Cactus Jack recites his signature taunt.

2. Cactus Jack quickly glances around the screen before looking at the player

3. "I should have stayed in New Mexico."

Failure/Clap:Claps slowly & wipes blood off of his forehead.

Standard Attack

Jab-A simple 3 punch combo.

Dash attack-Jack rushes at his opponent with an aluminum can.

Smash Attacks

  • Sd-Barb wire bat swing
  • Up-Barb wire uppercut
  • Dn-Barb wire bat sweep

Tilt Attacks

  • Sd-Big boot
  • Up-Hammer fist
  • Dn-Low kick

Aerial Attacks

  • N-air-Senton Bomb
  • F-air-Dropkick
  • B-air-Backwards back swing
  • U-air-Barb wire fist
  • D-air-Elbow drop


  • Grab-Standard grab
  • Pummel-Jab
  • Forward-Two arm Bulldog
  • Back-Russian Leg sweep
  • Up-Backdrop
  • Down-Bionic elbow


  • Ledge attack-slap
  • 100% Ledge attack-Bat swing
  • Ground Attack-Barb wire take down
  • Trip attack-sweep

Snake Codec

Snake:Colonel...who the hell is person?

Colonel:That's Cactus Jack Snake. He's extremely dangerous

Snake:How? He looks like a walking dumpster to me.

Colonel:Jack will use everything he sees to destroy you. Even if it means hurting himself to do it.

Snake:I heard he gouged out a man's eye Colonel. Is that true?

Colonel: We don't discuss about that incident snake.


Charecter Description

From taking chair shots and running into barb wire, Cactus Jack is an extreme wrestler who is willing to put himself in danger to win. Debuting on September 5th 1991 in WCW, Cactus Jack transitioned from being a cold, quiet wrestler to an intense, maniacal fan favorite in WCW. Despite losing his ear, Cactus Jack cemented himself as a fan favorite among WCW & WWF fans.

Colors and Costumes

  • 1.Default
  • 2.Slightly Blue
  • 3.Slightly Green
  • 4.Light Blue and Yellow (Reference to Dude Love)
  • 5.Brown and White(Reference to Mankind)
  • 6.Red vest


  • In his career, Mick Foley(The man who plays Cactus Jack) experienced a numerous amount of injuries. A few of these injures are a torn ACL, six concussions, second degree burns, separated shoulder & numerous amounts of stitches.
  • Also, Mick Foley managed to survive these horrendous injuries.
  • Mick Foley is also known to have a missing ear.
  • An infamous moment in Foley's career is when He got hit with a chair 11 times in the head by the Rock. This moment in time basically set up concussion safety in the WWE (WWF at the time).

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