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Carlos Trejo
"Carlos Trego ya llego"
"Carlos Trego ya llego"
Universe Real Life
Debut Cazafantasmas
Appears in Smash Bros. Lawl
Friends Danny Trejo
Toon Pyron
Cyrus Temple
Makoto Itou
Enemies Everyone (mostly Jaime Maussan, Haruhi Suzumiya, Zinyak, anyone else he has special victory options for, and Daniel Clayton since he was expecting Toon Pyron or Mary)
Lawl Team Team Antilope



Carlos rides his motorcycle to the battlefield looking quite cocky.

Special Attacks

Standard B- Psicofonía

Carlos Trejo records everything covering a small radius. Pressing B will play his recording. Any enemy in the radius will be shocked to know that a voice was recorded there. This move can also affect Mikuru or the child ghost from Aya's pendant. Unmasker can't affect the trap. However, Electric Nightmare can neutralize, but not control it.

Side B- El Amor de mi Vida

An attack that behaves like Wario Bike, except that Trejo can't fall off his bike. While cockily steering, he is vulnerable to attacks. The motorcycle harmlessly explodes after 4 seconds or by pressing B. Trejo can't use the bike again until another 4 seconds have passed. If he falls from a ledge while riding, the move can be canceled with the B button while he nosedives. Falling from a ledge while steering, though, makes him helpless.

Up B- Bolitas Volando

Trejo floats with two glowing balls or marbles that spin around him. After 3 seconds or pressing R, Trejo releases the balls, and the balls fly in opposite directions horizontally, damaging anyone in their paths. Pressing A releases the left ball; pressing B releases the right. His air speed slows with one ball, however.

Down B- Campo Electromagnetico

This attack covers a radius through an invisible circle. Trejo tosses a device on the ground, and anyone who dashes or is airborne in the radius triggers the device, causing shocks. Walking through the radius is fine, though. The device disappears after 15 seconds, if another device is placed, if it's destroyed, or if Nicolas Cage or Toon Wily removes it. Trejo can also place the device while on his motorcycle, though he will get shocked by his own trap if he does so (he can't trigger the shocks).

Final Smash- Presumido

Trejo brags to the player that he's somewhere in the sky--and he's true. A gold statue of Trejo dangles by a rope while angelic music plays in the background. The statue then plummets onto the character he hates the most, especially other paranormal investigators.

See Carlos Trejo Hate List







Up: raises his arm

Sd: "Suprising, huh?"

Dn: *laughs*

Victory Options+Failure/Clap (translated to spanish)

1. ""Yo Estuve aquí ...""

2. "Carlos Trejo... goes beyond... the limits of reality."

3. *sleeps on his motocycle*

4. (vs. the UFOlogists) "This whore... is a real FRAUD... don't get mad!"

5. (vs. the charlatan) "Once again this charlatan tries... to impress... the mexican population."

6. (vs. the female mobiusians) "I now know the female mobiusians are weaker then the male."

7. (vs. the male mobiusian) "Look, I know you like the internet, but it will give you a virus. You need a break in 1 hour."

8. (vs. the kid) "Ha, Ha, KID, I Win!!!!!"

9. (vs. the Slender) "I have now confronted you, Slenderman. You can no longer hide from me."

10. (vs. the sponge) "You really think...people will believe a sponge...don't get mad!"

11. (vs. the hero with a robotic bug) "You and your fail to analyze the truth...of who controls the zodiarts. Don't get mad!"

12. (vs. the seedrian) TBA

13. (vs. the star nomad) TBA

14. (vs. the British reviewer) "This stupid British man...thinks it's funny to lie about the's not!"

15. (vs. the Zin Empire) "Now if you ever blow up my planet again, I will hunt you down!"

16. (vs. the somewhat insane woman) "Your illusions of the fourth wall being broken are all a real fraud. Don't get mad!"

17. (vs. the cute partial psychopath) "If you're going to document things, it shouldn't be of your killings. That's ridiculous!"

18. (vs.Crazy Killer Girl  ) TBA

Failure/Clap: Leaves on his motorcycle

Standard Attacks


Snake Codec

Snake: "...This guy... I just don't like him..."

Colonel: "You're fighting Trejo, eh Snake? He's the greatest ghost hunter in the world. Well so he says anyway... He's the leader of a rag tag team of ghost hunter bikers. They're the long time rivals of Maussan."

Snake: "Seems to me they'd get in in each other's way fighting to see who gets to the alien first."

Character Description


Classic Mode


Role in SSE

Trejo is revealed to be a major member of the Subspace Army.

In Camp of Stars, after Jaime Maussan and Haruhi defeated Toon Pyron, Trejo drove in and stole the trophified Pyron. He then proceeded to call Jaime a fraud and Haruhi a whore, all while sending his Cazafantasmas bikers out to deal with them. He escaped, leaving behind a bike trail. When returning to camp, he informed Toon Wily on the discovery of the Ufologists. Wily tells him to focus on defeating the two. It is then revealed that the Cazafantasmas camp is on the site of the burned-down Drevis Mansion, where the screams of a little girl can be heard.




  • Carlos has the shortest Snake Codec so far.
  • Carlos doesn't have his own stage since he shares one with "that charlatan."
  • Carlos has the most victory options despite being a really crap character.



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