Castle Cat
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Universe Mausland Entertainment
Debut Castle Cat
Appears in Smash Bros. Lawl Galaxy
Lawl w/ Garterbelt 3/4
Friends Felix the Cat
Jeffrey Lebowski
The Cat in the Hat
Duke Nukem
Toon Mario
Princess Pussy
Catbug (bro)
Honey Bunny (another creation of Mausland Entertainment)
Guitar Maniac
Crazy Frog
Lady Bow (possible GF)
Hello Kitty
Timmy Brisby
Zubat the Magnificent
Enemies King Koopa
Siegfried & Roy
Mega Dragon
Chill-Kill Douchebag
Bruce BlazeStar II
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team Galaxy
Team Garterbelt


Exit the Shop

Castle Cat walks out the entrance to a shop and onto the battlefield.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Medieval Arms

A window appears over Castle Cat's head upon holding B. You can choose either ammunition with the shoulder buttons. If you press L, Castle Cat uses the cannon. The cannonballs deal the damage you expect them to do. If you double tap B, you can insert a random item that CC's carrying and shoot it out of the cannon. The further the object shot flies, the higher the impact. If you press R, CC throws maces out of his head. The maces can meteor smash airborne opponent. If they hit the ground, they can either plow into opponents depending on how high they're dropped. There's a 1/3 chance they can become battering items. The strength of them falls between the Home Run Bat and the Beam Sword, and they can wear you down.

Side B - Honey Bunny

The main character from the same people that did the Castle Cat games appears in front to fight alongside him. Pressing B while Honey Bunny's out makes her shoot energy waves. They can not only hit opponents as expected, but they can also transfer items over to CC. Moving the analog stick to either side and pressing B makes her throw a jar of honey. If it hits an opponent, it causes the opponent to move at half the speed and can cause random tripping. Moving the analog stick up and pressing B makes her place a palmtree in the place she stands in. The palmtree works like a taller version of Wobbuffet, but with some coconuts that can crack open and deploy coconut milk able to become slip traps. You can grab a coconut and hold down A to drink from it. Moving the analog stick down and pressing B makes her place her hot air balloon/beehive. Anyone nearby gets swamped by some bees. You can shake them off with standard attacks and/or moving back and forth fast. Opponents can knock the bunny away, making her leave behind a jar of honey with the same properties as when it's a projectile.

Up B - Fly Like an Eagle

Castle Cat is carried by an eagle. For 15 seconds, you can move the eagle around with the analog stick. Pressing B makes the eagle shoot lasers. You can shoot the lasers in any direction you have the analog stick pointed in while you move the eagle around. Anyone can also ride on the eagle, but will cause it to go down slowly. Pressing B while an opponent is aboard the eagle makes a mace jolt out of CC's head. Pressing A cancels the recovery, of course. If you're above ground, you'll be falling down. With enough height to fall from and an exact position in the x-axis, you can plow an opponent into the ground. The eagle stays around if you cancel the recovery and acts as a platform. However, if you stand on it, you will slowly descend on the eagle.

Down B - Leopard Pelt

Castle Cat appears in a leopard pelt. This raises his speed, agility, and attack by 20% (as in 20% of his normal attack and speed increase and not as in you can do an extra 20% damage) for 15 seconds. This unfortunately decreases your defense by 10% during the phase, making you more vulnerable to attacks, damage-wise. You can change out of the leopard pelt by moving down and pressing B. If you KO CC while he's in the pelt, he reappears with the pelt still on.

Final Smash - Laser Cannon

Castle Cat upgrades to a laser cannon like in Castle Cat 4. You can then fire shots from it with B. The laser cannon does 3x the regular damage of a normal laser. You can also steer the cannon vertically with the analog stick. Upon pressing A, you can switch to a 3-way laser. Each laser does 1/3 as much damage as the first version. If you hold B while you have out this cannon, you can choose how far apart you spread the 3 cannons. When they're shot together, they do the same amount of damage as the version 1 laser. If you do this final smash while you wear the leopard pelt, you can go into a sniping mode instead of just walking around with a giant gun growing out of his head. Either version lasts for 20 seconds. The other version ends early if you shoot 20 rounds in one sitting.


KOSFX1: "That's just plain old silly!"

KOSFX2: "Watch that first step!"

Star KOSFX: ...

Screen KOSFX: *SMB NES hit sfx*


Up: looks to the screen with a shark-like grin

Sd: drinks from a mug of beer

Dn: Caption: I can has your head?

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. Nyan Castle Cat

2. stands with a grin in between two women in swimsuits from Castle Cat 2: Miami Mission

3. Caption: Deal with it

Failure/Clap: Pissed off

Standard Attacks


Snake Codec

Snake: "Colonel, there's a gray cat in shades and with the head of a medieval castle."

Colonel: "That's Castle Cat. He made his first appearance in a flash game from Mausland Entertainment as an average abnormal cat. And since then, he's become known by certain people."

Snake: "Mausland Entertainment? Aren't they the same folks behind Honey Bunny?"

Colonel: "Yes. Through his 4 games, he's been given an upgrade each time. He's even travelled to Las Vegas to take on a large sphinx and Siegfreid & Roy."

Snake: "Do modern weapons work against him? Do I even have a chance?"

Colonel: "Hardly. He carries an arsenal of medieval weaponry. But I'd worry about his laser cannon if I were you. The instant he uses it, there's a huge buildup of energy in his head."

Snake: "I'll keep an eye out."

Character Description

Castle Cat is one of the many creations of Mausland Entertainment, known for making some of the finest flash games along with animated videos and illustrations. He is, as you guessed by the name, a cat crossed with a castle as indicated by the color of his fur and his head being like the top of a stocky castle tower. In Castle Cat, he traversed to the top of an unknown castle to take on the Mega Dragon as players heard quotes likely from Daffy Duck such as "That's just plain old silly!", "I'll have to use strategy," and "Watch that first step! It's a dilly!" In Castle Cat 2, CC travels to Miami, Florida with some new weaponry such as maces and a cannon. Players had a selection of 2 different music tracks during the gameplay and could collect women in swinsuits as a bonus. Along with that, there was a shop where not only could players stock up on cannonballs and maces and health refills, but they can also purchase a leopard pelt. In Castle Cat 3, our stonehenge feline hero travels to the outer rims of Las Vegas, Nevada to take on Siegfreid & Roy and the Luxor-Sphinx. It was mainly like Castle Cat 2, but with lives, glow worms as bonus collectibles, and players can touch slot machines to take a crack at getting more points. In Castle Cat 4, our hero is alerted that Princess Pussy has been kidnapped and with his laser cannon instead of the old cannon and maces and a pair of shades on, he traversed to the castle where the evil dungeon dog awaited him. Players can go to the shop and get a laser upgrade able to be selected with the use of the "1" and "2" keys.

Classic Mode


Role in SSE



Colors & Costumes


Victory Theme

For the Foxes - The Revolution




Mausland Shark


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