Lawl with Garterbelt Brawl(aka the Video Version of Lawl with Garterbelt 4) is a Text-and-Read Youtube Series.

There is a plans of 48 Characters. So Far, There 19 Characters confirmed and 18 Moveset Made. 

Characters Made/Planned

  1. Whammy (Whammy: The All New Press Your Luck)
  2. Bubbles (The Powerpuff Girls)
  3. Mario Head (Mario Head Teaches Typing) *Empty Slot 1 Winner*
  4. Classic Amy Rose (Sonic the Fighters) *Empty Slot 1 Runner-Up* *Known Info: Replaced King Bomb-Omb cause of Problems and Lack of Ideas.*
  5. Kitana (Mortal Kombat)
  6. Talim (Soul Calibur)
  7. Segway Guy (Happy Wheels)
  8. SMB2 Toad (Super Mario Bros 2 Extreame)
  9. Casi (Ape Escape)
  10. Mumbo (Teen Titans) *Empty Slot 2 Winner*
  11. Timmy's Dad (The Fairly OddParents) *Empty Slot 2 2nd Place Runner-Up*
  12. Jelly Kid (Bravest Warriors) *Empty Slot 2 3rd Place Runner-Up*
  13. Robin Williams (Real Life) *BONUS: In Honor of him.*
  14. Kitty Katswell (T.U.F.F Puppy) *Empty Slot 2 4th Place Runner-Up*
  15. Jiggly (Moemon) *Empty Slot 2 5th Place Runner-Up*
  16. Mario Kart Mario (Super Mario Kart) *Empty Slot 2 6th Runner-Up*
  17. Zelda 2 Link (Zelda 2: Adventure of Link) *BONUS: Tied with Mario Kart Mario and Jiggly*
  18. Bender (Futurama) *Known Info: Replaced Ender Reaper cause of Smash Brothers Super Lawl*
  19. Zach King (6 Second Magic)
  20. Denied Anal (Hard Time) (Will be Debate against 21 and 22)
  21. Heavy (Moment with Heavy) (Will be Debate against 20 and 22)
  22. Al (Incredible Toon Machine) (Will be Debate against 20 and 21)
  23. ???
  24. ???

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