Chain Chomp is a Lawl Orbit Fighter

(Huge WIP)


Chomp Capsule

A Chomp Capsule is Thrown, Summoning The Chain Chomp


Neutral B - Barking Chomp

The Chain Chomp Barks, Stunning Everyone in Range For 3 Seconds

Side B - At the Chomp Wash

The Chain Chomp Rushes Forward, Hitting A Paint Can Along The Way. The Chomp Deals 15% and The Can Deals 25%

Up B - Flutter Chomp

The Chain Chomp Floats up With Wings, Allowing it to Use It's Nair While Flying

Down B - Raising The Stakes

The Chain Chomp Throws it's Pole Forward, Causing it To Bounce Around. Takes 10 Seconds After is Despawns To Be Usable Again

Final Smash - Chain Chomp Romp

The Chain Chomp Turns Huge And Cannonballs Fire Throughout The Stage, Dealing High Damage Upon Hitting


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