Universe Valve
Debut Portal
Appears in YTPGuy17's Smash Bros. Lawl (possibly)
Super Smash Bros. Epic
Friends GLaDOS (sometimes)
Enemies Wheatley
Icon of Sin
Lawl Team Team YTPGuy17, Team Epic

Documented as Test Subject #1 but previously as #1498, was a test subject of the Aperture Science computer-aided Enrichment Center, and was involved in the testing of the Company's Handheld Portal Device (commonly known as the Portal Gun).Very little is known of her past, beyond her possible abandonment at birth and her stubborn will to live. Chell is antagonized by the AI and facility overseer GLaDOS during her testing courses. Wielding only the Handheld Portal Device, she eventually utilizes this device as a means of avoiding hazards and bypassing various sections of the Facility in order to escape.

Special Moves

Neutral B - Portal Gun

This would be a very unique attack exclusive to Chell. Press and Hold B down to move the Portal Gun in any direction. Press B to fire the gun and create a portal. Press B again to fire another Portal again. You can use this unique gimmick to move around the stage, recover and to strategically KO your opponents. You can only have 2 portals at once however.

Side B - Companion Cube

Since Chell isn't very strong, this Move works as a temporary boost in strength. Chell will spawn the Companion Cube out of her Portal Gun and then her A moves that consisted of her using The Portal Gun as a melee weapon will now increase in power. However the attack speed is decreased and it's only a temporary change.

Up B - Repulsion Gell

Chell will spawn a small platform with Repulsion Gel which would make her rise up in the air at a high rate around the same as Sonic's Spring. That platform will then fall down and will become a temporary jumping boost that'll hoist any player into the air.

Down B - Sentry Turret

Chell will summon as Sentry Turret that will hunt down the opponent and shoot them with rapid laser fire. The laser Fire is weak but it can rack up some damage. You can summon up to three at once however they can be destroyed by opponents.

Final Smash - Space Portal

A cinematic attack. Once the Final Smash is activated Chell will shoot a Portal all the way into Space. You can then temporarily aim with the Portal Gun to send the oppponent(s) into Space. If you manage to hit the opponent(s) a cinematic cut scene will happen. The opponents will be transported to Space where they will be sucked into the space Vaccum and get racked with huge damage before they get thrown back to earth where they will be instantly KO'd.

Kirby Hat

Kirby gains her hair and Neutral B attack.
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