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Paulie "Cherry Pau" Russell
Good girl by nasuki100-d6zgfzv.png
Universe Creepypasta
Debut Cherry Pau
Appears in Smash Bros. Lawl Galaxy
Lawl with Garterbelt 4 (DLC)
Friends Flippy (possible bro)
Jeff the Killer (obvious inspiration)
Bootleg Spongebob
Own & Edge
NeoLordKefka (Husband)Neo and Stocking Version*)
Blood West
Simon Belmont
Mr. Creepypasta
Rosa Anarchy
Lydia Prower
Yuno Gasai
Enemies The Pursuer (for nearly wrecking their date)
Carlos Trejo
The Darkness
Lawl Team Team Galaxy


Walking In

Cherry walks to the battlefield in a normal fashion.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Recording

Cherry gets out her camcorder she uses to tape her killings. While it's out, she doesn't have any limited movement aside from not being able to face the opposite direction. However, you can still do it by tapping the analog stick in the opposite direction to turn. Any attacks that connect hitting the camcorder will be absorbed. She can record up to 5 attacks. If you record a 6th attack, she'll automatically put away her camcorder. Pressing A plays back an attack, which does the same amount of damage to whoever gets hit by the sound emitted from the camera, but no knockback is dealt. The camcorder can only record attacks that deal damage under 50%. Her head and back are still vulnerable though. Pressing B manually puts the camcorder away. She'll keep her recordings while it's away.

Side B - Cute Wink

Cherry winks in a cute fashion. The wink will emit a star that will stun anyone up close. Anyone in the distance equal to half the width of Final Destination will be turned on (at least in male terms). This is useful for when someone is charging up a smash attack to knock you out of the park. You can charge it up to also blow a kiss. The air kiss acts as a projectile to opponents, while it works like a Team Healer for your teammates. The air kiss is more effective when a guy's turned on by the wink. Up close, it'll be a regular kiss that heals teammates more. If she's eaten some food, she'll heal her teammate even more (similar to how it works in some of the modern Kirby games when you play co-op with someone).

Up B - Mizumi Mizz

Cherry gets some help from her friend, Mizumi Mizz. As a demon on land, she can move either side and do basic jumps. Unlike Yzma's flying tent, she doesn't cause harm to anyone upon direct contact. However, she can swipe her claws upon pressing A. The swipes do moderate knockback and damage despite their size. In the air, she is able to fly around in any direction the analog stick is moved in for 10 seconds (the same time limit applies for how long she a demon on land). While she's flying, you can throw blood by pressing B. The blood reverses the controls upon hitting someone's face (aside from teammates who are apparently healed). If it hits the ground, it becomes a slip trap. You can make her check out while flying by pressing A. On land, she can check out by pressing B.

Down B - Basket of Cherries

Cherry gets out a basket of her favorite fruit that's under her name (which was what her older brother called her since her hair and eyes are cherry red and she likes cherries). Pressing A makes her eat a cherry, which heals 7% damage she might've taken during the fight. Any teammate nearby will have a cherry fed to him/her. Tapping B throws a cherry. They have a 1/3 chance of becoming edible. They also have a 1/5 chance of becoming slip traps. Sometimes, Cherry'll apparently throw a cherry-sized cherry bomb. The explosion is red and it shoots 4 drops of cherry juice. The juices fly in random directions. You have 100 cherries per stock, so use them wisely. If you grab some food from something like a Party Ball, it replenishes your stockade by how much damage they replenish upon getting eaten. Holding down B makes her put away the basket.

Final Smash - Kidnap, Film, and Dismemberment

Cherry will first grab any opponent up close to her after knocking him/her out cold and takes him/her into a door that appears in the background and in the area she's standing. It then starts off with a cutscene of the opponent waking up with his/her mouth duct-taped shut along with being duct-taped to a chair. He/she notices the camcorder that's pointing directly at him/her. Cherry will then walk in with her hood on, greeting the opponent with a hello. She then welcomes the victim to her playroom and says that they'll have some fun together (no, they won't do it). She then realizes her faulty manners and removes the duct tape covering the opponent's mouth. He/she then asks what she wants from him/her and begs her not to do any fatal harm to him/her. She tells that they always say the same thing once their mouth's freed and that it's boring. She then tells the opponent to smile for the camera. The opponent then pleads for his/her freedom, and Cherry says that she'll do so in terms of his/her life, but that she first wants to play with the opponent and take some parts of their body. She then asks if it's funny or not. The opponent then thinks that this is all a nightmare and that he/she will awaken. Cherry plays along with that opinion, and say that the knife surely won't hurt (obviously which is bullshit). She then informs the opponent to smile for the camera one last time and then cuts off a part of him/her, causing an instant KO. She then reappears with something like an arm or a leg, which can be used as a battering item. She sometimes reappears with an organ, which can be used as a throwing item. It doesn't matter if she has a body part, the opponent will still reappear like nothing happened.


KOSFX1: "Yes..."

KOSFX2: "Oh..."

Star KOSFX: *screams*

Screen KOSFX: "Ow!"


Up: "I'm sure this knife is not going to hurt anything!"

Sd: *giggles*

Dn: "Smile for the camera!"

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. "Smile for the camera!"

2. walks away dressed as Alex from A Clockwork Orange

3. Keit: "Can't wait to see the film you've recorded!"

4. (vs.Carlos Trejo) "Smile for the camera one last time!" *points the camera at Trejo while aiming at a knife at him, ready to throw it; he then drives off, she runs after him* "Wait, come back! Just one last time?"

Failure/Clap: Rainy day

Standard Attacks


Snake Codec


Character Description


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Colors & Costumes


Victory Theme

No Doubt - Spiderwebs


Camcorder & Cherries


Cherry & Keit's Place