"I am the strongest woman in the world!"
"I am the strongest woman in the world!"
Universe Capcom
Debut Street Fighter II
Appears in Smash Bros. Super Lawl
Smash Bros Lawl EX
Friends Ryu
Ken Masters
Bully Stopper
Multi HMX-12
Cladue Giroux
Boston Zuzuriya
Enemies M.Bison
Toon Bison
Evil Ryu
Mai Shiranui (Rival, Sometimes)
Jun The Swan (Rival, Sometimes)
Juri Han
Asuka Kazama
BND mask of guo xiang
Gary Bettman
Emergency Alert System
Stephen Quire
Professor Pester
Lawl Team Team Super Lawl


Enter the Fighter

Chun-Li spins upside down on one hand, lands and performs a Palm Fist Bow and says "You ready for this?".

Special Attacks

Netrual B - Kikoken

Chun-Li shoots a small energy ball at an opponent that causes small damage and knockback. The Kikoken will not always reach across the entire screen, fizzling out after a certain distance. The distance it travels and its speed are determined by the damage Chun-Li has the lower, the less damage this attack does. The EX Special version inflicts more damage and hits twice.

Side B - Spinning Bird Kick

This is one of Chun-Li's signature moves. Chun-Li will jump up, feet first in the air, and do a split. She will then twirl her upside down body and attack with her legs like helicopter blades. This attack deals rapid damage as Chun-Li moves forward a bit through the air. The EX version makes Chun-Li stay still and does more damage.

Up B - Tenshou Kyaku

Chun-Li launches a series of spinning air kicks in succession, the height of the attack will depend on how long the button is held before release, blue energy will swirl into Chun-Li, when at max charge, a blue ball of light will rest on her chest. The release to send her spinning into the air leaving a blue trail of shadow images. The EX version lets Chun-Li rise even higher without charging. It is effective as an anti-air attack and can also be used for combos and juggles.

Down B - Hazanshu

Chun-Li somersaults forward with one of her legs outstretched, slamming it into the floor as she lands, can also be used in the air. This move is best used as a counter for projectiles when throw at mid to close range. However, it is extremely vulnerable to air attacks and invincible counters, and so should not be used too predictably. The EX version does more damage and causes knockdown.

Final Smash 1 - Hoyoko Sen

Chun-Li takes a large step forward and delivers the Hyakuretsukyaku, then takes another step forward and delivers another Hyakuretsukyaku with her other leg. She takes one final step forward and delivers a Tenkukyaku, which knocks the opponent into the air.

Final Smash 2 - Kikosho

Chun-Li slam both palms at her opponent from a reared-back position, and it appears as a somewhat-smaller ki ball added with a horizontal rippling effect (that also follows the wind-tunnel effect) making up most of its range. Any opponent caught in the blast will receive racking damage similar to being caught in the radius of a Smart Bomb, when her energy is spent a final blast of energy sends opponents flying and Chun-Li to her knees momentarily exhausted by the effort it took to use the attack.





Screen KOSFX:


Up: "Sorry" Leans forward and waves one hand. This does a pin prick of damage if close to an opponent

Sd: Yawns, then cracks her neck slightly

Dn: "You might as well come quietly." Points forward with a stern look.

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

Victory 1: Laughs and jumps for joy before flashing a "V" sign while saying "I did it!".

Victory 2: Folds her arms and bows

Victory 3: "I am the strongest woman in the world." Bend her arms downward while facing the side, then faces the screen


Classic Mode Win/Lose Pose

Congratulations/Game Over Pictures

Character Description

Chun-Li (チュンリー) is a character in the Street Fighter series. She is the first female playable character to appear in a 1-on-1 fighting game. Introduced in Street Fighter II, Chun-Li was the only female character in the game, (as well as one of the youngest fighters to appear in Street Fighter II) and while not as physically powerful as the other characters, she was by far the quickest. Her most famous attack is the Hyakuretsukyaku (Hundred Rending Leg, commonly known as the Lightning Kick), where she repeatedly kicks her opponent from a tilted standing position with incredible speed.

Other Attacks

Ground Attacks

Basic Attacks

  • Neutral attack - Chun-Li slaps, punch, and then performs the Lightning Kick, this has infinite combo. 1%
  • Dash Attack - Chun-Li does a flip kick. 11%


  • Side - Chun-Li does a strong,left-handed punch. 10%
  • Up - Chun-Li raises her leg upward, then swings down ward.
  • Down - Chun-Li spins around on the ground. 9%


  • Side - Chun-Li performs a strong and fast kick. Uncharged 12%, Fully Charged 18%
  • Up - Chun-Li performs a strong fast, jab-like kick upward.
  • Down - Chun-Li holds herself up with one hand and performs a jab-like kick. 14% uncharged, 20% fully charged.


  • N-Air - Chun-Li kicks in front of herself in the air.
  • F-Air - Chun-Li does the lightning kick in the air.
  • B-Air - Chun-Li does a jab like kick behind herself in the air.
  • U-Air - Chun-Li rapidly kicks upwards.
  • D-Air - Chun-Li kicks below herself. If it hits an enemy, Chun-Li will bounce upward a little.

Grab, Throws

  • Grab - Grabs with one hand
  • Pumme l- Knees her opponent in the chest. 2%
  • Forward - Chun-Li kicks the enemy away. 9%
  • Back - Chun-Li kicks the enemy behind. 9%
  • Up - Chun-Li throws the enemy upwards and gives a flip kick. 8%
  • Down - Chun-Li puts the enemy on lying on the ground and hits them with her arm. 8%


  • Ledge attack: Chun-Li gets up from the ledge in a kneeling position, then punches forward.
  • 100% Ledge attack: ???
  • Front attack: ???
  • Back attack: ???
  • Trip attack: ???

Pros & Cons




The Street Fighter Icon

Victory Music


Kirby Hat

Chun-Li's buns and hair.

Exclusive stickers





Wiimote Sound


Classic Mode


Snake Codec

  • Mei-Ling: Hey Snake.
  • Snake: Hm?
  • Mei-Ling: They say that "justice naturally inhibits men's hearts", but as you can see, that's common with women as well.
  • Snake: Yeah, I can see that.
  • Mei-Ling: Chun-Li in particular is an Interpol agent living in her father's footsteps, putting her determination into bringing in criminals.
  • Snake. Uh-huh.
  • Mei-Ling: I'll admit there's a personal stake in it since the leader of Shadoloo killed her father, but she always puts her conviction before her personal feelings. I can't help but admire that.
  • Snake: Yeah.
  • Mei-Ling: Snake are you even listening?
  • Snake: ...What?
  • Mei-Ling.'re staring at her thighs aren't you?
  • Snake: ... I can't help it. They're huge.
  • Mei-Ling: Oh, Snake. Just keep in mind who you're up against. Otherwise, those legs will leave you on the receiving end.

Role In SSE



Colors & Costumes


  • Chun-Li was the fourth and first Female Street Fighter character to be appeared in Lawl.
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