Claude Giroux
Claude Giroux SBL EX Intro
Universe Real life
Debut National Hockey League
Appears in Smash Bros Lawl EX
Friends Sayaka Miki

Ishamie Tarker
Sam Tarker
Jenny XJ9
Rocky Balboa
Multi HMX-12
Joey Wheeler
Rosa Anarchy
Black Rock Shooter
Ike Broflovski (See this)

Enemies Professor Pester

Alex Ovechkin
Sidney Crosby
Gary Bettman
Carlos Trejo

Lawl Team EX


Standard B- Slapshot

Giroux uses his hockey stick to preform a Slapshot to hit the opponents, dealing the opponents 7% damage, if you hold B Giroux fires a flaming hockey puck

Side B- Bodycheck

Giroux pushes the opponents, dealing the opponent 9% damage and knock-back, if you rush and push Side B he does the Hercules check from NHL 13 it will deal the opponent 10% damage and extreme Knock-back

Up B- Hockey Stick Tape Grab

Giroux uses his hockey stick tape to grab on ledges, you can control the joystick to raise him up and down, the opponents deal damage everytime they touch it, press Down B to cancel the move

Down B- Stick Slash

Giroux slashes the opponents' legs (dealing the opponent 5% damage) then Giroux attacks the opponent with his Stick (dealing the opponent 5% damage also) the move gets canceled

Final Smash- Attack the Opponent!

Giroux says "We shall attack the opponent!" Then the screen moves to the Wells Fargo Center to unveil the opponent that his teammates are attacking, then the teammates attack the opponent, the teammates disappear when the targeted opponent is KO'ed, the opponents that are not targeted will not deal damage

KO Sounds

KO Sound 1:

KO Sound 2:

Star KO:

Screen KO: "Fuck!"


Down Taunt: "Fuck you ref"

Side Taunt: *holds his stick up in the air while the crowd cheers*

Up Taunt: Happy ending success face

Winning Options/Lose Pose

Option 1: Shootout goal

Option 2: *his teammate's hold their sticks in the air then uses his "Happy Ending Success face"*

Option 3: *holds the cover for Smash Bros Lawl just like Morshu's winning option 3*

Option 4 (Only against Alex Ovechkin or Sidney Crosby): ???

Lose: crying

Other Attacks


Character Drscription

Claude Giroux (born January 12, 1988) is a Canadian professional ice hockey centre and captain of the Philadelphia Flyers of the National Hockey League (NHL). The Flyers selected Giroux 22nd overall in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft.

Prior to playing in the NHL, Giroux played his major junior career with the Gatineau Olympiques of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL), where he helped win a 2008 President's Cup and earned the Guy Lafleur Trophy as the 2008 playoff MVP. Internationally, he won a gold medal with Team Canada in the 2008 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships.

Giroux made his debut with the Flyers in February 2008 and joined the roster full-time midway through the 2008–09 season.[1][2] In 2011, after the blockbuster trades of Mike Richards and Jeff Carter, Giroux took over the role of the club's first line centre. Giroux was the club's top point-scorer in both the 2010–11 and 2011–12 seasons. In 2012, Giroux finished third in the league in point-scoring.[3] He was named the captain of the Flyers at the start of the 2012–13 season


Get Ready for This!

Giroux hops from the Flyers bench to fight

Role in Subspace Emissary


Snake Codec




Classic Mode


Moveset Theme




Victory Theme

The Orange and the Black (Flyers fight song)


The NHL logo


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