Cloud Cukoo Land
Cloud Cukoo Land.jpg
Game/Other Media The LEGO Movie
Appearance Lawl with Gaterbelt 4
Size Large
Availability Starter

This is the home stage of Uni-Kitty.


It`s full of bright colours and cute themes.


The Fighters fight on some clouds that hover around the land. Similar to Delfino Plaza. When the police come, they stop infront of either,The Dog Building, a cloud island by the sea or The Double Decker Couch floating in the water.When they run away, the clouds perk up again.


At a random time depending on how long the time is set, the police start attacking and Cloud Cukoo Land starts to get destroyed. But then Benny comes flying in his spaceship which charges into the Police ships which casues them to retreat. Eventually some master builders come along to fix Cloud Cukoo Land and the stage can continue.


The LEGO Movie Videogame - Cloud Cukoo Land theme

The LEGO Movie OST - Ben the Spaceman

Brite Futures - Jag in a Jungle

The LEGO Movie OST - Everything is Awesome!!! (Instrumental)

LEGO Movie Videogame - Batman Dubstep Theme

Kruel KO

The opponent is launched into the mouth of the giant chicken. The chicken stands up and lays a rainbow egg where the enemy is trapped in.


  • You look closely, you can see Emmet in his poncho disguise running around the stage from the police.
  • When the police run away, if you look closely, you can see one of the ships kick out a chair from the window.


  • This is so far the first Lego Movie related stage so far.
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