"I demand an explanation?"
Universe Condorito
Debut Super Smash Bros. Rising
Appears in Condorito (1949)
Friends Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Lawl Team Unknown

Condorito (Japanese: コンドリート Kondorito) is a unlocked character in Super Smash Bros. Rising.It is presented as a balanced character, easy to use and suitable for beginners.


Falling Condorito

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Fonola's Shoe

Condorito uses it shoe.

Side B - Washington Attack

Condorito uses the bite.

Up B - Jetpack

Condorito uses jetpack.

Down B - Dig

Condorito uses the shovel.

Final Smash - Giga Condorito

Condorito transforms into Giga Condorito, granting him his immense strength and modified moveset.


KOSFX1: "Waaaooohhh!!!"

KOSFX2: "Noooooooooo!!!"

Star KOSFX: "I demand an explanation?"

Screen KOSFX: "Ow"


Up: "Because they say "Peeled"."

Sd: "Weviado!"

Dn: "I am not ugly bird."


Condorito's profile

Victory Music

SSBR - Condorito 3-D - Ending Theme

Kirby Hat

Condorito's peck and comb.

Snake Codec

Colonel: Snake, we are so exciting news.

Snake: What is it, Colonel?

Colonel: This Condorito was created by named "Pepo" in 1949.

Snake: I know.

Colonel: Good.

Snake: Hmmm..............

Palutena Guidance

Palutena: Pit, I have good news for that.

Pit: What's wrong, Palutena?

Palutena: Condorito she loves Yayita.

Pit: Oh great, wait, Yayita because Pepe?

Viridi: Pepe is a Condorito's rival.

Pit: See you later.



Assist Trophy

Pepe Cortisona, Huevoduro, Don Chuma, Ungenio Gonzalez, Garganta de Lata and Coné

Colors & Costumes

  • Red (Default)
  • Blue (Default)
  • Green (Default)
  • Black (Chain Crew)
  • White (Gaucha)
  • Clothes (Adventurer)
  • White (Astronaut)
  • Blue (Pajama)
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