Darth Vader
Darth Vader
Universe Lucasfilm
Debut Star Wars
Appears in YTPGuy17's Smash Bros. Lawl (possibly)
Friends Luke Skywalker (son)
King Boo
Evil Moka Akashiya
Dark Bowser
Dark Star
Mecha Sonic
Yami Marik
Enemies Galen Marek
Hitler (in Epic Rap Battles of History)
Luke Skywalker (Sometimes, Formerly)
Mr. Bean
Freddy Krueger
Lawl Team Team YTPGuy17?

Special Moves

Neutral B- The Force Choke

Force chokes them, this can go on indefinately, but he cannot move while doing this, and it only does 1% damage for every 2 secs. Plus it tiers him out, making him slower when he stops. His energy will eventually come back.

Side B- Force Push

Uses the force push, this barely does any damage, but it does have a lot of knock back. Can also push Projectiles.

Up B- Force Jump

The Force builds up around him, then sends him flying upwards onto the ground.

Down B- Force Field

The Force builds up around him, then releases, shooting electricity into the air around him, it will dissipate after 2 secs.

Final Smash- The Empire's Wrath

Vader chokes one opponent with the Force, and hauls that opponent up. He then throws his lightsaber at them, using the Force to control it and make it spin rapidly. For the final strike (which only KOs with high damage percentages), he blasts his lightsaber at the opponent with a powerful strike.


KO 1: Oh

KO 2: Graa


Screen KO: Oh


Up Taunt: "I find your lack of faith disturbing"

Side Taunt: "You cannot hide forever"

Down Taunt: "You will join us or die"

Victory/Lose Pose

Victory 1: "Your Powers are Weak"

Victory 2: "You Have yet to Master the way to the Force"

Victory 3: Clenches his fist and the red aura surrounds him.

Victory 4 (When Beaten Luke): "No, I am your father"

Victory 5 (When Beaten Hitler): "Let's see who gets the last laugh"



his in-game rival is Mr. Bean

Character Description

Darth Vader (born Anakin Skywalker) is the central character of the Star Wars saga, appearing as one of the main antagonists of the original trilogy and as the main protagonist of the prequel trilogy.

The character was created by George Lucas and numerous actors have portrayed him. His appearances span all six Star Wars films, and he is an important character in the expanded universe of television series, video games, novels, literature and comic books. The films establish that there was originally a Jedi Knight named Anakin who fell to the dark side of the Force he is also revealed to be the father of both Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa, the two main protagonists of the original trilogy. After turning to the Dark Side, Vader is a ruthless henchman of Emperor Palpatine; he secretly intends to overthrow Palpatine to establish himself as ruler of the Empire. Vader is ultimately revealed to have personal honor in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, when he sacrifices himself to save his son, Luke.


(His Tie Fighter flies by, with him jumping out of it.)

Other Attacks

Ground Attacks

Basic Attacks

  • Neutral attack- Hits his enemy with light-saber 3 times.
  • Dash Attack- Sends a blade shaped force attack.
  • Side Tilt- Lunges forwards with his light-saber.
  • Up Tilt- Does an uppercut with his light-saber.
  • Down Tilt- Smashes his light-saber into the ground.


  • Side- Throws his light-saber, which will return to him due to the force.
  • Up- Jumps up into the air slightly, swinging his light-saber around.
  • Down- Spins in a circle, his light-saber pointed outwards.


  • Ledge attack: Does a quick dash attack.
  • 100% ledge attack: ???
  • Ground attack: ???
  • Trip attack: ???

Grabs, Throws

  • Grab- Uses the force to pull anyone in front of him.
  • Pummel- Hits them with the hilt of his light-saber
  • Forward- Uses the force to send them flying.
  • Backward- Uses the force to send them flying behind him, his light-saber burning them.
  • Up- Flings them upwards, his light-saber burning them.
  • Down- Smashed their face into the ground.


  • Neutral- Lunges downwards with his lightsaber.
  • Forward- Kicks his enemy forwards.
  • Backward- A Backhand slaps behind him.
  • Up- Does a flip, any contact with enemies will do damage.
  • Down- Does a flying downwards kick.


The Star Wars's Title Name

Victory Music

TBA - Enter End of a Video

Kirby Hat

Darth Vader's Mask

When Chosen

Vader does his trademark breath



Related Music

  • The Force Unleashed Theme
  • Battle on Mustafar
  • Battle above Coruscant
  • Esecute Order 606

Credits Music

  • Star Wars theme.

Snake Codec

  • Snake: Who is that? I feel a very... dark... presence around him...
  • The Emperor: That my young child would be my apprentice, Darth Vader.
  • Snake: What the?! Who are you!?
  • The Emperor: That does not concern you, but what does concern you is that my apprentice will kill you easily.
  • Snake: Don't count on it...

Role In The Subspace Emmisary



Colors & Costumes



  • His Final Smash is based on his Soul Calibur IV Critical Finish.
  • He's a likely candidate scheduled for YTPGuy17's spinoff of Smash Bros. Lawl.
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