Devil Mario is an Antagonist in Lawl Orbit


I'm Here Now!

A Toad Walks On Stage, Only To Have Devil Mario Land In Front of Them. Devil Mario Throws Them Off The Stage 


A Power Star is On Devil Mario's HUD. Damaging Opponents and KOing Them Increases it. When The Star Is Coloured Devil Mario Gets a Stat Boost for 10 Seconds.
Devil Mario HUD 1

Normal HUD

Devil Mario HUD 2



Neutral B - Sword Strike

Devil Mario Stabs Around Him, Stunning Foes Hit.

Side B - Brick Breaker

Devil Mario Throws A Brick, Breaking Shields.

Up B - Light Speed Kick

A Fast Upwards Kick, Making Devil Mario a Moving Hitbox

Down B - The Destruction

Devil Mario Rushes Forward, Dealing Massive Damage

Final Smash - You Will Die.

Devil Mario Gets His Gimmicks Effect But The Stat Boost is Stronger. Lasts 20 Seconds.

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