"I will meditate, and then destroy you."
Universe Capcom
Debut Street Fighter II
Appears in Super Lawl
Friends Sagat
Enemies Rufus
Marshall Law
Lawl Team Super Lawl

Special Moves

B- Yoga Fire

Dhalsim breathes a small fireball that moves across the screen, burning an opponent if it touches him or her (10% in Fire damage). The EX version hits twice (14%)

Side B- Yoga Flame

Dhalsim breathes a large mass of flame which burns an opponent who touches it (12% in Fire Damage). This move is ideal for counters and combo finishers. The EX version hits twice (15%).

Up B- Yoga Teleport

Dhalsim adopts a levitating "full lotus" position and teleports to another location. Where he teleports to depends on whether the player uses the control stick in 8 directions.

Down B- Yoga Blast

Dhalsim inhales deeply and breathes out a plume of fire diagonally upwards. The attack is designed exclusively as an anti-air attack, and will not hit earthbound opponents unless they are exceedingly tall. Does the same damage as his EX version.

Final Smash 1- Yoga Inferno

Dhalsim breathes out a large Yoga Flame which burns the opponent. He will breathe the flame in a flamethrower-like style and angle it up and down (57%).

Final Smash 2- Yoga Catastrophe

Dhalsim spits out a slow-moving giant ball of flame that hits 5 times on contact (77%).


KO 1:

KO 2:

Star KO:

Screen KO:


Up Taunt:

Side Taunt:

Down Taunt:

Victory/Lose Pose

Victory 1:

Victory 2:

Victory 3:


Character Description

Dhalsim is quite stoic, serious, self-disciplined, humble, and also very stern when needed. Being a pacifist, he will never hurt a person more than necessary, or kill an adversary, even the most evil ones such as M. Bison. His pacifistic beliefs also allow him to be a greatly loving father and husband towards his family. Being an extremely altruistic man, Dhalsim fights mostly for the poor and oppressed, as he constantly tries his best to raise money for his poverty-stricken people. Dhalsim is aware that if he uses his power to harm, he may become evil, and frequently questions his decisions to use his powers for fighting. Furthermore, all forms of yoga are meant to aid a personal journey towards enlightenment, and not to harm others. Therefore, Dhalsim is constantly concerned about his fighting style overwhelming his own principles of nonviolence.

In contrast with Ryu's youngster (but still serious and self-focused) type, Dhalsim has a more "mature" and less "enthusiastic" nature, as he regularly relies on his traditional yoga meditation rites to expand his spirituality, and keep his inner neutrality off any emotional involvement that may prejudice his discipline.

Dhalsim always remains calm and serene. When he fights, he is always in a constant state of meditation so he can focus on the opponent. He rarely speaks to his opponents outside of calling his attacks, and when he does, his words are riddles that leave the foe confused about his or her own being.

Other Attacks

Ground Attacks

Basic Attacks

  • Neutral attack- ???
  • Dash Attack- ???
  • Side Tilt- Double Stretch Punch, 8%
  • Up Tilt- ???
  • Down Tilt- ???


  • Side- ???
  • Up- ???
  • Down- ???


  • Ledge attack: ???
  • 100% ledge attack: ???
  • Ground attack: ???
  • Trip attack: ???

Grabs, Throws

  • Grab- ???
  • Pummel- ???
  • Forward- ???
  • Backward- ???
  • Up- ???
  • Down- ???


  • Neutral- ???
  • Forward- Yoga Mummy, 6%
  • Backward- ???
  • Up- ???
  • Down- Yoga Spear, 7%

Snake Codec


Role In The Subspace Emmisary



Colors & Costumes



  • Dhalsim got his name from an Indian restaurant in Osaka near Capcom's office (Dal is lentils, shim is Hyacinth beans).
  • The South-Korean pop/rock duo Norazo refers to one of Dhalsim's fire-based moves (Yoga Fire) in the lyrics of their song Curry, because of Dhalsim's Indian nationality.
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