Dig Dug
Dig Dug
Universe Namco
Debut Dig Dug
Appears in Lawl with Garterbelt 4 (DLC)
Friends Roy(Best friend)
Taizo Hori(His newer Counter-Part)
Megaman Volnutt
Enemies Bomberman(Death Battle)
Lawl Team Team Voltage


Digging Time

Dig Dug digs up from the bottom of the stage as his stepping jingle plays.

Special Moves

B - Pumping

Dig Dug shoots out his pump which latches on to nearby foes, this stuns them similarly to Zero Suit Samus's paralyzer. If the B button is pressed continuously the inflation music from Dig Dug plays and the enemy takes damage. The attack will automatically end after (4) pumps, after the 4th pump which is the equivalent to the popping pump found in Dig Dug, the opponent will "popped" and launched, if they around 105% they will be knocked out.

Side B - Pooka Toss

Dig Dug throws a Pooka in a similar fashion to how King Dedede threw his minions in Brawl. However once thrown the Pooka will walk forward bouncing with every other step. It will do very minimal damage it makes contact with someone. However if hit, it will pop, the resulting pop will do scaled knock back.

Dig Dug can also catch the Pooka with his neutral B, after which the B button can be pressed rapidly in order to inflate the Pooka. If the Pooka is hit during inflation it will pop, causing damage to Dig Dug and the opponent if they are close. If Dig Dug is the one to pop the Pooka, he will take no damage but if the enemy is close they will be hit. The explosion always does scaled damage, the power depending on the stage of the Pooka's inflation.

Up B - Rock/Xblock Drop

Dig Dug run forward leaving a rock or an X block above where he once was. Said object then falls down, kicking up dust and breaking as it lands. The block/rock will always fall to the ground much like Pac-Man's Fire Hydrant. The initial hit would have the same amount of damage as Pac-Man's Fire Hydrant. However the rock will have the same fragment damage as Charizard's Boulder. This attack has scaled knock back.

Down B - Fygar Pop

If in the air, Dig Dug will turn to the side and spawn a Fygar that will be attached to his pump. The player must rapidly press the B button, which will cause the Fygar to inflate and pop. The resulting fire based explosion will propel Dig Dug upwards. If the explosion makes contact with an enemy it will cause scaled knock back.

If performed on the ground, Dig Dug will remain in the upright position as a Fygar is spawned before him. The attack works as normal but the explosion has a bit blowback that will make Dig Dug slide backwards.

Final Smash - Fault Line Sinker

Dig Dug shocks the stage with his drill, a dotted line appears for the player to control, the object is to ensnare as many enemies as possible within the dotted line. After a small amount of time has passed Dig Dug will shake the stage causing all on it and those caught by the fault line to be launched.


KO 1:

KO 2:

Star KO: *Dig Dug Death Sound*

Screen KO:


Up Taunt: The digging faces of the Pooka and the Fygar spin around Dig Dug. This taunt kills opponents in the 400%-600% range.

Side Taunt: Dig Dug eats a eggplant and "2000" appears above his head.

Down Taunt: The death animation from Dig Dug.

Victory/Lose Pose

Victory 1: Dig Dug quickly pops two Pookas and gives a thumbs-up.

Victory 2: Dig Dug chases angrily after a undergrounder, trips, and falls.

Victory 3: A Fygar appears and breathes fire, afterwards Dig Dug pops him and has a look of victory on his face.

Lose: Dig Dug looks smugly at the camera as he claps.

Character Description

In 1982, Taizo Hori (aka Dig Dug) solved the "Dig Dug incident" caused by Pookas and Fygars, and some time later the problem in the tropical islands that happened in Dig Dug II. Afterwards he was treated as a hero. At one point of his life, Taizo was married with Masuyo Tobi, but they separated for unknown reasons. They had three sons: Susumu Hori, Ataru Hori, and Taiyo Tobi. Taizo is the chairman of the Driller Council.

In Taizo's appearances in the Mr. Driller games as a playable character, he can drill at high speed, but his air gauge decreases fast.

In Dig Dug: Digging Strike, Taizo is jealous of Susumu receiving all the attention as he was the first Driller. When he received a call from Horinesia to ask for help from Susumu, Taizo said he could help with it, but as the person never heard of him and insisted to talk with Susumu, he got angry and decided to do the job himself.

Other Attacks

Ground Attacks

Basic Attacks

  • Neutral attack- Drill Jab: Dig Dug stabs forward with his drill multiple times finishes with a sweep upward.
  • Dash Attack- Jackhammer Slide: Dig Dug jumps onto his drill and skates along the ground towards the opponent. This move is similar to Link's down air, it's just weaker and repeats for a long period of time causing ending lag. This move however can not kill.
  • Side Tilt- Dig Dug wifs his drill as it jam the ground causing the spark to arc upwards. Causing scaled knock back. Moderate start up to this attack, does cause knock back.
  • Up Tilt- Dig Dug whips his drill upward slowly in a crescent moon motion stopping at the start of the arc to pump his drill causing a compressed air burst to occur, and again at the height of the arc to repeat the motion. This attack has high starting lag but will kill if the second blast connects with an opponent at high percents, roughly 151%.
  • Down Tilt- Dig Dug will swing his drill around himself, hitting everything around him moderately, there is no lag on this move and it will cause knock back.


  • Side- After Shock: A drill spark run along the ground before Dig Dug, as he jams his drill into the ground, This move has quick startup but heavy ending lag. The range is similar to Mega Man's neutral, and is most effective the closer the sparks are to Dig Dug, This move has great knock back based on the spark's proximity to Dig Dug, it has the ability to kill at around 75% if the opponent is struck with the sparks at a range close to Dig Dug, 90% if the opponent is hit in the middle of the spark's journey, and 110% if the opponent is hit as the attack ends.
  • Up- 100M Break: A 100M block from the game Mr. Driller appears above Dig Dug and he drills through it, the rubble and the drill counting for multiple hits on the opponent. Overall the hit box and how it works is very similar to Mewtwo's up smash, as such it too hits about 1-6 times the first hit being 1% and the last being 10%. The "CLEAR" sound effect occurs when the smash is completed. Small characters can fail to be hit by this, however the last hit has great knock back and will kill at 110%.
  • Down- Drill Peg: A peg appears and Dig Dug jams his drill down into the ground causing drill sparks to spread from his sides along the ground. Which will cause a pitfall effect at random intervals, if it hits a recovering opponent, the attack will spike. Starting lag to this move is high, there is no ending lag however. The range of this move is lower than the Side Smash, due to the sparks not travelling very far away from Dig Dug before dissipating. So essentially this move is like Charizard's down smash, but just a tad more powerful.


  • Ledge attack: Dig Dug gets up, thrusting his drill forward.
  • 100% ledge attack: Dig Dug gets up, thrusting his drill upward.
  • Front attack: Dig Dug gets up, thrusting his drill downward.
  • Back attack: Dig Dug gets up, thrusting his drill backward.
  • Trip attack: Dig Dug gets up, thrusting his drill around himself.

Grabs, Throws

  • Grab- Dig Dug shoots his pump to grab the opponent. Can be used as a tether for recovery purposes.
  • Pummel- The enemy is drawn in by the pump and they are jabbed with the drill.
  • Forward- The enemy is drawn in and launched by a drill jab. A weak throw, does not have the power to kill.
  • Backward- The enemy is drawn in and wiffed along the ground by the drill.
  • Up- Dig Dug draws the enemy in and then pops them up into the air with his drill.
  • Down- The enemy is drawn in and drilled into the ground launching them. This is Dig Dug's most reliable killing throw, and will kill around 120%.


  • Neutral- Dig Dug drills downward, which well force the opponent down to the ground. The opponent suffers scaled knock back, but like most neutrals in the air, it will not kill.
  • Forward- Dig Dug drills the air before him causing the air to pop. It can kill at higher percents, 150% range.
  • Backward- Dig Dug performs the same maneuver as his Forward Air only backwards. It can kill at higher percents, 150% range.
  • Up- Dig Dug spawns and drills through a small colored block, this move has a range similar to Rosalina's up air. This move also has high K.O. potential.
  • Down- Dig Dug takes a horizontal stance and performs a powerful drill pulse downward. This attack will always cause a meteor smash.



Victory Music

TBA - Enter End of a Video

Kirby Hat

Kirby has Dig Dug's white and blue helmet. He can use Dig Dug's Pumping attack.

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