[[File:Dora No More|210px|"She played Smash Bros. Lawl, and now she is no more."]]
"She played Smash Bros. Lawl, and now she is no more."
Universe The Stringini Bros.
Debut Dora No More (2012/2013)
Appears in Dora No More
Friends Disney Hercules
Jamie Maussian
Don Roman
Annoying Orange
Anyone else that's a parody of someone
Enemies Dora
Stringini Bros.,
Lawl Team Lawl Explosion



Dora walks out of nowhere.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Snakes

Dora pulls out 2 snakes and look at them. Whoever touches a snake will be stuck and recieve 3% damage. When someone touches the first snake, Dora will also recieve 6% damage from the other snake she is holding. The oppenent is stuck for 10 seconds when they are attacked by a snake. This also goes for Dora. The snake on the right attacks the oppenent, while the one on the left attacks Dora.

Side B - Trip

Dora trips on a rock and lands on the oppenent recieving 6% damage. When Dora lands on something, she will recieve 12% damage.

Up B - Traffic

Dora gets hit by a car which sends her to the closest platform there is. When she is getting hit, she will recieve 18% damage.

Down B - Poison

Dora drinks poison which gives her 9% damage due to the posion. After she is done drinking, she will turn into a zombie and lie on the floor for 15 seconds. Luckily, you can't use this again until you lose a stock.

Final Smash - Stampede

Dora makes an angry glare at the oppenents and walks straight up to them. But before she can, she is run over by a stampede of people. The stampede will also run over the oppenents giving them 15% damage, Dora also gets damaged but with 50% damage. This final smash lasts for 20 seconds. After it is done, Dora will be stunned.

Ko Sounds

KOSFX1: "Outra! Outra!"

KOSFX2: "All......"

Star KOSFX: *Screams*

Screen KOSFX: "Swiper no swiping!"


Up: Holds an umbrella.

Side: Shakes butt.

Down: Does a "Na-na-na-na" taunt.

Victory Options+Faliure Clap

1. Does the dumbest dance anyone has ever seen.

2. Dora listens to her iPod.

3. Smiles, then falls down.

Lose: Dora is seen lieing down, dead.

Congratulations/Game Over Pictures


Other Attacks



The Stringini Bros' heads.

Victory Music

End of the Dora No More song.

Kirby Hat

Dora's hair but with some derpy eyes as well.

Exclusive Stickers


Trophy Description


Wiimote Sound


Classic Mode


Snake Codec

Snake: Colonel, is that Dora?

Colonel: Yes, Snake, but different.

Snake: What do you mean, different?

Colonel: This Dora was created by two guys named "The Stringini Bros."

Snake: Weird.......

Colonel: These two guys made a parody of her by doing dangerous acts in exploring.

Snake: Give me some examples.

Colonel: Well, she fell into quicksand, tangled a lion's cub, pummeled to the ground, played with matches, fell into a river, drank posion, broke her skull on a stone, choked on a bone, fell into a gorge, stuck her finger in an outlet, got eaten by crocodiles, played in the rain, fell into a volcano, went into a jaguar's den, ran out of water, sat on a scropion, gored by a bull, walked on train tracks, played with snakes, ran into traffic, put her hand in a strange hole, ran over by a four score, ran with scissors, and.........

Snake: Any else?

Colonel: Nope.

Snake: Thanks.

Colonel: Good luck teaching her that exploring is dangerous for kids.

Snake: I will.

Role In SSE

She ran with scissors......need I say more?


Colors and Costumes


Dora's backpack but without it's face.

Dora No More

Dora No More

The song that goes with this character.


  • The video was originialy uploaded in 2012, but got re-uploaded in 2013 with the description saying "The original upload is in "Rejected" status and incapable of being monetized for ad revenue on youtube. Rather than fight with youtube over it and risk losing our partnership with them, we have opted for this re-upload solution.".
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