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Walking In

Dora walks out of nowhere onto the battlefield.


During the song where No More Dora originates, she often finds herself doing events that either severely kill or maim her. As such, in Lawl Explosion, this translates into a Joke character that often hurts themselves more than the first. Using the right strategy and combination of attacks, No More Dora can turn the outcome against the opponent if done correctly. As such, she is less of a Joke character and has more of a Risk/Reward playstyle, severely backfiring if done poorly.

Neutral Special

Playing with Snakes!

Dora pulls out two snakes and look at them. Pressing B sends out a snake, which slithers back and forth and stops at ledges. Whoever touches a snake will be bitten (stunned). During this state, the opponent will be trapped and slowly poisoned until the snake takes 10%, three seconds have passed, or when the opponent rapidly moves the control stick. No More Dora can send a second snake, though will receive the same stun and poison if she waits for too long. Only two can be out at a time and the stance can be cancelled by pressing the shield button.

Inspiration: No More Dora picking up two red and black snakes and being bitten by one of them.

Side B

Trip (Pre-Unofficial Patch)

Dora trips on a rock and lands on the opponent receiving 6% damage. When Dora lands on something, she will receive 12% damage.

Lion's Cub (Post-Patch)

No More Dora will walking around carrying a Simba lookalike. This can deal a small amount of damage, though is otherwise useless at first. If B is pressed, NMD will immediately be tackled by "Nala". Opponents caught in the crossfire will be dealt 12% of total damage, while No More Dora will be launched horizontally. In the air, Nala will automatically send NMD horizontally, though this can be hit out of by opponents. It is No More Dora's least risky move, but serves as an excellent recovery.

Inspiration: NMD carrying a "lion cub" and getting mauled by a lion.

Up B

Hit by Traffic

Dora gets hit by a car which sends her upwards to the closest platform. When she is getting hit, she will receive 10% damage. Opponents cannot hit her during the beginning of the move and can get hit themselves if they are not careful.

Inspiration: NMD getting hit by traffic while trying to save a puppy.

Down B

Poison (Pre-Unofficial Patch)

Dora drinks poison which gives her 9% damage due to the poison. After she is done drinking, she will turn into a zombie and lie on the floor for 15 seconds. Luckily, you can't use this again until you lose a stock.

Playing with Matches (Post-Patch)

Dora will pull out a box of matches over a puddle of gasoline. While it does have a large startlag, this can cause a large explosion similar to Bender's Down B, which deals massive damage/knockback to both NMD and opponents. This move should be used as a last resort, as it could potentially KO yourself early if not careful with the Special. Dora herself has a bit of superarmor during this, though strong moves can knock her out of the Special.

Inspiration: NMD using a box of matches on a pile of objects covered with gasoline and suffocating in the smoke.

Final Smash

World Cup Rage

A referee will appear out of nowhere and if he hits an opponent with a red card, they will be sent into the Final Smash. The FS starts with Dora jumping over the fence in rage. Then, a "four score" will run in, trampling Dora and the opponent. The FS ends with the opponent being dealt massive damage and knockback or KOing them at over 100%. If the referee misses, the FS will end early.

KO Sounds

  1. "Abre! Abre!" ["Open! Open!"]
  2. "All..."
  • Star KO: *Screams*
  • Screen KO: "Swiper no swiping!"


  • Up: Holds an umbrella upwards.
  • Side: Shakes her butt toward the screen.
  • Down: Does little dance while sitting on a rock. This is an Infinite Taunt as long as the Taunt button is held.

Victory Options

  1. Dora skips along with the Grim Reaper and Satan, with it ending on the rest of the cast dancing in front of a menacing volcano.
  2. Dora listens to her iPod while walking down the train tracks.
  3. Dora smiles, then falls down.

Lose Pose:

Dora is seen lying down, dead.


Normal Attacks ("Ground Attacks")

  • Jab: Boots will give a quick salute to the audience.
  • Side Tilt: NMD will very quickly sway her head to the side.
  • Down Tilt: "Rafiki" will stab his staff downwards.
  • Up Tilt: NMD will pop upwards with jazz hands.
  • Up Smash: Boots' head will pop up above NMD.
  • Side Smash: Swiper will run back and forth in front of NMD.
  • Down Smash: NMD will get zapped by lightning, causing her to burn.
  • Dash Attack: Dora will run forwards while running with scissors.

Air Attacks

  • Neutral Air: NMD will fall while a large amount of fire burns on her back.
  • Forward Air: NMD will fly forward (without her parachute) and land hard on the ground.
  • Back Air: The Map will sway a map behind NMD.
  • Down Air: Dora will drink a bottle of poison and fall to the ground. This can meteor smash and bury opponents.


The Stringini Bros' live-action heads.

Victory Fanfare

End of the Dora No More song.

Kirby Hat

Dora's hair and with the addition of brown, crossed eyes.

Trophy Description

From the now dead trend of Dora the Explorer parodies came No More Dora, an infamous version of Dora that is more violent and idiotic than her original counterpart. Using all sorts of tools and careless abandon at her disposal, this "explorer" is sure to learn what Lawl is truly about...eventually...

Classic Mode


Codec Snake's Codec

Snake: Colonel, is that...Dora?

Colonel: Yes, Snake, but much different than the Dora you're familiar with.

Snake: What do you mean by "different"?

Colonel: This Dora appears to be in operation under a top secret organization named "The Stringini Bros."

Snake: Weird.

Colonel: Under what they refer to as "exploration", they appeared to have tested her against several dangerous outcomes for some sort of experiment. And each time, she appears to come back perfectly normal as though nothing happened.

Snake: Some examples of this "exploration"?

Colonel: Well, she "fell into quicksand, got tangled a lion's cub, pummeled to the ground, played with matches, fell into a river, drank poison, broke her skull on a stone, choked on a bone, fell into a gorge, stuck her finger in an outlet, got eaten by crocodiles, played in the rain, fell into a volcano, went into a jaguar's den, ran out of water, sat on a scorpion, gored by a bull, walked on train tracks, played with snakes, ran into traffic, put her hand in a strange hole, ran over by a four score, ran with scissors, and--"

Snake: Anything else?

Colonel: To keep it brief, no.

Snake: Understood.

Colonel: Keep your defenses high, Snake. Don't let her catch you off-guard.

Snake: Got it.

Role In SSE

No More Dora was competing in the Lawl Explosion Tournament when it was attacked by the Subspace Army. Now, she uses her wits to fight against the Army alongside her former rivals and competitors. Although it might not be as simple as it first seems to poor Dora.


Colors and Costumes


Dora's backpack but without it's face, referencing the original music video.


Dora No More

The original song, which serves as inspiration for the moveset as a whole.


  • The original source video itself was originally uploaded sometime around 2012 by the Stringini Brothers, but was re-uploaded a year later following copyright and ad revenue problems. According to them, "[r]ather than fight with youtube [sic] over it and risk losing our partnership with them, we have opted for this re-upload solution."