Dreamy Luigi
my Luigi is a Lawl Orbit Fighter

(Huge WIP)


Dream On Bro!

Dreamy Luigi Swirls Through The Stage Before Landing


Neutral B - Luiginary Hammer

Dreamy Luigi Slams The Ground, Creating a Shockwave

Side B - Luiginary Ball

Dreamy Luigi Kicks a Ball Ahead, Burying Opponents Hit By it.

Up B - Luiginary Typhoon

Dreamy Luigi Floats up in a Typhoon of Luiginoids

Down B - Luiginary Wall

Dreamy Luigi Hammers Forward, Until Hitting A Wall of Luiginoids

Final Smash - Giant Dreamy Luigi

Dreamy Luigi Grows Giant and Slams The Stage Dealing Massive Damage To All Hit With A Cartoony "Whack! "


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