Universe Real Life
Debut Dross's Diary
Appears in Lawl of the Dead
Friends AVGN
Ash Williams
Nostalgia Critic
Blockbuster Buster
Enemies Troll Guy
Termi (He made a terrible game about him)
The Darkness
Consome Panchi
Lawl Team Team of the Dead



Dross appears disguised as a troll (With a towel covering his head) and says: "Hi! I'm Dross!"

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Top 7

Dross says a number, and depending on the number, something different happens a la Judge (Ex: a projectile that never fails). 7 is the rarest, and results in 70% impact. 1 is 70% to you, and it breaks your shield.

Side B - I shit on God, I wasted a powerup!

Dross "wastes" his power throwing a fireball. It's OP and you can only get it back after getting 70%. Spam this move to throw your books. Since they're a commercial success in every Hispanic country, the books are infinite.

Up B - Perturbing Storm

Dross suddenly spins around in the air like a gyroscope. You can charge it up to ascend higher. Charge it too much, and you create a storm.

Down B - Farted Pizza

Dross farts out a pizza. You can charge it up for more poisonous results, and it can be thrown to poison opponents and other objects.

Final Smash - Furry Hunt

Dross puts on his Elmer Fudd attire and hunts for furries. He can shoot as many times as there are characters on screen. They are as OP as the wasted powerup. Use them all and the fight returns to normal. You can also make the furry fall into a trap, resulting in a OHKO. If you don't shoot/activate the trap and the furry breaks open the box, Dross contacts the Bolivian army to nuke the son of a bitch sky high. Make sure you step away from said bomb. Kill the furry on its last stock and they go to an ACME computer that has FurAffinity uploaded for some reason, where the furry masturbates and gets shot, pounded, and salted.



KOSFX2: Coño!



Taunts (Note: He talks in Spanish)

Up: "I'm a pretty pretty little Drossy" (x8)

Sd: "Not all, but a lot of them."


Victory Poses/Lose Pose

1. Shakes his arms repedly

2. Moves his hand, like if he was fapping

3. *exercises in underwear*

4. (after killing the furry) "And that's how your grandfather obtained his *insert furry here* trophy." Porky Pig: *stutters, then gets shot*

Lose Pose: The bird

Standard Attacks


Retropokon Discussion

Nostalgia Skapokon: "Hi, I'm Skapokon and this is Retropokon, your gaming time machine! The story of this character is...perturbing. Angel David Revilla, also known as Dross Rotzank, started writing articles in his blog, The Dross Diary. Later, he changed to gaming videos on YouTube, but evolved even more in 2013. Today, he's more well-known for his top 7 and horror stories, which I don't fear unless they have Darkpokon. Wait, what was I saying? Oh, yes, Dross has some paranormal powers. Not only basic things like wasting fireballs and creating perturbing stroms, but materializing numbers from 1 to 7, some magic projectiles, and farting. By the way, Dross also writes books right now, like Pluto Moon,"

Dross: "which is available in all the bookshops. I know you will love it.

Nostalgia Skapokon: "Hey, I was doing the review!"

Dross: "The cunt of your mother, robot!"

Character Description


Classic Mode



Pawlette Swaps


Victory Theme





Luna de Pluton


  • The original moveset was a joke one.

Worst Form




Smash Bros Moveset - Dross-0


Dross' Classic Mode & Moveset Remake - Lawl of the Dead


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