E-123 Omega
"I am Omega, the ultimate E-series robot!"
Universe Sonic the Hedgehog
Debut Sonic Heroes
Appears in Smash Bros. Pawl
Friends Shadow, Rouge the Bat
Enemies N/A
Lawl Team Team Pawl

 E-123 Omega is a playable character in Smash Bros. Pawl

Special Moves

B- Machine Gunner

Omega transforms his claws into gatling guns and fires them at the enemy as full-auto attacks. Has high knockback and high end lag.

Side B- Omega Arm

Omega launches different rounds of artillery from his build-in arm cannons in all directions, with variating effects depending on Omega's level. Has INSANE knockback and high startup lag.

Up B- Fire Combination

Omega grabs Shadow and Rouge with his metal claws as they both curl into spinball form. Once grabbed, Omega retracts his hands into his arms so that Shadow and Rouge, who are continuously performing the Spin Attack, rest in each of his wrist sockets. This attack can also be used to recover.

Down B- Beam Cannon

When performing this move, Omega transforms his claws into laser cannons and fires a laser beam at an enemy that ignores armor and may leave the target vulnerable.

Final Smash- Chaos Inferno

When Omega activates this, he summons the rest of Team Dark and performs a powerful attack. It consists of Shadow performing Chaos Control, whilst Omega, lifted up by Rouge, fires large lasers whilst rotating the top half of his body.


Down Taunt- "Negative."


Up Taunt- "Target acquired!"

Victory Poses and Lose Pose

Option 1- Uses Machine Gunner to shoot the air in victory.

Option 2- Flexes his muscles.

Option 3- Poses with the rest of Team Dark.

Lose Pose- Lays down in defeat.



Neutral Attack - Punches 2 times.

Dash Attack - While charging forward, Omega transforms his claws into flamethrowers to scorch multiple targets with fire damage.

Forward Tilt - Punches and shoots a missile.

Up Tilt - Hovers up and shoots from his Machine Gunner.

Down Tilt - Punches downward.


Forward Smash - Omega grabs his teammates Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat and fires them as projectiles.

Up Smash - Hovers up and and performs a Homing Attack.

Down Smash - Omega uses his Wrecking Ball move, but with a boulder.

Grabs and Throws

Grab - Grabs ans squzees the opponent with his claw.

Pummel - Shoots a missile.

Forward Throw - Throws the opponent forward and scorches them.

Back Throw - Swings then throws the opponent.

Up Throw -Throws the opponent up and smashes them down. 

Down Throw - Throws the opponent down and kicks them, dealing INSANE knockback.

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